VfL Field Clash board game
a tactical strategy game


Our idea is to create a football themed board game in the style of the popular genre of tactical war games.  War games, also known as simulation games, are designed to realistically recreate the character of a battle.   They are played on accurate terrain maps with scale miniature figures as game pieces.

War gaming is a popular hobby around the world. Players build and decorate their own customized game boards with detailed scale miniatures, painted and textured meticulously.  They take pride in their craftsmanship and this enhances the enjoyment of game play.

Today, there are over 2,500 companies world-wide involved in the design and production of war games and war game accessories. Even highly unusual war game subjects involving teddybears or snowmen are covered by the popular manufacturers.  However, sports have been a neglected category.

Our game will be played on a map of a miniature football pitch.  The pieces represent real life athletes and bear their likenesses.  Movement and shooting is turn based and governed by dice rolls.  The actual stats of the athlete are also taken into account to determine the outcome of confrontations with the opposing team.  

For example: if it is your move, you make decisions for all eleven of your active line up.  You roll your dice to determine how far each can move.  Then you decide where each will move to within that limit.  You strategize where you will need to be to impede or avoid the opposing team members in your vicinity.    If you are within range of an opponent with the ball, and wish to take possession, you again use the dice to determine the outcome of that confrontation.  The rules and regulations of football also apply, and you can't for instance be "off sides".  If your opponent calls you on a violation, then penalty kicks are issued, with the outcome again determined by dice rolls and athlete statistics.

The basic kit will come with a portable game board which can be rolled for compact transport and a set of dice.  Also included are 15 wolfsburg team figurines and 15 opposition team figurines.  The instructions and rules will be on a compact disc, along with an online portal program with which you can instantly find new or old friends to compete with.   There is also a program that installs on your mobile device which shows up to date athlete career statistics and automatically calculates your dice roll outcomes.

This game is especially exciting for a true football fan, because they get to take on the role of every team position on the field.  It also incorporates career statistics of actual team athletes, and so lets you know what it is like to run in their shoes.  And of course the game makes a beautiful display piece when not in use.  Serious hobbyists will collect figurines of athletes from past years, or from other teams.  They can even create their own from blank unpainted figurines.

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