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Pyramid tacks are everywhere: in clothes, shoes, bags, accessories... So I created a new line of Victorinox army knifes with some different patterns and colors so you can pick the one that you prefer.


Gold and silver - because everyone loves them and they go well with almost any outfit;
Purple - because 83% of women love purple (something like that);
Red - a tribute to Victorinox and to match that red lipstick you have in your purse.

The original intention was to make this idea with a metallic look but I don't know if it is possible to print the plastic casing with metallic inks, and I didn't want to use textures because if the print was going be in their usual dot system it would lose all the details. So I tried to achieve the same effect only with vectors. But, if in fact it is possible to print with metallic inks it would be awesome!

Last slide - Inspiration.


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