Your Swiss Army Knife 2012

The famous red Swiss Army Knife needs new fashionable designs!


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The following elements may NOT be part of your design: weapons, skulls and crossbones, sexist insinuations, anything that glorifies violence..

Sorry Teigan, nothing for you ;P

Yepp ................ ;-))

:))) i'm sure he'll come up with his own way/style

so just to clarify, my peestream color changing pregnancy test model is still a valid entry, right?

Really looking forward to this task. Bring it on!!!

hy Dora and hy again to everyone! :) beautiful contest! it's all about graphics? or we can make a new shell?

hey Additio! Yes, exactly, this task IS all about graphics! "Alternative shapes and functions of the pocket knife or alternative materials for the synthetic casing are NOT required in this contest. "

Hi, I'm new here and i was just about to upload something but i can't whenever i try to upload something i get a small grey dot with an cross to close but no error msg, and it forces me to upload my picture again. i tried png and jpg. IE FF and i now installed the newest version of Chrome but i can not make it :/

i will look into this and send you a private message

maybe try another browser? or maybe your file is too big? good luck and welcome to jovoto!

Dora, I have some Problems with my Upload too! I couldn´t replace my 1st slide/Teaser and delete the old image. And now my teaser (the old,version) can´t be moved? My Problem is not urgent, as I was successful with my upload, but I wanted to mention that when I see others have Problems aswell.

hmmm... let's see. i send you a pm too!

Hi, i have the same problem???

i am so exited - i just can't hide it... lalalalaaaaa - but i like it - huhuhuu - great contest! even when i was little girl santa claus brought me one of these great toys and - the knife pulled back right to the side of my left hand and i had a huuuge cut - i even could see my bone! i still have a cicatrice - so i am bonded forever with victorinox - maybe i get a litle compensation now :-)))

one question dora - is it better to make just a single design or show maybe a little series (of maybe 3)?

i was about to have a movie series :( I'm doing a Chuck Norris, MacGyver, GoGo Gadegt tool. etc :D

awww maybe not the best idea to post what I'm about to do as long as I'm not able to upload :(

well, that is up to you I guess. A single great design can be convincing just as a good series. However you think it makes sense :)

thanks dora! another question - as mathias mentioned some famous people i am wondering if there is copyright problem (i did some artworks of famous people and not sure if there can be a broblem maybe?) @ mathias - upload quick!! :-D

That is a very good question indeed, suyani. It would be very difficult to get the rights for that I believe.

It's a tricky one, it could really depend on the design itself.

i think a series would be great!

for sure :D it could be tricky with a copyright issue though ;) But that really depends on the individual design

@suyani: if you made the artwork of those people by yourself and not as a copy of maybe an existing "google image", so there will be no problem i think.

Dora, are we just having a "who has the prettiest picture" contest? or are we supposed to follow a theme: fashion trends? because right now it's a huge mixture of concepts. I thought from the brief we should be focusing on current trends and fashion forward ideas.

A mix is always good :) Yes, I think the brief clearly says you should try to appeal to the target group, mostly females who are familiar with the latest fashion trends with emotional, friendly, preferably also bold messages. Thanks for pointing it out again.

Hey there!) Recently read about best on CES 2012. Maybe someone will find some kind of inspiration : the knife with 1 TB will cost $3,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he-he)))

One knife of the existing collection is named "classis pink army". It's a camoflage design. I ask myself how strict the guidelines of the briefing have to be taken.

umm.. what do you mean, voto?

> "Any connotations of violence or destruction will not be accepted."

Seams that "army" and "camoflage"as topics have a wide room of interpretation. ;-)

yeah, pink camouflage... Do you find it aggressive/ violent?

for my taste.... yes. ;-)

uh -oh.. maybe we should think about a "voto-censored-filter" ;)

I mean it hurts in the eyes! No? And for the filter: Sometimes i think there are already people filtering out voto-ideas. That's hard enough ;-)

Just add Bieber on Victorinox and you got a seller :))

Yeah! He´s our "ladykiller"! :-)

I suggest to add kim kardashian and Lady GaGa! It would be the best seller series)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

i think most jovotoans forget something pretty important. the briefing says : The new design will be bought mainly by a young (16 to 38-year-old) mostly female target group.

Hello Mi5hel, I entered the contest and that was the first thing I noticed, you word should be taken in consideration.

I think we can all benefit by reminding other entries of this very important age bracket. Most designs here are just too young, they need to appeal to the wide array of taste, not just trendy teen stuff.

What if, at this contest, only girls will vote, they are the target :D they should have the first saying in this

I actually think that many of these girls will be buying for their lover, brother, husband, best friend etc. No I don't think that womens opinion is the only one needed. Most of them will curve their natural likes to suit their loved ones.

"MOST" of the customers are girls... and I love the small knifes too

ahhh ok I just now see.. it's public contest...ugh.

way to suck ass, conformist.

you said you'd leave after the H2O contest....................................................... :D.........

I really love the briefing: No skulls and violence... This is so great in my opinion! Unfortunately the power of symbols is totally underestimated. Every symbal can have a strong energy. Thanks for this detail in the briefing! :-)

I've just read the brief, and instead I think the target is very wide, I think it's a project to have fun with!

Thanks for that comment Berta! Yes, please do have fun :))

Why all the greatest contests are always public... Just rhetorical. It's a bit hard to see really good ideas among all these one-contest-only profile-picture-less persons... So sad so bad)

A bit to late ( as always) but I share 2 templates I made - layered PSD file with those 2 knife less time for you. to view screenshoot - to download -

hey that is nice of you. Too late for me, but I am sure some members will use this. :)

Thanks Domi! Awesome moove :))

thank you! that's very helpful :)

I have a few questions: isn't color a part of the logo? So why does it say in the briefing: "The Victorinox logo may not be changed in any way" and then we see different color Victorinox logos on the material they provide (Classic Edition 2011) and in some of the highest ranked ideas? I think this should be clarified: are we allowed to change the color of the logo or not? Thanks

I will definitely come back to you with a 100% accurate answer from the client. For now I can say, if you look at the existing series in the link above, there are color variations of the logo: white/ black/silver...

Ok. White, black and silver is one thing, all logos have white and black versions and silver is related to the brand and the product (metal), but we can see all sorts of colors for the logo in the submissions and in the briefing they say we can't change the logo in any way, so that's my doubt. I'll wait for the client's answer before submit my idea. Thanks Dora.

also there are different locations and sizes for the logo in the submissions. in the pdf of the briefing the logo is alway at the same place. i am confused like you waserone. in some submissions i found things that are mentioned as "not allowed" or "not wanted" in the briefing. and they are good rated. what happens to these submissions in the end? do we really have to follow the briefing completely for not beeing disqualified in the end?

Yes, guys, we got an answer for that. The logo should be the same size and at the same place. I better start commenting... ;)

About the color, Waserone: it may vary.

thanks for checking out :)

woooohoooooo, thanks

wooohooo! Hey Perro, when is your design coming? :))

we don't need any more doodles, or chocolate, or chocolate doodles.

and we don't need your useless comments

your english comprehension is too weak to understand the double meanings.

maybe because it's not funny

how would you even know which comments are meant to be funny if you don't understand them? either way, we can all laugh at you for being so noticeably upset about it.

Hey guys! FANTASTIC work so far! You are making this contest so much fun to look at! I am totally addicted ;) We just got an answer from the client regarding the logo questions: it has to be always at the same place and have the same size: just as in the download. The colors may vary. Actually the same as they had it before - if you look at the already existing designs on the website. And one more thing: you should always make sure you own the rights to your pictures used! Looking forward to what else you come up with! :)

i put some fashion photos for visualizing the connection to my design. is that allowed? of course i dont own the rights for these photos but they are not actually part of my submission.

Hey anaju! This is of course about the design you are using on the knife :)

... seems that style kills idea one more time, here ...mmh, no question i also like some of them a lot, but some good, clever & also funny more idea based approaches are falling & falling...................

if you take a look at the last fashion collections of victorinox you will see that they are more about style than about idea. in the briefing they say something about smart solutions. so both has its authorization i think.

hi jana, yes you are right, and it's also no problem for me... personally i only think that solutions with a nice idea & content, but maybe not looking eye catching enough, have sometimes no real community chance to reach first places.... well, in this contest it's also less worse than in other.... only my thoughts ;)

Again totally agree with rural.. Personally I like those crazy ideas, but it's not the contest of the funniest mind-blowing picture... More than half of ideas gone far away from fashion.. A lot of good ideas are unseen among all this stuff.

yes it's turning into an illustration contest...without regard to the target customer or the brief.

indeed, i'm a bit tired about this........

No panic. How many handdrawn designs do you see in the last 2 editions of Victorinox? Let's see what they will choose. Maybe it's a mix of different styles.

Dear busy bee community! As great as you are doing, I just wanted to stress one point again: "you should always make sure you own the rights to your pictures used!" There are still submissions coming in with images that don't fulfill this criteria. So that includes (or shell I say excludes from the contest): stock photos of course and also any cooperations really - all they are looking for are designs coming from you to print on the knife! Simple :) Thanks!

Just for curiosity, what happens to the submissions that don't respect that? And to those that don't respect the client's feedback about the logo?

You should just make sure you have it correct on the front side. So you can always add a front design. Or change it. There's still quite a lot of time left. About the cooperations: it just not something the client is looking for, so you have to face it that probably your design won't make it to a knife for real.

The top knives are starting to look like a children's edition and not for women.

It's just because fashion is for girls and gays. Real men delighted with childish games))))))))))

but I am a woman as well :-/

Oh come on, you ruined my theory))))))))))

This average scores are just like a roller-coasters

hehe, this is so true! :D

Is anyone else having trouble submitting an idea???

problem solved :) Anyone else having trouble submitting an idea, contact me via private message! Thanks!


I was wondering about the printing process of the Victorinox knife?...

Anyone knows something about it?...

  • CMYK
  • Hexachrome
  • Direct separate pantone color
  • Can we use gradients?
  • Can we use photography?

Cause the knives I have seen at the official website are just made with NO gradient, NO photography, just direct and separete colors...

Do photography or full color print would be clear enough to be printed over the Swiss Army casings?...

Would be great to know, Anyone?...



Exactly, that's why I did my ideas vector based with no gradients... I would also like to know what are the possibilities in the printing process.

I'd like to have some client feedback on DESIGNS....We're about half way through..can we get their feedback?

Hope Dora can help us with this!!! :)

see wikipedia. Tampondruck is like Offset. But careful with the gradients, because of the size (5 cm)

I'll take a look... thanks Sir Kaptn!!! :)

So guys, were having a meeting next week with the client, so answers an feedback are gonna be online soon!

9 "loves" over night, but my score went down, instead of up. I just don't understand the voting here.

Did you check your number of ratings ? I've discovered that the rating goes lower even if the number of voters stays the same. I think that either some change their stars or the moderators cancel some ratings.

that's the normal life of public contests. always the same. some guys love your idea, the other ones bashed it. and that's exactly the point you dIdn't see.

almost same thing happened to me..

Hey hey,

pls read this.

Your ratings isn't just the score divided by the amount of votes. If you receive 10 times a 10, your score wont be 10.

The overall contest rating average, the overall amount of of votes in the contest, the amount of votes for your idea influences the algorithm. And of course the rating status of user might be on false.

Cheers, jeroen

Anna, the same happened to me. I was on 22nd place, now I'm on 42nd even with new "loves"... As it says on the link Jvanboxtel provided: "Suppose the current average rating of an idea is 4.62, then 6 stars will raise this value and 4 stars will lower it." So if i had 7.75 average and got 4 new "loves" (9 or 10 stars) and very few new ratings one would expect the score to go up, but instead mine went down. That means more than 4 people voted 5 or less stars... It makes no sense the same idea has 4 stars votes and 10 stars votes as well... Either it is good (and answers to the briefing) or it is not, it can't be both! People, please read the briefing before voting, this is a FASHION edition...

Well, last Sunday I counted about 7 or 8 loves, and that was all the voting I got in the day and the score first didn't move and know drop.

The best thing, today when was seeing my score it got 7.80 I made a refresh and instantly it rises to 7.89

Maybe there a bit of a miss with the score refresh...

public algorithm, is it the same in private??

why would the overall amount of votes in the contest affect my score, that don't make sense.

Everything affects my score: Your mood, your vote and even more: the votes' number - average, not just for me and.. as far as I can se.. no one's loved 100 per cent.. Love is shared, time is spent, all we've got's a rollercoaster game where 10's and 2's is what you gain..

sorry.. the voting drama inspired me :)) ha-ha.. I'll create Victorinox knives with poems :)) too bad they don't fit in the fashion edition.. love for everyone :)

maybe MSTR could create a song using these lines and we'll sing "the jovoto song" watching the ratings going up and down, up and down..

my mood always affects my score. sometimes i feel i am judged on my personality and not my design. maybe I should just not say anything. what'd i give to hear some client feedback.

welcome to the dark side of the rating

Dear Dora,

I still have a problem with submitting an idea. I contact you via private message. Could you help me please? Thanks!


I got the same problem :( is there meanwhile a solution? Would be great to know.

Hey guys. It seems to be a browser problem. Do you happen to work in Internet explorer or Opera?

Hey, I'm working in Opera if some things do not work I try in Internet Explorer, but in this case... I tried both and nothing happened.

Thanks for your answer!

Yes. Ok, then it seems indeed a bug in both browsers. Our developers are working on it.

yeah..internet explorer doesnt upload....i installed safari and works like charm...

Hello, I am new and I have the same problem, I can`t save the upload :(

The upload says: "there seems to be a mistake in your data" But I dont know WHAT kind of mistake? I have filled up all sections and the picture was shown at the left side but I cant save all up..

I use the Firefox 10 (Windows 7) :(

Good news: this problem should be fixed!

weekend = bashing time ?

there's a surplus of bird brained ideas in the contest.

would love to have some feedback on ma second entry...lost time on this one and recieving really shitty votes on my drawings ...kind of hilarious...

Good detective work, that explains a lot of what happened this weekend... Dora, please check this out. Some users bashed almost all of the ideias on the first page.

Hello community ,

The same goes here too. All of the suggestions from felicitytrust have been recorded and taken into consideration but the comment space under the briefing is for questions about the task or comments having to do with the client or contest therefore the list has been removed.

Thanks, Jess

Hello on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon! Why so beautiful? Well, we just had a feedback talk with the client. What did they say?

I shell keep it short: they are absolutely impressed , even "speechless". Congratulations, you seem to have seriously impressed Victorinox!! And I can even tell you this: as it looks like, they are thinking of buying 10-15 ideas! How cool is that! :D

For this last period, here's a checklist again, what you should keep in mind: - the logo must stay at the same place/ have the same size as the original. - Victorinox is a worldwide, strong, well known - and very proud - brand, so it doesn’t need and want to cooperate or even imitate other brands at all. - even if many of your proposals with well known visuals, patterns and pictures are very inspiring, please bear in mind, that only designs can be taken into consideration that you own the rights of - applications on the knife will not be producible: so make sure everything you propose looks gorgeous as well if it is “just” printed on the knife - in terms of print almost everything is possible (also gradients etc.) - have fun ;) (ok, I added that one)

Great feedback and very useful!!! Thanks a lot Dora!!! :)

ichkönnteeinenhandkäsemitmusikessen dieinder überflutenwiedermal einenwettbewerb wieichdasliebe

oh my god that first word has like 100 letters in it. google translate won't work....nice feedback huh? it would be nice to know how they feel about designs and style..

read it simply like this : ich könnte einen handkäse mit musik essen

and it says : I could eat a hand cheese with music :))

I really need to go to the toilet :-)

yessss tyby82 is right ;-)

wenndasderheinzschenksehenwürde :/

"I could eat a hand cheese with music".... that sounds nice

no you would not ;-) it is stinky and don't ask what music means :D

OK, I don't know if I get it but I trust you...

Hi Dora,

Could you run me through about the Technical Specification of submitting 'each' image in 4 different sizes based on pixels ?

I don't seem to understand. Does it mean each picture (concept) should be saved in 4 different file (pixel) size ?

Many thanks

Hi! I answered in the private message you sent me - so check your inbox ;)

Hi Dora my idea for the Victorinox contest was very similar to teigans design. Can you please remove my idea of a thermocromic Knife ( Name of the Idea "Touch it" )

Hey Think. I deleted the idea for you :)

HI Can anyone explain to me how does the rating works in this contest? I have ideas with so many "loves" and it doesn´t seem to help my ratings at all... Actually, sometimes i receive "loves" and my ratings fall... I´ve seen some strange behaviour in the rating of other ideas as well. Even people that has wrote me (or other ideas) nice comments, have the same ideas as bashed in their profiles. Is there going to be any monitoring in the rating to review this issues...?

Hey Caguana. There's already a lot of monitoring going on.As i explained a few posts above here, there are a lot of factors that influence your rating.

"pls read this.

Your ratings isn't just the score divided by the amount of votes. If you receive 10 times a 10, your score wont be 10.

The overall contest rating average, the overall amount of of votes in the contest, the amount of votes for your idea influences the algorithm. And of course the rating status of user might be on false."

If you have any specific concerns, pls contact the community management team.

Hi caguana, I think a lot of people is making the same question....

Hey guys,

You can find my reaction to the discussion about public contests here

Cheers, jeroen

Feedback from facebook people is useless for us and for the client as well. People don't come with an objective view. They come with a certain aim (supporting friends and bashing others) and that's why it isn't usefull for the client as well. If he thinks to get a direction helping him to choose ideas, which could be a success he is on the wrong track. Even the jovoto ranking can't be helpful. To few people to give a representative result. you need at least 2000 people not just 200. ;-)

Facebook is just useful to promote jovoto's platform. We have to face the truth ;-)

You find this comment also in the support center.... ;-)))

i think we should vote AFTER the contest ends. WIth Hidden Ranks. It's the only way.

This would be the best solution.

That is really good solution, and also without name and without country...

I agree with anna and hinatao...sometimes it seems that the author name influence people votes...seems...

how about we pick the winner by raffle? that would be slightly more accurate in determining the best design.

The real winners will be the projects bought by VICTORINOX. Nothing else matters

not necessarily true in every contest. because jovoto staff influence which ideas get sold.

give the client some respect.

i do that by not kissing their ass

I wonder if they'll even look at the ideas that are not on the first page and that are clearly under rated...

theres just not enough room on the first page. too many ideas- this is madness. how can anyone vote clearly anymore without going through all 600+ entries........i guess we just have fun and let the client do the sorting ;)

Yes! And I can tell you this: we got the feedback from the client that they are really excited about the ideas, they follow the contest daily, print out the new designs regularly and hang them in their office to discuss them internally. So it sounds like you really shouldn't worry about Victorinox only looking at the first page. I hope that makes you a bit more relaxed. As Holly said it so well: you just have fun, let them do the sorting! :)

hey dora. some are claiming it is okay for the logo placement and size to be correct on only one side of the knife. are they lying to cover up for the huge flaw in their own designs?

Hey teigan! The logo is only on one side of the knife. Cheers

i own a victorinox classic and a rambler, both of which have logos on both sides.

Cool. There is one of this model in our office actually. It has a logo only on one side.

which side? wouldn't that be important information?

please check the download material / website

so are you confirming that the download material photo has the logo on the correct side? because some photos on their official website shows a logo on the other side.

Last days show teeth...

oh yeah, Take care all & good luck to everyone who has played fair!

Is there a way to play unfair? Seriously, this rating system is confusing to a newbie like me. :)

But if I am guessing correctly, rating only counts for those extra prices and is independent of which design(s) the client might actually choose in the end?

Man, I am already beating myself over the head that I entered so late.... :) Oh well, nothing to do about that.

Hi MAA! (sorry to have shortened your name ;)) About the rating system you can find out more here in the FAQs: And yes that is correct, the client chooses his own favorites he wants to produce, no matter what position. As I mentioned before they were following the contest from the beginning on a daily basis, discussing ideas internally, so the ranking here is for the community price only.

Thanks! Then to be honest, I can stop refreshing the page to worry about the rating. Though it's fun. :)

And sorry for that name; it's not even the one that handles my design work.... though Cross the Lime wouldn't have been any better when writing it out.

It's bashing time again. Jovoto please check the votes

aiai Kaptn! We will be checking votes until it hurts, even after the contest ends. And remember the rating period is only coming up now. About 37000 ratings at the moment. :D

nice. sometimes I feel like to eat handkäsmitmusik oder Rollmopps :)

well this is keep better and better the rates are changing drastically in minutes there are proposals on the top page that I didn't see.... this is something;-)) good luck for you guides.... you will have BIG hours in front of you....

People you should stop whining, about the final configuration, and let everything to Dora and the team. As long as every idea is checked by the Victorinox comitee and you are not interested in the Community prize, then just take care of your ideas and follow the requirements.

Just because Vicorinox said they would buy 10-15 ideas does not mean they will. New Castle "bought" 4 ideas, took our files, signed contracts, made us wait 5 months and then did not pay. So in essence, the same very thing can happen here. How do we know they will BUY the ideas- they say they will buy!!??

It's the final countdown!! Ta da da daa! Are we really going to make it to 1000 submissions? :D This is so exciting!!

whahaaa :D 1001 submissions if my counting is right :D let the bashi.. em, voting begin :D

Tausend Mal berührt... tausend Mal ist nichts passiert. Tausend und eine Nacht... und es hat Zoom gemacht.... lalalaaaaaaa....

Maybe a dumb question... but how do you guys handle clipart or vectors? I feel weird posting in the design (though I just did) when everyone is praising the great composition... I feel weird reporting, as well, since I don't know what the policy is... but the number of clipart and vector designs in here is pretty staggering, and I would hate for the end up with one of them...

Good point. Ground-rule is that you should either own the rights to the stuff you submit, or credit clearly the parts you used for your idea. That way a decision can be made if the idea is unique enough, or just a 1:1 copy/paste.

So how are the vectors and stock handled? Do you delete them? Can they win community awards? Is it okay for me to point them out in the comments, or is that considered "calling-out"?

I am trying to be nice about my comments but I do know that this usually turns on the hatred towards me. Which then usually means my own design ratings usually take a fall. :)

Ben je Nederlands, trouwens? Je naam klinkt zo oer-Hollands. :)

so true so true....i choose to call out many entries and it is not always beneficial to your own score and that is the beauty of's a personality contest as well in the end. I am upset with the converse shoe being so highly ranked. While I love oxelot and many of the ideas, it is still a photograph of a big brand in which vicorinox does not want to be associated with other brands. People don't read the brief or client comments when they vote. Even Britta loved the classic converse shoe and she is a moderator. You would think she would have read the brief at least.

Yeah, I was wondering about that particular design. Or the Vogue sewing patterns. Or the smoke picture. Or... oh well, the list is long.

Just seems to me that if stock is allowed, you need to credit - and if it isn't, like in this brief, it should just be deleted. It just confuses others, that are then more likely to enter stock as well...

And I do understand the temptation. I had some cool ideas, but they just weren't feasible without first doing a photoshoot here - and I am just not set up for that.

I am also still confused about Jovoto's stance, since with one vector, Jovoto said it was okay because it was still a new idea and execution. That might be, but it isn't exclusive, and could be copied by any competitor without breaking a sweat, and without breaking any laws. All they had to do was buy the same vector. In addition, the "designer" didn't even remeber where he got that one from (I happened to find it on a stock site), which means no licensing was ever intended.

I think I will have fun here. :) I am a rottweiler when it comes to clipart and stock...

very nice contest, very competitive, congratulation to every one

I have a question here.. if someone submits his or her idea at the last moment.. and suppose that's an excellent idea which got a potential to be no.1, under the current ranking system, wont he lose his chance just by submitting at the last moment? considering the sheer number of submissions and no one really going through all the submissions and rating each?!! do we have a solution for this problem yet? just curious.. :)

I'll have to agree with you 100%. I've been around long enough to notice patterns and the earlier you submit the better chance you have. You can do quite well entering in the middle as well but not at the end.

I've always thought it would be great to vote at the END. Just comment and discuss for a month and then vote for a week. Why not..most voters never come back and finish the voting, they just drop in and vote a few...usually the ones on the top two lines.

Dear mjraj! The idea of jovoto contests is that you can develop your idea with the feedback of the community, so the earlier submit, the better, yes, we always encourage people to do so. However if you had a brilliant idea in the very end, that doesn't mean that you don't have a chance anymore for a good community rating. One of the 2 sorting options is "sorted by date", in which case the late submitted design would appear in the front, so it shouldn't go "unnoticed". It still has a chance to have a good position, we had some examples also in this contest I think, some of the higher ranked ideas are not in for long. But yes, it is only logical that the idea that is there for weeks and has been discussed by many people gets more attention.

The best thing to do is to get off the platform for a few days, you know, that kind of thing I've heard some people still got, social life or something like that, I'm not pretty sure. It sounds interesting. After a 6 days pause I came yesterday to check back, and had to took a couple of those little pills to be able to sleep. Although there was a LOT of new ideas posted on the last day I didn't know about, some of them are REALLY good. But at the end, personality, momentum and timing is what all is really about.

Prove me wrong.

sorry for my english. stupid pills.

why do you say that? Perhaps you are afraid that someone can beat your job if an idea is presented towards the end of the competition?

Mmmm. you got me slightly wrong. Otherwise I wouldn't vote for any other idea. Specially the really good ones. Some of the best I saw them today, and they were posted the last day. When it's good, it's good, no matter when it was posted. And the client knows it.

Full disclosure: Obviously when you have an idea in the top 15 and one day you see it below that line, you feel that mini heart attack, because, you know, expectations and so. Nothing bad, actually kinda healthy. Keeps you down to earth.

Here we must consider how a job is run and not when presented the date of presentation, it should not influence the position of a work worthy

I think I'm done!!! I've rated 1001 ideas from this contest!!! I'm really tired!!! THIS HAS BEEN AN AMAZING PROJECT!!! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!! :)

Good luck to you, as well ;)

And - of course - to everyone else. There are many amazing designs in this contests. Good Job :)

Pretty overwhelming indeed! I would have some troubles if I would have to choose :)

A bouquet of roses, a bunch of beautiful feelings and many special hugs to all ladies on Jovoto. A sunny and flourished March 8th.

Oh, thank you very nice and charming!

ahh what a sweet ladies man :D i look forward to buying a knife from a jovoto designer :)

doea anyone have any ideas as to how long verifying all the votes for all the 1001 ideas could last? thanks :

1001 hours = 50.050 work minutes + 10.010 break minutes = 125 days/8 hours/day = 25 working days approximative one month

sorry is 25 working weeks = 6 moth

Haha - yes, should be done in 6 months. On a serious level: I cannot promise anything, we've never had a contest with so many submissions and votes!

I rated all the 1001 ideas in 10 days aprox... hehehe... but monitoring and verifying ratings... well... Dora will tell us then...

@tyby82 You did a really fun calculation, it's a lot of time to take 1hr per idea... maybe 15-20 minutes would be ok... If it's 20min the time would be like 2 month... hehehe... quite a lot time... hehehe... A lot of work... :P

@Dora After all the hard work you should take some vacations... Maybe to Montañita or Galápagos Island in Ecuador... Remember to take always with you the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife!!! A wise tip from the wise monkeys!!! ;)

Ecuador? YEEEEEES, that is a very wise tip! Thank you and your monkeys, I will definitely take it into consideration :)

oh, life outside jovoto is such a great thing. I'ver heard there's something call Sun, like a big yellow thing up in the sky, and air, I'm not sure about it but I'll give it a try. It seems to be everywhere outside our rooms and if I'm not wrong it's for free. (till now)

you should take a chance.

: D well said sir! totally agree.

A lot of splendid work here. Good luck to everyone!

If I were at Victorinox I'd buy at least the first 3 pages!


Is there any indication how long it will take the client to make a choice, by the way? Wouldn't mind knowing if and when I can use the designs otherwise, if they do not make it onto a knife.

This is a very good question indeed. Cause we already had the case, when the client had bought two ideas (it was the vapur contest) and we were told, the client would buy some other ideas later. But in fact - as far as I know - that never occured.

I think we can´t be forced to "reserve" our design for an unspecific time. When the client asks too late, it´s his fault when we already used our design elsewhere.

This is my personal opinion. Would be good to know what jovoto thinks about it and whether there exists a written rule...

Apparently one that won't be answered....

Agree with janne. high five.

agree with Janne, very important to consider...

We also don't know this exactly. What we do know is that the client told us that they would like to start producing the knifes as soon as July this year. So it shouldn't take too long.

@janne 3 ideas were licensed in the vapur contest. They indeed talked about buying others but we as jovoto can't force them. (we do remind them though) If they tell us that they will buy more ideas we communicate this so it's transparent.

I also agree that ideas shouldn't be reserved "forever". I will check what the exact time is for this contest. (in e.g NDA contests it is clear though)

Wow, this one is taking a while

Hey, jovoto, would you please answer MarketingAufAbrufs question above? As you can see from the reactions and "helpfuls" this is something that bothers many of us - in short the question of reusing our jovoto-designs for other clients.

Congratz to the final winners! Seems to have been exiting till the very end... ;o)

Congratulation to the lucky winners!

Congrats - seems like venezuela rules ;D

Great ideas ......... Congrats to all winners.......... ;-)

over 8 years ago

Congrats to all winners!!!

Congratulations to all winners!!! Great contest and great works :)

Congrats to all the winners : )

Congratulations also to the other participants!!!! Was really difficult rating in a contest so exciting!! ..and so full of great works!!! So good luck to all :-D

Congrats to all the winners!

Congratulations!! :)

Congratulations to the winners & all the participants of this project!! a lot of interesting work to see here... maybe the brand could make a itinerant exhibition.... now they have too much material... thumbs UP!!

What an abundance of beautiful submissions! Congrats to all lucky winners!

its going to be VERY interesting to see which knives they pick...

if any... ;) seeing is believing....

So they want their decision which idea to buy be determined by those who have the greatest network?? Congrats to all submitters who tried to be fair... An again I´m very happy that I didn´t take part here... :O

yeah janne, that's it :)

So, they don't care about the designer's judgement. And since they can't decide, made another contest after a contest already done... OMG I can still win a watch... yaaaay!

Its really surprising some of the knives they chose.. some are great but some are so said they had a top 30 and now they want to narrow them down to 10. I guess i'll go vote again........................ugh.

I am obviously happy to have one design in that final selection.... but god, how I hate voting contests. Usually a useless excercise that is so easily manipulated.

Plus, with the different ways of presenting the knives, not all of them look all that great - especially the smaller patterns just don't work well when shown real small.

Oh well... we'll see how that works out.

nooo.. more nerve-wrecking waits :| .. and more votes .. and more friend-votes ...

Weird facebook unknown stuff... when was this happening? :S

Dear Community,

here is the response from Victorinox:

"We decided to go for these 30 designs because these were the designs that fit most to the values we have as a company. These 30 designs were selected carefully by our experts from the company. These designs work best for us because they fit our standards of manufacturing, company values and saleability. The winning ideas should fit those standards because we sell our knifes in over 124 different countries, and therefore a lot of different issues have to be taken into account. We will license in the end 10 to 15 of these ideas!

We decided to ask our facebook fans also for their opinion on our selection. Their votes will be taken into account, but won't be the one and only criteria for licensing ideas. Again, thank you all for this great contest! We are looking forward to start producing them!"

Awesome response - very happy to see that a) they actually take an interest after the contest ends, b) realize that a Facebook vote alone will probably not be enough to determine designs that will see well, and c) keep the commercial value of designs as the most important apect....

Then I am going to lean back, not start spamming friends with the contest link, and see what happens. :)

... that will sell well... "...aspect..." Man, I need an edit function here. :)

Thank you very much Britta for enlightening us a bit... however I think it is wrong what is happening here. Because they made ??their selection as well mention it before,
30 designs were selected from around 1000, from my perspective they are all winners.

The problem is they are using their designs on another platform, without any advice or retribution. From the user's perspective these designs are part of the image of Victorinox. All of them, not just 10 or 15.

I believe that each image used to advertise must be paid by them or minimally have the consent of the author, they shouldn't be using designs as if they were taken from a bank of images.

I want to make clear that I personally do not gain anything by saying this, I'm just exposing my view of what is clear and correct. If Tobamin don't post the link here nobody knows of this new competition.

I also realize that they have not published the credit of the designs, this is something that in all Jovoto's competitions always appears.

On this I agree.... I am not too happy to have my design published elsewhere, without attribution, and without payment. If you are talking legalese, this is a copyright infringement... Then again, none of us will make a stink, considering that the pay-off could be decent.

He markocezar, you mentioned a very important point here! The idea owners are now mentioned on the pictures in the facebook voting.

well. I was wondering about all this victorinox contest... I didn't even get to see the facebook thing, and now it's too late... that sucks.

Yep... I never knew it too... :S

Well, I knew and exercised my right to vote :)) Mwhahaha


wow 10 - congrats

Congratulations for all ! So many beautiful designs!

Wow, so many sold ideas... CONGRATS to all of you! :-)


Congrats to all winning ideas!

congrats to the winners here!

Congrats to all the winners!!! :-)

Hey everyone! If you haven't read our blogpost about this project yet, here's a quote that could be interesting for you:

"We wanted to thank everyone who participated in making this an outstanding example of the awesomeness of collaboration, so we are going to raffle off 5 of the Classic LE 2012 Swiss Army Knifes created on jovoto!

If you submitted an idea in the Swiss Army Fashion Edition and you’d like the chance to win 1 of the super cool limited edition knifes, please just send an email to with your name and address by Friday the 24 of September. We will then have a raffle and make a blog post announcing the winners. Good luck! "

GREAT! Today I received the supercool Victorinox from the raffle :-) it was the one with my favorite Design from Gestaltungsbude: I love it, many thanks!!!