Diamond Fever
Three things needs a woman, Jewels, a knife and safer sex (if any sex) ;-)


This one is for women loving jewellery, the ones who cannot get enough of the sparkling diamonds and the georgeous stuff you can find at Tiffany's. It suits to the stones you have in your rings, earings, or bracelets.

I have three versions in my mind:
1. The Diamon Fever Edition with different stones which you can choose according to your preferences. The Diamond Fever is for everyone loving jewels.
2. The Aids Awareness Edition with the safer sex symbol shown together with jewels. As Aids has been increasing the last years, it's necessary to inform young people about the danger of the HI Virus. The knife would transfer the message, only safer sex is great sex, and would be a hint especially for young people to use condomes.
3.The Sciknife is for the scientific target group and people loving smart ideas. The Cx knife is something like that. Cx is the chemical formula for coal and diamond, using coal and high pressure you can transform the former into the sparkling diamond. The Cx knife makes you interesting and smart because not everybody is aware of these facts about diamonds.

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