Victorinox global brand tree of life
Again the brand needs to be complimented fro decades with environmentally sound design!


We know from belief that the tree of life is true, here on the coast weather and wind and the salt form the trees,they also need clean water, from them we get life and air.<div>Let us continue to have nice trees</div><div>We must have the world and its nature in mind, as a collector for 8 years of Victorinox and study of some history i strongly believe that fashion is not just a design to please with nice symbols and colors, i feel there are many very beautiful designs already, a link with shapes, colors and true designs based on my idea is a way to have a fashion with the extra in it. To make it universal? A global brand need designs for everybody, the Victorinox company also make designs in limited numbers, also see now in Asia with the Swiss Company establishing there...Fashions can mean fashionbrands for clothes or general for everybody, to have a style personalized with clothes, interests, sports or work is nice...</div><div><br></div><div>Fashions and clothes, clothes made in places in the world based on childlabour or slaves is very important to ban, so then a link with true fashion comapanies and true knives is very well, a mechanism of true fashion and the Victorinox that i know is very very good in these fields is a further build on my idea, i have no doubt that many others here can make designs 100 times better than me, but my idea is based on many years of being an enthusiastic collector, nature and environment shape people, it shapes our world, trees and plants,  animals to.

I am looking for a new design based on the values and all these factors mentioned, to have a new design with huge depth, i like the fruit idea, fresh fruit and nature design, but we nee designs with depth, this will give the company and fashions a new era.
The Classic is today already a universal symbol with very good values behind it, build on this.

A global brand represents "global" and means clothes, watches, cutlery, Swiss Army Knives and more to the world so into my idea this, to have the values represented in a universal theme, the mechanism of values, my factors, global, environment is a must :-)

We must make the theme happy, not sad, must me glad and inspirated, light but also serious.....

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