Let Em' Know You are a Pack. Bark, Growl, Howl. Create the atmosphere.
Intimidate your Opponents with Noise(Bark,Howl,Growl).Let them Know at Wolfsburg FC, you are a PACK.


The Devices are Simple. Designed to emulate the Sounds Of a Wolf. Small Enough To fit in The Palm of an Adult means Big Enough to fit in one of a Child. Press the button at the top to Make a Barking, Growling, Howling sound At the Volkswagen Arena And on Away games. Create the Atmosphere to Intimidate the Opponents.. Let them know You are a pack Of Wolfs(Wolves) seeking Victory.
Bark = Defend.
Growl = Attack.
Howl = Victory.
The Device is Powered by a battery. The shape is ergonomic to feel comfortable in the human Palm. Green and White for Branding; along with the Wolfsburg Logo. With a saved sound which is released all the time the Button is Pressed.

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