The Classic 4 Elements
The classic elements that brings life to all living things.


The four new finishing on the Swiss Army Knife (Fashion Edition), is inspired by the classical four elements. It is a philosophies and worldviews, that is believed to reflect the simplest essential parts and principles, that continues to inspire natural observation of the different phases.

Allow me to run through the thoughts/inspirations behind each elements;

Associated to the North. The earth is fertile and stable element that brings life to many living things, as well as products of the future. Earth is nurturing and stable; solid and firm; full of endurance and strength.

  • Attributes : Sand, dust, highlands, rocks, peaks
  • Theme : The rawness of minerals
Air is element of the East. It connects the soul and breath of life. Air is the element to focus on and relates to communication, wisdom or the power of the mind for determination. It carries positive thoughts to those believed in it and carries away your troubles and fear.
  • Attributes : Ocean, hurricane, crevices, clouds, icebergs, gas
  • Theme : The air moisture and blizzard snow in winter
Fire is a purifying, masculine energy, that is associated to the South. It connects to the strong will and energy boosting. Fire both creates and destroys; and symbolizes new life that also destroys the old and the worn.
  • Attributes : Amber, sun, summer, torches, lamps
  • Theme : The asian heritage and the burning ember of fire
Water is related to the West. Inspired to to heal, cleanse and purify the surrounding and highly connected with the aspects of the Goddess. Emotion and intuition is closely associated to this elements that brings life to one.
  • Attributes : Rivers, ice, corals, fog, wells, rain, glaciers
  • Theme : The hues of flowing water and reef fishes

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