Your Swiss Army Knife 2013

Design the 2013 Limited Edition of the Swiss Army Knife!

€22,500prize pool

Design the 2013 Limited Edition of the Swiss Army Knife!


The 2012 Swiss pocket knife design project on jovoto was a huge success! Almost 1000 design suggestions were submitted. The Victorinox fan community chose 10 designs, which were also produced and have been available to purchase around the world since summer 2012. The result is the best-selling Limited Edition of the small and fashionable Swiss pocket knife.

The Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox is one of the world’s most famous cult Swiss items. Most people are familiar with the classic red design with the unmistakable white Victorinox logo. The history of Victorinox dates back to the 19th century. The rust-free steel (or “inox” for short) was invented in 1921. In combination with the original company name “Victoria”, the new brand was born. And the traditional Swiss pocket knives are still manufactured in Switzerland to this day. Even if the original is often copied around the world, Victorinox is the market leader in this segment.

For several years now there has also been a small version of the classic Victorinox Swiss Army Knife on the market: the Classic series, 58mm. And for two years the “small red companion and all-rounder for your pocket” has not only been available in red, but also in lots of trendy designs, which are released in limited editions. The small version of the cult item immediately won over the hearts of design and Switzerland lovers and tourists all over the world – especially those of fashion-savvy women.

Victorinox has been bringing limited editions of creative designs for the “little pocket knife” onto the market for two years now; every year Victorinox fans look forward to fresh, bold and unusual motifs. The aim is to generate mainly spontaneous purchases with the aid of unusual designs. And with these special editions Victorinox now wants to expand its appeal, no longer exclusively relying on the red pocket knife as its defining image.

Special prizes!
In order to underline the aims, two special prizes will be awarded:

  1. € 2,000 for the bestselling new Limited Edition.
  2. Double idea prize for a design that makes it into the permanent Victorinox collection.

Task Definition

Develop a new design for the casing of the small Victorinox pocket knife!

Your artwork should incorporate the latest trends and graphic developments so they can be ideally depicted on the small (58mm long) synthetic casing, or shell, of the knife. Your design should perfectly follow on from the success story of the small red pocket knife and its special editions.

All you need to design is the synthetic casing of the small Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Alternative shapes and functions of the pocket knife or alternative materials for the synthetic casing are not required in this contest.

Just like last time, the next Limited Edition should consist of a good variety of designs. So do not submit a design line, but just ONE idea and make sure that your final design is always at the top so that it will be displayed in the overview of ideas.

10 designs will be selected by Victorinox and its fan community and, where possible, also be produced. This is why it’s very important that you only submit designs for which you own the full copyright and image rights. – This eliminates the use of any image motives like, for example, comic figures, photos of personalities or brands.

Show Victorinox your newest and most fashionable design ideas; designs already submitted in the previous contest in 2012 will not be considered this time.

Target Group

The new design will be bought mainly by a young (16 to 38-year-old) mostly female target group. These customers are extremely familiar with the latest fashion trends and new motifs. They enjoy making spontaneous purchases in upmarket, trendy stores.


  • You should appeal to the Victorinox target group with emotional, friendly and preferably also bold messages.
  • Any connotations with sex, violence or destruction will be disregarded.

Mandatory requirements

  • Your task is to design only the outer plastic casing for the small Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.
  • It must be technically possible to produce your design suggestions. An expert team from Victorinox will test the feasibility of your designs.
  • The shape and functionality of the pocket knife may NOT be changed.
  • The synthetic casings are normally not transparent: they are white and the designs are then printed on them.
  • Neither the position, size or shape of the Victorinox logo on the knife may be altered.
  • The following elements may not feature in your design:
    • Weapons
    • Skulls and crossbones
    • Sexist insinuations and any kind of nudity
    • Anything that glorifies violence

Useful links:


Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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Wohooo good luck guys!!!

Indeed good luck to everyone! I'm really looking forward to this project and to see all your submissions!! Bring it on! Give me a shout if you have any questions! :)

quite cool contest, i enjoyed the last one!

i'm very curious to see new ideas here, cause there were so many different submissions the last

so good luck guys!

Good luck to All for the New Year 2013 !!!!!!!

I found a small bug. ;)

If you follow this project in your dashboard............the link: "show all ideas" go to this site :

I think right is this:

thanks for that sidata, we're on it!

There are a lot of repeat design from the past contest! What happened?

People simply don´t look or care - that´s what happens. Let´s see how the contest guide is going to manage this...

It´s not only about "don´t look or care" - there´s another thing that is very clear to me: as for me, I decided to have a look at all the 1000 (!!!) ideas from the past project to avoid that I will work for nothing when working at a venture. And actually, after viewing those ideas again I had to strike some of my "new" ideas from my list because they already existed and I just didn´t remember. Nevertheless the following happened: I invested quite some time to create a design and after uploading it, Dora told me that Elina came up with the same last year - I just haven´t seen her idea/design when inspecting the 1000! I reassure that I definitely wouldn´t have invested my time otherwise! But the story goes on: an hour after I said "sorry" and asked the guide to delete the entry because of my mistake, another member submitted the very same design again! Why? Because it´s i m p o s s i b l e to keep track of a million designs, no matter how hard you try! So far, every single idea I had has already been done before it seems. All you can do now is to create a pattern or a hand drawing, similarities with past designs possible. What I´m saying is: yes we will have many problems here with double designs but the majority not submitted with bad intent to copy but due to fact that they´re not aware. The guide will have fun here and many designers will be frustrated: designing in all conscience but to no purpose when their design is too close to past ones. We have two options: somebody create a "guideline" listing and showing all 1000 ideas sorted by themes and keywords (attention: irony!) or we all should take things easy here in this project - I prefer the second option ;-)

Dear all!

Yes, I am of course also aware of this issue. I'm suggesting, let's do it this way:

We kindly ask you to first of all simply not to upload anything from the past project in this one. So if goforit would upload Fresh Edition once again - we would ask her to take it down. I guess that is clear :)

The other issue is similarity to other projects. This is where it gets more difficult. Of course I am also not a superhuman who studied all 1000 ideas as long as I knew them off by heart. So yes, it ain't going to be easy. But I did guide the past one as well and I do remember a lot of the designs. If you could be so kind to also keep an eye on them, together we could avoid double submissions.

As for the similarity: this is a design contest, so we may have some similar approaches, so as long as they are not the same (could be more the case in some more conceptual design ideas, just like the "zipper" you mentioned above) we would say go for it, may the better one succeed! So in this way we will "take it easy". It is really more about not having the same things uploaded once again than being similar to one of the 1000 approaches before.

I do think there are still lots and lots of possibilities to create something new and I am really looking forward to see them all!

I'm not offended if someone puts a similar design, but I think we are interested in, not to repeat last year's design - even more so this design is not won. Good idea to add a keyword search. And not just for this competition. :)

Indeed, the line between similar and copy are very fine, especially the one which modifying from some existing work to look a new one! Very hard to decide and sometimes, very hard to accept it if the similarities is too close and the differences is so narrow. Although starting from zero is hard, I will try my best to create a fresh new one. If not, i will not submit any modifications of design from other people work.

Hey there everyone!

Here is the link to the designs from last year:

Please try to have a look at them before you start working on your idea to make sure the same wasn't already uploaded in that project! I know there are a lot, but else you might spend a lot more time on working on something that's already been made.


This applies mostly to conceptual ideas as I stated it in the comment above.

Hi Dora, do you accept designs from any country all over the world? I am from Malaysia. Please advise. Thanks!

Hi adelynkongs! Yes, very much so! We are looking forward to see your designs!

Dear everyone!

It's so great to see your designs floating in! Keep them coming :)

We have added a new attachment for you in the download materials. It shows the original position and size of the logo on the knife. And also, the logo has to be on the front side!

As for the colors of the logo, Victorinox doesn't want to set you any limits for now - but they still keep the right to possibly change it later into one of their main colors red, white or silver.

That's it for now, hit me up with any new questions!

Since some us upload some many design, is it mean that only the top or first design that appeared will be taking consider? How about design after the top one? Most of it is development of the design?

Hi LKK1511! Do you mean the attachments of one idea? People can and will look also at the other slides and have a look at your development. But yes, you should make sure your most up to date version is always also your opening slide!

Yes. One idea, because the client don't want a line or a series of design, right?

Yep, that's right. Victorinox doesn't want a series of designs. However you can continue to work on your design your design, displaying this development through using different attachments. Good luck :-)

That's mean every slides / attachment have the chances to be selected by client, not just the top one? Arrangement of slides is just to let the client know which one is the most recent up to date design?

The briefing says: "Do do not submit a design line, but just ONE idea and make sure that your final design is always at the top so that it will be displayed in the overview of ideas." So: one idea = one design, attachments = development of that one design. That's how it should look like :)

Now I understand. So many confusion when I look at other people slides. Because many of them have different attachment which tell different idea, which I can't understand the development of the design, like one idea suddenly end, and new idea suddenly emerged from the attachments.

i made that for example because everybody can only submit 10 ideas and my where full.. so i overwrote some of them

Putting an "OLD" slide (just blank slide with OLD>> arrows and then put trash behind that slide. Jovoto won't allow you to delete a slide after 24 hours.

You can always ask one of the community guides to delete a submission or attachments if it's more than 24 hours after upload!

Also, please do make sure you stick to the idea limit. We love your enthusiasm and development is definitely welcomed, but if you totally change an idea, please ask Dora take down the attachments that are no longer related to the current submission.

Thanks guys, keep up the awesome work!

Thanks, Jesse. This a great help!

Could you please tell me is only one contest entry per person allowed? Or can one person submit, 2 or more? Thank you for your time...

@madamov 9 per person! A lot of fun!!! :)

I was more on the thought of 2 but thanks a lot, it seems only I missed that info.

Hi there! It shows in the upload form how many ideas you can (still) upload. Everyone can submit 10 (single) ideas! Yes, that equals a lot of fun! :)

Hai! This the first time Jury also comment in Jovoto contest (Samsung APPCADEMY) after the submitting end. Are the jury also will be involving in the comment after the submitting end for this contest?

"Jovoto we have a problem!" Maybe it comes from the planet "Bash"

Something seems to be wrong here...

Yes!!!!! Theres really something going wrong tonight!

hello dear contest guide! some urgent monitoring needed!! hey! i felt down 50 ranks over night with one idea!!! thats impossible and NOT funny! shame on you bashers! go home! buuuuhhhh

this lady seems to dislike EVERY single top 20 submission! and whats funny about it - she writes nice comments and then gives bad votes

Absolutely ranking chaos over night!!! :(

we already found many of these bashers and send them to the contest guide - all these bashers support this idea

And... jovoto... please delete all the f****** comments on our ideas!!!

Oh no, this time I'm really dissapointed because it looked like bashing in this project is not that much as the last time with Victorinox.... I fell about 100 positions (!!!) with 3 of my submissions and another design of mine is now 100 positions better than before!?! Sure jovoto will do a monitoring and will eliminate the main chaos but I guess some of the mess will be irreparabel :-( This users should not bonly be set on false but deleted permanently, I expect no Understanding and ammendment for people who behave like this!

Me too.. It is sooo said, but hope that everything will be ok at the end....

Should I laugh or rather cry? My submission went up feom 50something to 4 and in the last hour to 262!!!

mine too, this is crazy i hope jovoto will fix this

Yes, we should stay positive! Don't let the bashing tear down our confident and our passion of design! I sure Bashing will not destroy our chances of winning people's heart with our best work. Stay positive and always be proud of your work!

im really disappointed, too... all the hard work for nothing... i had 3 ideas in the top ten... now they fell about 100 positions.. thats not fair!

No News here :-) same ol´ same ol´... Looking forward for a Victornox Video contest ;-)

Hey MSTR! Where have you been???? Nice to see you back in "town" ;-)

He lives in the music :)))

thats just amazing!!!!! today i was thinking about you MSTR and asked myself where you have been!!!! so funny! guess it was about the same to you wrote here! :-D

…the same time i wanted to say

Who is getting in with me on the jovoto roller-coaster??? :P

I think all Kathleen! :-D

Agree..We are all on the jovoto roller-coaster.. :)

Yay! You are in for a hell of a ride! Buckle up!


i get sick - please stop! - uuuuauaaaauhhhh !"·$%&/(%&/()=)/&%$·$%&/( :-D

This Roller coaster's incident must end immediately! This ride causing damage not only to our self, Jovoto, but, also to the client and other related field!

i would take the first seat available... serious fun going out here!!!!

Up and down and up and down and . . . .

Hey voters! WE ALL CAN SEE YOUR BAD VOTES!!! In your Profile!!! Shame on you!!!!

I think it started to work moderators?

somehow everything seems to be like before? am i right - what is going on? crazy roller-coster! ;)

Clear. So I read a zombie for 3 place :)))) Funny game :)))

I not sure it is over. My's design now is almost touching the bottom, rank below 300! :(

After going through of what happened on the bashing matter lately, I also going through what happened with previous Victornox's contest last year on Jovoto. Same issues occur again. After referring to the previous issue, I apologise for the comment I make this few days in the bashing issue of this edition contest. Therefore, I would not comment again on the bashing issue and fully trusted the Jovoto and it's board can handle the issue. No more comment on bashing issue from me and more attention on improving my design.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-/ grmpfff…

Ziiiiiinnnnnnnngggggg (da geht mir das Messer in der Tasche auf) ;)

Meint ihr den Dauer-Kommentator ? In medizinischen Kreisen nennt man das ADS. ;)

Oder den erneuten Besuch vom Planeten "Bash"?

??? English Please? No more other language!

Sidata, I want you take back those words. Very rude to heat up other people feeling! Especially with the language they don't understand. I google what those words mean.

Hi Leo. I use the Google translator. There are many guys speak German. This is a good chance for us to learn more and German too:) I think it is clear in any language - all upset zombie attack.

hey hey!!! lets be all friends again please! no, my coment belonged to a stupid infantil reaction by myself because i got angy… not personal to anybody! lets rock this contest again!!!

@suyani: Aha. :) @Elina: Thank you! :) @LKK1511: ????????

I agree with suyani. This bashing issue is tearing us part! I don't want!

Enough is enough. The more comments I give on bashing issue, the wound become deeper and deeper! The pain increased! To reduce the pain, i keep improving my design until the final day of submitting! My best work no need bashing issue to win people heart. It speak for itself. If the design the best position is last one, so be it! My participation is the main objectives! I happy that people care about my work!

your spiral is beautimous. Relax :) There will be 1000 entries, they can't all be at the top, there is no room.

someday soon, you will be glad to be in place 300 when there are 950+ entries :)

Haha ! Holly's right! last competition I did not even see all works. There were 1000. I think this may be even more here :)

Thanks. I agree with you all.I will try my best to improve that design from time to time!

Dear all! Your concerns have been heard and I would like to let you know that we are here and we are doing and will keep on doing our best! Rating monitoring takes some time and it also takes a little while for the score to update as well so please be patient! Thanks a lot! :)

great! we trust in you and know you are always doing your best (as we do) :-D


it would be nice if you removed those unreasonably low points(stars) that were placed without any comments or remarks. it's not even fun)

Thank you Dora! Let justice prevail!

Thanks Dora. I believe it is always a problem for people to accept that their design might not be liked by a few ones. Anyhow - taste is different & that's why there is so many opinions on each one of the designs. Diversity is great, so please lets not argue about this stuff anymore...


Diese Sch***-Aktion vom Wochenende macht mich so sauer. Und ich befürchte das dieser Schaden eher irreparabel ist!

Bei mir sieht es jedenfalls extrem danach aus...

Hey Tobamin, It can be a roller coaster, but as Dora said above, please be patient, rating monitoring takes time! Thanks, Jess

Jaja ... ;) ...hab ich schon verstanden... aber irgendwo muss der Druck ja hin! ;)

hey mister tobamin! du bist der einzige bei dem noch 3 ideen unter den top 20 sind nach dem wochenende - was'n da los??? sei doch froh!

;) ...ja, weiß ich auch... aber Top 20 ist eben nicht mehr Top 5! ;)))

oh! das ist wohl wahr ;)

I don't like to be the cynical bastard, which i might be from time to time, but i'm deeply satisfied with not being in this mess with all of you guys!

And I'm in this mess, but I'm having fun :) It is important that the client liked idea, and these swing each time by public tender. I see no reason to waste your nerves on the zombies :)

Hey Elina, i guess you found a great way to deal with this situation.

It's been a long road and I've been through hell, but now I'm really happy that it does not bother me anymore. :+D

Prost! ?? ????????! Elina! ;D

The 10 selected by Victorinox, will those 10 be selected via facebook voting? Or does Victorinox select the 10 they want in the end?

Hey there,

Good question! For the first round of ideas selected, the Victorinox employees will choose their favorite 30 designs.

From there, those 30 design chosen will be put on facebook for a round of voting on the Victorinox fan page. And the final 10 ideas will be selected via facebook voting.

Best wishes, Jess

Did they start the selection right now? There are some picks of the day on their facebook page. Belongs this picked designs to the 30 designs or do they choose the 30 submissions after the contest?

Hi denkdifferent, The 30 ideas will be selected after the submission period is closed. ALL ideas will be printed out at the client HQs and the employees will vote for their favorites! Best, Jess

as far as i can see they put the ones they like on their facebook page to get feedback, likes and votes…

Don't worry, this isn't the official facebook voting period. That can only happen after all the Victorinox employees internally vote on their 30 favorites.

When can we know the 30 design of their favorites? Will Jovoto annouced these 30 design? Or just on their Facebook?

could anyone post the link to the crucial victorinox facebooksite? when I check fb for victorinox on fb i get 7348270 results- one for every international branch...:(

I know of a roller coaster in it only goes downhill! ;)

Hey everyone,

Thanks to your participation and great ideas, you have entered nearly 530 ideas so far!

We just had the Victorinox Project Manager from Ibach/Switzerland visit us in snowy Berlin to go through all of your gorgeous entries and designs with us. Let’s hear what she has to say so far:

“A warm hello from Switzerland and a huge thank you for participating so actively and creatively in this project – for uploading your ideas and for the constructive and positive discussion as well on the jovoto platform as on the Victorinox facebook site ( So far we see submissions here from 37 countries throughout the world! Thank you! Muchas gracias! Vielen Dank! Merci beaucoup!

On refining your designs for the final round! As we are now entering the final round in this project. Please check your submissions for the following details that are necessary to make them “ready for production” if they will be chosen:

1st: Enter only YOUR ideas Please make sure all visuals you enter are YOUR visuals – do not enter ideas, visual material and brands that you don’t own – as funny as this might be!

2nd: The ONE brand guideline There is basically just one guideline in terms of branding – but this one is very strict: The VICTORINOX Logo has to be on the FRONT side of the knife (key-chain ring is on the upper right side in that case) in the right position and the right size (check materials for details). On the back side you can play around with variations as you like – but always in a respectful way.

3rd: Keep it simple! The Classic Limited Edition should encourage people to buy them spontaneously - so make your design or the idea behind it is easy to understand and intriguing.

4th: Be international The VICTORINOX Swiss Army Knives are sold and bought all over the world - so especially if you work with text-elements make sure they can be understood worldwide.

The voting-process for YOUR favorite Design

The voting-process for the 10 designs going into production is as democratic as Switzerland itself.

1st there’s your Community- Voting that gives us an idea what designs you, the participants in this project, like best 2nd there will be an internal voting for a short-list of 30 knives within the Victorinox staff - 900 people that live the brand day by day and that produce the Victorinox Swiss Army Knives 3rd the last word will again be YOURS - vote on Facebook for the final 10 knives that will be produced in 2013!

So everyone, roll up your sleeves and get ready for the second half! We are curious to seeing all your fantastic ideas!"

Okay, there you have it! So just keep going with the same passion and do a little fine tuning and you're sure to blow everyone away with this project. Good luck!

Thanks. I will check my design again with reference to above information! Thanks with the information given here, Jess!

I think we have another bashing issue with bad ratings on all top 20 and the same comment spamming around!!!

Can you pls chek this ???


I find it very low for someone to feel the need to do this :(

just a stupid question - should the logo be on the back & front or just on the front? ;)

in the client feedback it sais "The VICTORINOX Logo has to be on the FRONT side of the knife (key-chain ring is on the upper right side in that case) in the right position and the right size (check materials for details). On the back side you can play around with variations as you like – but always in a respectful way. " so does this mean it does not necessarely apear on the back?

It has to be only on the front and you are free to use all the back side : )

Flegido is correct :) It has to be in the specified size and place on the front and may or may not be used how you like (in a respectful way of course) on the back. Best, Jess

jess… it is sunday evening - you should be resting ;))) thanx!

How can you rest when there's such an exciting project running :))

:-D hahaha! so true! ;)

Hey there! I had a dream last night... In my dream I have seen all the bashers in my dashboard. They are visible also as the lovers are. This was great! Everybody has seen them in the dashboard and at this moment they was stopping with bashing. Oh what a dream...

Nice words "Ramona Luther King". ;) The Bashing problem in this contest in really unbelievable!

wow! that would be great!

Tobamin's design "I love u" from last years contest has been incorporated into a special collection .. it is mentioned in the Victorinox Facebook website ..

Congrats! Tobamin.. :)

Such a great news. :D Congrats.

Yeah... Thanks! ;)

Congraluate to Tobamin!

oh yes mr. tobamin - thats so so amazing!!! great!!! deserverd!

Inspired an entire collection, very cool :) way to go Tobamin.






"Hello, victorinox... read this thread!"


Ya, I agree with Xavier!

Agree with Xavier they should give free ones to u Tobamin..

Congrats agian! Well done! I think Victorinox is cool enough to send you this knife! SWISS ROCKS! :-)

i get bashed and bashed and bashed... nice :/ i hope sometimes there will be an update on jovoto that you can also see the bad votes and not only the hearts you get ...

It's so funny that my not so great idea is safe on its place while my better design slips further and further away while getting great reviews. luckily i've stopped caring and got used to the idea that life ain't fair.

Hey there! Stupid question: If I made a design and use some pieces from existing illustrations or pictures (maybe istock, fotolia or freepik) and I make a new collage/illustration from this pieces - is it than my own design or not? Or do ALL things which are on the knife made by my own?

Hey Denkdifferent, In the feedback the client says, "1st: Enter only YOUR ideas Please make sure all visuals you enter are YOUR visuals – do not enter ideas, visual material and brands that you don’t own – as funny as this might be! " So unless you have the exclusive rights to the images you are using, you shouldn't use that material. Hope that helps answer your question! Best, Jess

Hey Jess,

thanks for your comment. Mmmh I think I understand :) Best Ramona

unbelievable that some people really copy and paste designs and upload them as their own... but google is my friend and will find out ^^

i dont mean you denkdifferent.. just found some stock-illustrations in this contest... i am tired of getting bashed from users who are new here and upload designs they didnt have made by themselve and bash all others..


But I think, if someone download some free vectorgrafics and modify them or pieces of them - create a new work - why is it not allowed? Ok, in some designs you can see the similarity, but it is not the same... So what?

i only mean designs which are totally copied

Hey there, I'm a new user, and I think Jovoto is a great app for new designers as I, but what about this design PointsnPixels?? "GOOD MORNING MISS SUNSHINE!".... I found your font in freepik (free vectors), and it's not so bad choose any stock vector, bad is talk about it if you don't have an original idea too.

best regards


as you can read under this idea i have allready writren that i got inspired of some birds in the internet. i allready posted that and i also said that in myopinion its ok if you get your inspiration somewhere and use parts of free stock vectors or somethingbut i think it is not ok to use that content in its original way and just copy and paste it on the knife. or am i wrong?

as jess said you have the chance to alter your designs till the end of the contest - at the end it should not just be copied

But especially this point I ask above and Jess said "No"?! - YOUR visuals – do not enter ideas, visual material and brands that you don’t own. And if I understand this sentence in the right way, than we also don't use an existing free vector as base and just make some changes and than call it our own design. I think THIS is the special and difficult thing in this task and project: Do it yourself :)

Dear Community,

Very important announcement!

As the briefing says it is highly important that you don't use any images or stock materials you do not own the rights of.

"10 designs will be selected by Victorinox and its fan community and, where possible, also be produced. This is why it’s very important that you only submit designs for which you own the full copyright and image rights."

If you have used any stock material it is EXTREMELY important to write this in your idea description.

It is VERY important information for Victorinox when evaluating your designs !

Thanks, Jess

much stock and googled pics here, unfortunately... but also great unique entries! keep going guys :)

This information are very important. For stock illurastation, many of them is not free. We need to buy it. If we buy it, does it mean we have the right to use it in the contest? For some of the much stricter company, you need to buy the copyright. Only copyright can allow you to use that illustration. Just buying the illustration, I think cannot be use for any contest or commercial purpose.

Hey guys,

LKK good point! It is more difficult to find stock material which you can buy with the permission to use for a contest and/or comercial purposes, like here on jovoto.

That is why we ask all material is YOURS or you own the rights to use for commercial purpose. Better play it safe and make the material yourself.

Think about it this way, Victorinox wants to activate you and all your fantastic ideas!

Best, Jess

Sooooooo many ideas!!!! It really is incredible, luckily we have two weeks to rate all the ideas :)

Ya! And more to come! There are so many good design! Very exciting and very challenging !

This is crazy... im getting bashed alot... I guess its not only me.. Like evryone say its better if you can show da bashers.... Its disappointing.. working so hard and rates keep going down...

Don't be sad. Everything comes to a good end ;) Never give up. Believe. Fight. :D

Your not the only one, companion in misfortune ;-) BUT: I really do not think it would be a pro for us to see the hating votes and who exactly is bashing us down. In fact we already usually know who it is (in the most cases) so it´s not neccessary for us to see - for me it´s enough and better to know that jovoto sees it. Guess it just would make me more angry to see my suspicions proved and such just would cause more verbal conflicts on the platform. Quite the contrary: it´s better for the fair users not to get too much involved in these things so the bashers keep going on making the same and same mistakes again in their misbelief being not noticed with what they do. In this spirit: good luck to all the many fair and honest good artworkers here and let´s hope the best! (and a poor sleep to all unfair and bashers!) ;-)

LOL ... I'm not even gonna complain. For my best rated idea they would have to make a top 300 button:D, hang on, think positive and everything's gonna be ok, like kimosabe said:))

Dear hungarian friends, There are over 950 submissions in this contest from designers all over world - I can't believe that you can't find any of these acceptable and worth your love except the ones from your own country?! Please look beyond the rim of your teacup and show your respect to all of your competitors by having a look at all the other entries of the other members too! With registering on this platform you became a member of this community which means a fair together towards everybody without any favoritism of persons from among the own party, clique, nationality etc. Kérem szépen!

Dear goforit and all of you,

I understand your complain, because I see the changes in the rating. I can tell you two things: - we've just seen this contest 3 days ago and we would try ourself. We just want to show our works, because we enjoyed them. I think, noone of us think, that he or she will win.
Yes, we are a cohesive community, but only 15 people, I don't think that we are seriously dangerous. - I've voted more really nice work as well, I've seen lot of inspiring ideas, and I'm sure, all of us respect the other competitors and the excelent designs to.

You will see after the end of the charging time , the rank will change back, but now we are glad to see each others designs here.

me to Kérem szépen : stay calm peace

and thank you :-)

"a cohesive community of 15 people" really affects the sophisticated algorithm.

And..... in the same time I rated about 50 other design with 10. The only rating, I gave is 9-10. For designs, I really like. As I see others followed the same way. I think this affects also....

Anna, maybe you can not imagine that, but the truth is soooo simply. Try it, you will see. Without any magic. Algorithm doesn't count with the human factor.

Dear Stock Art Enthusiasts,

If your work looks super complicated and advanced, it will be questioned. It takes years of experience and patience to design beautiful vectors. Taking someones work does not give you the right to say "Thanks" when people compliment you. If you're going to use stock art, we aren't all clueless. And yes, my ratings go down because I question your skills. And that's ok.

Where can I buy 500 follower and voter? I give you 5 Dollar when you bring me to the top 10 with your votes :) Maybe it works like on facebook... Aaaaaaahhhhhh! I don't understand that system! What a top 20...

have you seen the top 20 lately? it's hilarious. some of the poorest work is up there right now. what a joke ;)

Yes I saw it... teddies and owls... so childish! Who want this? zzz

I understand that Jovoto wants to develop, but I think this development is in what is the wrong path. It's just a theater of the absurd. =D

ey! say nothing against my owl! ^^ calm down ladies.. i think the jovoto staff will sweep the leaves from the sidewalk ;)

this contests shouldnt be public.. only proofed designers should upload and rate ideas here..

with only 58mm to work with, nobody will be satisfied

I just do not understand. Gay guys you've come here for a day? Take the money and go away? Do you really think that the whole point is to invite your friends with Facebook and win money? You do not want our honest observations, assessments, and new and interesting projects? Perhaps you wonderful designers, but the vote of other designers turn away from you. You do not win the money and lose our respect.

Honestly, for the client this is unsavory. They should be presented with top quality ideas not a sea of stock trash to sort through. Should be a private contest....otherwise the regular jovoto users are not as motivated to participate.

It is also interesting group of jovotans that gives 10 and after few days or minutes change their minds... What a dirty play..

Top works shouldn't be visible at all in my opinion... Just random or by date.

I agree, only random or date.

Hey there, We've definitely considered this prospect of showing ideas only with the filters "random" & "date". But what we've found, is people loose the interest to vote at all when they ideas only appear so mixed. That's why we choose to go with the Top 20 etc. filters because it gives you an idea of the idea ranks but still leaves a lot of anonymity to avoid direct competitor bashing. One must rather, bash a larger number of people (in the whole Top 20 brackets, for example) in turn, giving us a better picture of whose doing the bashing. Thanks for your suggestions though. Just remember, you can always makes your suggestions in the Support Center! Best, Jess

I agree partly with vanjolina here, you can always make only top 50 visible, that will prove to be a bit harder on you I know, but it will be much harder for the ones doing the bashing too, since they have to go through a lot of ideas, and still not be sure who is where. Only suggesting :)

Online voting has never worked as a means to decide anything of real value, far too easy to corrupt.

Online rating doesn't always have devoted community mangers watching so closely over the ratings ;)

Dear all!

After all the discussion under the briefing, we think it's most important to clarify two important aspects of this public project.

  1. The most simple way for you to avoid any interference about copyrights of stock-images or illustrations is NOT to use any copyrighted material from any third parties.

If Victorinox is going to buy your idea you will get a licence agreement to sell your work. Therefore its best not to use images you have not created yourself (and do not own the rights of those third party work) to avoid any legal trouble.

  1. And now comes the rating, I know it feels hard to see your ideas on the roller coaster, even more if you see some people bashing others.

But just to make it clear, throughout the entire project:

  • We are consistently doing rating monitoring. We see all the votes, bashings, favorings (support groups) and all, and I set all unfair ratings on false.

  • Remember, the karma threshold is your friend! When someone signs up just to cast a few votes, they will not pass the karma threshold, therefore their votes will not be counted.

However, as consistent as rating monitoring is throughout the project, this takes time.

Although we have a complex algorithm as a basis, we are still humans going through a lot of numbers. This is also not in real time, the system updates ratings every two hours.

The next step: The project closes for submission is two days!

So we will go through a week of rating- So hold on to your hats and if you find a community member with what you think is "suspicious" rating behavior, FIRST, check if their Karma is over 150. When yes, you can send me a private message and I will look into it.

That's all for my Monday morning announcement, so hophop, off to monitor some ratings!

Thanks, Jess

thank you jess!! that helped a lot :)

Dear Jury! I do not understand exactly why I got the message as follows: "Concerns have been raised regarding the rating behaviour of slynncwd. This person's ratings are under review and are currently not factored into the overall rating score." I did not do any unfair regarding the contest, I did not make vote collection on the Facebook, I was just uploading my ideas, voting the ideas what I liked. I'm just an initial designer who tries to learn. I did not give low ratings to anybody as somebody do here. I did not comment anything.

more proof that the "complex algorithm" is worthless.

Dear All!

I am one of the "Hungarian friends" and I would like to ask you to read a few words I think you need you to know. Yes, we are one group, a group of people learning webdesign online. We have just started to get familiar with vectors and graphics and I am personnaly getting very enthousiastic and happy to learn something I love to do. We have all learned about the project via our common Facebook group this is how you could see a lot of new work from this bunch of people. We were not familiar with your working methods and approach. In the past 3 days since I have registered I have got familiar with the purpose of this community and I would really like to be part of it. You can check all the ratings I gave (I have corrected ratings after I saw the comments which I found reasonable) you will see that I did nothing wrong. Please delete all the points I recieved from the people in question if necessary but please take into consideration that people within a same group do not always agree on the behaviour of the others.

I am really sorry if I offended anyone it was unintended from my side.

Thanks for taking the time to read :-)


Guys, welcome to Jovoto! To be honest and put the different assessments and you will restore reputation. I think a lot of people have passed through it. I also received this message when just came here. I could not put people to low scores and put all only 9 - 10 :)))) Good luck all!

Thanks Elina! I guess the reputation of our group can only be restored from another project :-/ But please believe, NONE of us wanted to hurt anyones feeling. We were acting like puppies in a new playground...

Nice words above, as Elina said wellcome to the platform , I hope You enjoy all the activity that happens around here; )

Time puts everything in its place :))) I'm glad that you understand how we live here. This is a large family with their problems. I hope you will become a part of this family, because it helps to develop and learn. :)

You are welcome.....fogadtatás! :)

Enjoy your time can learn a lot in this community! I speak from experience. ;D

Well said! , Elina and Sidata.. and I agree with both of them.. Its a place to learn and improve, as much as it's a competition.. I too have gained so much from frank advice and comments and been inspired by the great work put up by my co-creatives.. :)

i am new in the community, for the first time participated in a contest because I had decided never feel that I am a aprendis even in the area of graphic design, however the site seems very interesting because I get to see many design proposals and sharing comments relating to this area I like and I think is very important, but I have some doubts because I can not understand how it works exactly the karma, excuse my ignorance but if someone tells me would be very grateful :)

Karma is points given for a) your ideas b) ur rating behavior c) your comments and the usefulness of ur comments The constructive comments that get a thumbs up will add to ur comment karma. All these together gives u the overall karma rating. The karma rating determines whether you will be invited to take part in private contests also. There is an incentive to be fair.

You can see your karma rating if you click on your profile. This is visible to others also. We all can also see which ideas you loved ( 9 and 10) or bashed

If you don't rate or take part in contests , the karma points will drop over time. The higher the karma rating someone has the more value their rating has in the algorithm Jovoto uses. So a 10 from a higher karma person has more value than one from one who has less karma.

Someone who gives too many 1 points to ideas is considered a basher and will be questioned by the contest guide and a notice is put up saying this person's rating is under review. This can also happen if they notice that a group from the same country has the same similar voting pattern or if the vote for the same ideas. This is strictly not considered fair . All of those on the group will get a notice.

The link for rating help is given below.. it really does cover most of the questions regarding good rating .

Please rate more than one idea, try to rate as many as you can and across the whole range of numbers if u can. Most people have put in some effort and the idea will have some merit.. so try and not rate too low.. In your profile , there is a link to ur rating statistics which you can check to see if your rating behaviour is differentiated. ( This is known by only the profile owner and Jovoto, other creatives cannot see it) Don't underate / bash ie give very low points to someone just to bring down their ranking especially if they are in the top 20 / 50 / 100 list and deserve to be there by the quaity of the work done. . Compare the work, read the halftime updates and comments under the work and then ask urself it u like the idea and then rate..

Hope this helps , Welcome to Jovoto Cynthia.. :)

Thanks for answering now if I understand, thank you very much for taking the time and clear my doubts :)

U r welcome.. I have been helped by others when I first joined Jovoto.. so I am just carrying on the tradition.. :)

Dear Community,

Thanks to everyone who was patient and helped show some others "the ropes" and took the time to explain how our community works! Makes me proud to see a community taking care of each other !!

Best wishes, Jess

Dear Jess,

Could you please let me know how long I am going to be banned? Thank you,


I'm writing you via private message right now! Talk to you soon :-)

Thank you Jess, I did not manage to write you in private it somehow directed me to a site where I needed to log in again :-)

Hi Jess, I have another question on your WoW. What if I disliked an idea and made it clear in my comments why (wasn't rude) and the person comes and gives low ratings to all of my works. I see that now the person in question was also been put on false but this can not always be shown in your statistics. What can I do? Thanks, Eszter

Hey Eszter, You can always send me or any of the community managers a private message with all the details so we can look into it, or you can ask a question in the Support Center here: Best wishes, Jess

Hi guys! Glad to be here, and Jess You are really nice to explain everything, and of course You have right in this decision, couse we was in so much hurry in the last days (We never heard about this site before), we didn't read the rules carefully enough, and made mistakes, not to rate negatives (It's really hard to me, but will learn... :D). Thanks for the people, who was try to help us, You rock, but I can say, some of the comments was far from polite, and helpful, but sarcastic and disdainful... I hope, they just were under big pressure, and this is not the ordinary here. :D Good luck Everyone!

Seems like there are some Upload-Problems?? Am I the only one?

Upload problems? What's going on? --We can also chat via pm!

I just had connection problems for a few minutes (the whole site) and my latest upload wasn´t visible. But now the encoding is done, so no problem any more. But I can see that some of the latest entries have similar problems...

Yeah, the site was running slowly for a few minutes now everything is back up and running :-)

wow, I can see why everyone was so angry about bashing, 10 votes and down I went from top 20 to top 100....then top 50 then 100 in again just a few votes....really jumping like wild, I have never ever seen this happen so fast. Anyone has any advice?

haha i don´t know what you mean...., my work is pretty constant jumping around between 500 and 700, while my rating is changing the second position after the decimal point XD

Ratings jump around because 1. a lot of people are rating the system refreshes about every two hours and 2. we are also consistently doing rating monitoring throughout!

Thanks a lot jess I did not know that :) ;)

Am i allowed to join the competition even if i am not a graphic designer?

Of course. :) Welcome to jovoto. :)

Everyone is welcome who want's to be creative. ;-)

Heh, seems like i am too late, so maybe next year or next competition. May i ask you which programs do you use for creating these artworks?

adobe illustrator, ps , hand drawings, whatever you want... :)

Blood bath :(

I would have liked even a cheese knife or a knife with a zipper. What a pity! But there are still 2 hours. Come on!

Or even a lipstick. That would be great!

Or total crazy... On the outside you can see what's inside!

At least there, the Swiss chocolate has managed again in the final seconds!


you forget the wooden tree!

I have the best design idea EVVVVEEEERRRRRRR!

White logo on red background!......NA?......NA?......What do you think about?

This can be amazing! :-D

Great... just great!

What about white logo on white background? :-))

ich habe fertig!

mit bewerten? ich bin mittendrin.. wird ne lange nacht ^^

jo, hab schon jeden tag in letzter zeit gevotet, sonst sieht man irgendwann alles doppelt ;)) have fun!

ja problem is nur dass man dann die updates nicht mehr sieht.. daher geh ich grad nochmal alle durch.. uff..

Ich bin auch durch... what a Akt! ;) erstmal Augenkrebs kurieren.

Muss ich noch machen in ruhigen 4 Stunden oder so. :-)))

hahaha! da biste aber optimistisch mika! plan mal das doppelte ein ;)

Wenn ich alles gevotet hab bekomm ich sicher Tendovaginitis. . . :-)))

Hört sich schmutzig an... zzz. Mika Mika...

Ist doch nur Sehnenscheidenentzündung. Was denkt ihr denn. :-))

wieso denn ihr??? die ramona denkt so'n schweinkram!

Yippiiii Yah Yeh Schweinebacke!

oh no oh no - i just had the best idea ever!!!! ah - what a pitty… :(

Maybe next year ;-)

i cant tell - next year i will submit it!

aaaaaaaw ^^ i know it will be good! *g

Yeah, yesterday I came up with a good idea too. And said to me,' tomorrow I will get up early and do it'. Couldnt manage! :-/

uff… thats horrible - cant wait one year!!!! :-D

Don't worry. It's always the same. . . Some days after a contest you get a flash for an breathtaking idea. Design it, save it and load it up next year as first upload. :-)

Try to rest a bit, looking around for new inspiration and be prepared for future contest. I think the new contest will begin soon-- may be end of the year?

Where do I see how this thing with the Karma Points works out?

I can remember. SZACH wrote a usefull information about this Karma Stuff some lines overhead. . .

Here is the information from szach: " Karma is points given for a) your ideas b) ur rating behavior c) your comments and the usefulness of ur comments The constructive comments that get a thumbs up will add to ur comment karma. All these together gives u the overall karma rating. The karma rating determines whether you will be invited to take part in private contests also. There is an incentive to be fair.

You can see your karma rating if you click on your profile. This is visible to others also. We all can also see which ideas you loved ( 9 and 10) or bashed

If you don't rate or take part in contests , the karma points will drop over time. The higher the karma rating someone has the more value their rating has in the algorithm Jovoto uses. So a 10 from a higher karma person has more value than one from one who has less karma.

Someone who gives too many 1 points to ideas is considered a basher and will be questioned by the contest guide and a notice is put up saying this person's rating is under review. This can also happen if they notice that a group from the same country has the same similar voting pattern or if the vote for the same ideas. This is strictly not considered fair . All of those on the group will get a notice.

The link for rating help is given below.. it really does cover most of the questions regarding good rating .

Please rate more than one idea, try to rate as many as you can and across the whole range of numbers if u can. Most people have put in some effort and the idea will have some merit.. so try and not rate too low.. In your profile , there is a link to ur rating statistics which you can check to see if your rating behaviour is differentiated. ( This is known by only the profile owner and Jovoto, other creatives cannot see it) Don't underate / bash ie give very low points to someone just to bring down their ranking especially if they are in the top 20 / 50 / 100 list and deserve to be there by the quaity of the work done. . Compare the work, read the halftime updates and comments under the work and then ask urself it u like the idea and then rate.. "

Angry as angry can be :-(

Don't worry. It's the same procedure as every year. ;-) Everything going to be as fine as possible.

Da kommt mir sofort der Regenbogen wieder hoch!

was ´n los goforit? doch nich auf dem letzten?

Oh Mika! Everytime I hear this song in the radio while driving I fell in tears and have to stop not to drive against the next tree!! I LOVE it but it´s one of the sadest sonsgs ever written!! Thank you so much

Why I am angry? I guess of the same reasons everyone of you guys here too - same procedure as every year! I´m about to write a post in the support area about it - please be patient, first I get myself another cup of koffein ;-)

****** **** ** ************ ****** *******.

Sometime you will also delete your hardworking member!

Guaranteed. ;)


hahahahaha they deleted your comment??? WTF????

Hey there, We've talked about it already. Thanks, Jess

Hey Jess, you know Roberto Blanco?

Have fun. Please.

It will be fun to allow implementing images and links with short previews in to the comments. :-) ) )

1387 ideas ?! I don't think I can view and rate all of them.

PS: Es sind nur 1.384 ... Tendenz sinkend. Ich muss es wissen! ;)

Häh? wieso werden es weniger?

wie länge hält denn so ne idee??? ^^

Ich denke manche verstecken sich einfach vor ihren Herrchen!

Hey, The number is changing due to the use of stock images. Best wishes, Jess

I don't speak German, guys. It's a cool language, but I have my limits.

Jess, I sometimes want to just rate ideas and click the "not rated" button. I need an "ignore" button, you know, because there are some that use stock images (like you said) or that don't follow the instructions in the briefing (including mine, I never understand those instructions because I'm a silly amateur). Since there are more that 1,000 ideas, I'd like to be able to vote (as many of) the ones I like and dismiss the ones I don't like, and I can't do it in just a single day.

A total of 33 pages, rated 14 so far, 19 to go. (::whew::) I'm not sure I can make it. Don't swear at me if I didn't like many of them :P

Jess, I´d like to post something in the support area / discussions but I´m not able to create a new theme - seems like I can´t create a new discussion and submit what I wrote. Please help!

Let me check on this, get back to you in a sec!

You posted it 6 times, but someone from the Support Center has to open it first. Now you should be able to see it. I'll delete the other 5 threads though.

Thanx Jess for your replay! But I still can´t see it, where is it?

now I see, thanks!!

its not good for my voting statistics voting for ALL entrys in the victorinox contest.. i guess.. so many designs i can only give a 3 to 5...

luckily there were enough really great entries, also =)

@ jess.. i just voted all entries in that contest and googled for all entrys where i wasnt sure if its done by the member itself or not and left a link, where it was copied.. hope that helps you a bit to go trough all the entries.. thank you very much for all your help here in this contest, by the way!

WOW! That will help not only Jess but everybody! Thank you! Were you at least having a glass of wine or beer while going to so many ideas? :P

:) ...i give a glass wine too!

no im ill.. and need to take antibiotic pills.. so first.. enough time .. and second.. no alcohol ^^

Have you guys look at the new Coworking challenge page? There are still some design of Classic Swiss army knife over there. Why are they submit it at the wrong contest?

how nice.. its bashing-time again.. well i knew that i maybe get bashed now that i found out so many copies... but that it would be that hard... well thanks

Sorry for this answer but. . . America got the super bowl. Jovoto got the bash brawl. ;-)

My ideas goes ups and down for 50 places...crazy...

Upon my word I think all the guys are already used to the roller coaster :))) There are still two weeks. Go to other competitions and distractions of this otherwise you will go mad :))))

i think it is very natural that your work does big jumps with each vote... there about 1000 works i gues and only 800 possiblities of assessments (1,00 till 10,00 stars), because i hink jovotos voting accuracy only goes up to the second decimal behind the comma, doesn´t it?

yes, you're right... i just jumped to another project ;)

Agree with Elina & PointsnPixels.

what a waste of time victorinox.

most of the entries are a direct regurgitation of last year's entries. and the contest guides got too lazy to do their job and "guide" people from doing that.

and if that weren't emough fail. the new jovoto members and hypocritical old jovoto members spent more time bashing and counterbashing each other than they did on their entries. some of the old members are so petty that they continue to complain, even after getting their way - due to unbalanced rules and biased contest guides.

have you noticed this comment keeps getting removed by jovoto staff? what are they hiding?

Hi old and eternally dissatisfied member Jovoto))) It looks like you got bored at eYeka =D where your comments are not interesting, and you're back. Again, a lot of words and a little creativity :)))

Ok people stop fighting, maybe teigan was a bit too hard with this post but in a way right. there are some issues that need to be resolved. we are all people and we make mistakes it is ok. What is not ok is to point out other people mistakes with the intention to hide yours! So lets make this conversation more productive than just complain and argue.

I have some proposals: Since it is in our human nature to be competitive and self-protective we do stupid and selfish animal- instinct mistakes (all of us). and i think that something can be done so this will bee less painful and damaging. - First of all top 20 should be taken down, no one should see who is in the top 20 -Second we should not be able to see the liked and disliked group on the community profiles, nor who liked our idea on the dashboard

If you have any constructive idea please write it and lets fix this, and get reed of this negative energy

Best Elena

I Agree that that you shouldn`t see the ranking, ) until the end of the contest (not just the top 20, all the ranks, so it means only by date or random) but I do agree with the fact that you can see the liked and disliked ideas, because this way people have to take more seriusly the rating.

Hey guys! Thanks for you in put! Goforit alreday opened a discussion about hidden ranks, ratings etc. here:

Your feedback is very welcome!

I've taken my time the last three or four days and viewed & voted all the ideas :) Don't mind me if I didn't like or disliked one of yours. My top favourite doesn't show among the first top 100, but maybe it will. (it' one that I described as poetical and philosophical) Good luck everyone !

Hey guys! How can I submit my design? (Submit idea) link is not available next to the project...

Hey, welcome to jovoto. :) submitting period for this contest is finished. But you can participate on other open contests...

Hey Shaho,

Great to see you'd like to participate, unfortunately as vanjolina explained, the submission period in the project is over.

You're welcomed to participate in other projects on the jovoto.Public layer as well as submit your portfolio to apply for the jovoto.Private layer here:

See you around the platform! Best wishes, Jess

Thanks for your reply

I'm happy that this contest ends! :D I'm not able to see more knifes... AAAARGH!

Feels like the bashing has stared again... ratings goin down when its close to the end of the rating period.

Yes...but its not a surprise

I'm keeping a close eye on it. Remember, I'm also doing rating monitoring, this is also a reason why things are changing.

Aha......i hope the big monitoring at the end will help a little bit.

the bashing attacks in this contest was really annoying!

Oh no! 15 places in 15 Minutes!!! And only 30 minutes left... Hä? ;)

2 ratings and 12 place down! exciting ending! :]]]]]]

Oh yes, i was at 36 was and closed at 150... you have to befriend the right people here to stand out, what a shame....

So true, Jovoto needs to update and fix the rating process a lot, there are things that need to remain private like the likes / dislikes and the rating (top 20, 500, 100) should not appear until the end of the rating process or has to be managed internally by Jovoto that way the works on top will remain protected from bashers, also, the votes should be final, no coming back to vote more or less on an idea.

This is not a destructive criticism on the contrary is my input to improve things i feel need fixing, this is just my opinion, Jovoto needs to update and fix the rating process a lot, there are things that need to remain private like the likes / dislikes and the rating (top 20, 500, 100) should not appear until the end of the rating process or has to be managed internally by Jovoto that way the works on top will remain protected from bashers, also, the votes should be final, no coming back to vote more or less on an idea, again, that´s just my humble opinion.

I agree, only a side comment. I have voted 10 for ideas I realized later were copies. I think later changing the rating can be useful. Only it shouldn't happen often, maybe it should be also monitored somehow.

i agree with all points but the votes cant be final.. if somebody updates its idea and the idea itself gets better it would be really bad if one cant give more points after that

yes, that is another point :-)

Such a mess...

hey dora, hey jess, how long will it take to kick all the bad bashers and make a clean voting result in this huge contest... i think it is a lot of work. maybe you can make it a litte bit more difficult to register and vote for a contest - even a public contest. for next time. ;)

cheerz chris

Yes, it'll take a while! But we're working like little bees over here :-) And thanks for your feedback.

Here is how we see it: the public layer is to create a conversation around the brand, it's meant to create consumer interaction - there everyone can take part - and of course there is more action, discussion etc.. But that's exactly why we have 2 separate layers. The projects running on the private layer are for professional creatives- it also includes an application process.

But with that said, we are considering some ideas and we've internalized the feedback around this topic.

Thanks Chris!

Hey there,

Great job with so many quality submissions, a lot of gems in there :- )

Now that the rating period is over, we are investing a lot of time to intensive rating. Please be patient though, because there are no more updates, and the rank will not change until the entire process is over. So although you don't see it, ranks will likely change.

Thanks for your patience, Jess

Do all victorinox knives "Picks of the Day" posted on facebook during the project are the one that have been selected for final facebook voting?... :)

last year they published a link to the fav 30 on facebook 16 days after the contest closed

Hey there! Nope, that is not necessarily what that means. Victorinox is in the process of printing out ALL of the ideas submitted and doing a private vote amongst their staff. From there, those 30 favorites will be put on facebook. It's still an open game :-) We just have to sit back and see what Victorinox employees think is best for their brand! Best, Jess

Well, we need to be patience and ... pray to the god hope that our works is good enough to be among the 30s! Good luck everyone! Good luck to ourselves!

is waiting ok, instead of praying... ;) :D

Now ... anything! ;)

Dear all! Hello again!

I am happy to tell you that the waiting here will soon come to an end :

We are working as a bunch of excited busy bees to make sure that this project can be closed by the beginning of next week!

And then... drumm rolls...

woooooooooooooooooooow! frightening! ^^


thanks for reply dora :)

Yayyyyy!!! Can't wait to see :)

BIG BANG BASH FUCK EVER!!! Never again will I give my energy for that.

That is what we get for being in a public competition :) Also what we get for declining to be a member of a support group XD I had fun though...

Agree! Crazy contest! The end result proves it! I hope Tobi sells his wood knife idea!


First: Congrats to all winners! I´m confident with 14 of them but a big big big Veto against one of the ideas who´s submitter was one with the biggest bashing team (with a loooooong list of supporters we all saw doing crazy things for their leader). Guess we all know who I mean. And to be honest: I´m a little bit pissed off the fact that I lost 7 places AFTER the monitoring, though I have NOT ONE SINGLE vote from activated supporters like several others???? A mystery to me why votes has been taken away as I couldn´t have suspect positive votes?

Totally AGREE... with all from goforit!

oh she is fighting again. but against the wrong people. new people have the odds stacked against them winning. old members of jovoto conspired to get their "karma weighted" rating system where their ratings count many tens of times as much as a new person's vote. when that system started i completely stopped rating in protest. anyone participating in rating has no right to criticise bashers. because they have no moral or ethical ground to judge the unfair actions of others. playing "by the rule" is still cheating when those rules are unjust and corrupted.

I am new to Jovoto so I don't really understand. How could an idea drop more than 200 places during after the rating??? And when will we see the client's choices?

I am not new at Jovoto, but I also don't know this. I think, in this project there was too much of bashing people... :(

your's is the 15th! congratulations Ramona!!! :-) that is pretty cool!

We have done it in a Team :) Thank you! My own ideas are far far away over the rainbow... ;)

Although there are a lot of surprise in the end result, I still want to congratulate the winners.

yes, you are damn right! CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!


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the client`s choises......?

Some of the results really surprised me because even designs that were always in the top 20 did not win anything. I am new in Jovoto and am trying to process and understand how this works. Of course I would have liked to win a prize and I would have liked also to see incredibly good designs that were left behind win prizes too

Congrats to all winners

... congrats to all the winners, well not my personal ranking at all!!! hope some actual not winning entries will reach the clients choice!!!

Intreresting....another experience in these kind of contests

big congrats to all winners from me too!

Congrats to all the winners : )

Yeah, congrats to all the winers! really nice and inspiring arts. As for me, well, maybe next time. See ya around!

a BIG congrats to all.......and a very big congrats to the "Schoki"knife!

there were better chocolate knives from last year, including the first one submitted by svpribyl. the one from this year will not reproduce well after the line screen printing process on a mere 58mm of product. all you amateurs are clueless to the embarrassing mistake made by victorinox staff.

what a they only bought one chocolate knife?

I asked the same. There will be a voting period on fb(don't know when)... That is how they decide their limited edition designs...

Congrats all winners!!!)

Dear Community,

Due to copyright issues, the project has been re-ranked. These ranks reflect the final winners. Congratulations!

Thanks, Jess

I feel like you closed the door in my face!!! Maybe next time i have better luck ... congratulations to the winners

You're 16 in the ranking of the 1300 work. You should be proud!!!! And then there's the customer's choice;-)

Your work - my favorite! I would like it to be made ??:)))

Hatte ich schon erwähnt, dass das das letzte Mal war!? Allen Voting-Teilnehmern auf facebook viel Glück...

Ich bin dann mal weg!

hür uff... mund abputzen weiter gehts... mach mal urlaub! :)

Die spinnen(teilweise)....die Schweizer. :D

Am meisten nervt mich die Matroschka. Ärgern erlaubt! ;)

Dear all, the voting on facebook just started! Here is the link!

Congratulations to those who win the client Top 35 in the Facebook. Good luck for final Top 10 to all Top 35!

Oh what a big surprize ;-) The one with the biggest activateble Facebook-Network will win and be produced - so maurotakeshikawasaki is again already a winner! Bravo! Sorry, still speachless about what goes on here on jovoto: biggest obvious cheaters are able to spit on honest and old members without having to fear any sanctions. And get rewarded by jovoto just because the client likes the design. And further, when I look at the chosen designs: I´m glad to see 5 (!!!) good designs amoung those 40. There must be ONE thinking person in the jury ;-)

Sorry, it´s 6 out of 40 ;-)

do you realize how much harder maurotakeshikawasaki had to fecebook his ideas than the old members? the people you are against deserve an extra award for effort. if you want to find out who played fair, then go to the last page of rankings. the client is naive for coming to jovoto in the first place, and twice makes them double naive.

Extremely thorough and time consuming rating monitoring was done and this is the final outcome that best reflects the voice of the community and the Client's Choice, is the Client's Choice.

Teigan, u are so right. Yes, it is damn harder to win if u are not "old" enough in this cummunity.

uups, why i am so damn stupid? - i should have asked my facebook-friends to vote for me too… ;)

There is only 35 design on the Facebook.

in 3 stunden ist das voting auf facebook vorbei.. ich bin ja ma gespannt wat dat gibt ^^

Any idea how long it will take for the clients to determine their 10 picks?

on facebook they said till the end of the week... cant wait ^^

well... cant believe that.. congrats to the winners..

Dear all,

Victorinox just announced the 10 winners!

Matrioshka by maurotakeshikawasaki Iron Factory by markocezar The World – My Home by Nyan Heads Up! by DENKdifferent Flip To Decide by gturkington1 Little Birds by marinajotten Blue Mist by Uvin Foxy by Sookie83 and rural_minds Blob by resonatorcoop Back 2 School by Midori

Congrats to all winners! And THANK YOU to all participants in the project. It was great to work with you!

yeah! congrats to the ones with the biggest facebook-network!!!

my congrats go to denkdifferent, uvin, marcocezar, midori, sookie and rural_minds

We need some "Matrioshka" network voting classes!!! He made it all the way, here in jovoto and in Victorinox!!!

I was a bit sad when I saw the results cause it made me the real looser, I had 2 designs and none of them were choosen :( but then, I got SUPER HAPPY again when I realized that all my BELOVED friends are REAL WINNERS and that's TRULY an AWESOME NEWS FOR OUR JOVOTO COMMUNITY!!!

I'M VERY HAPPY FOR YOU WINNERS!!! A SUPER BIG CONGRAAAAAAAAAAATS especially to our master @markocezar, ramona aka @DENKdifferent, gturkington1, Uvin, @Sookie83, @rural_minds, and @Midori!!!



@suyani and @PointsnPixels, I LOVE YOURS!!! I can't believe that the beautifully perfect triangles colors and marvelous white forest wasn't chosen.

xavier.. what should i say?? i had 3!!! choosen designs in the last 35.. and none of them won..

but thanks for your kind words, xavier .. i am really.. .. sad.. can't descripe..

first for sure i am happy to be under the 10, thanks a lot for the support and the congratulations! otherwise i understand the sadness of some here totaly! so i had choosen another top10 for sure!!! especially @christin, you had deserved it, with 3 chances!!! So to all sad members best of luck next time, i see potential entries at actual contests ;) !!!!!!!

& congrats to all winners, more or less...

I feel your sadness Christin, Miriam and Xavier :( I guess the real challenge is to get 1000 more facebook friends by next year !

Still congrats to the top 10 winners!

Well, looks that creatives and victorinox user see through different eyes.....:( Anyway, congrats to all fair players that are in top 10, and also to all that are in top 35. :) I was disappointed too, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. :) Lets make our designs even better, someone will recognize that effort. :))))

and its unfair that they have uploaded the wrong slide of my phoenix on facebook... don't know if the real knife would have had better chances to win.. but with that in my mind... well.. gnaaaaar.. i could... grrrrr ... well i try to be a good looser.. next time.. maybe

Wondering which target group will focus new knives. By design it is difficult to guess)))))))

Congrulations to the top 10 winners! Also to other 25, congrulate on making to the final round of Facebook!

Hey Guys, Congratulations to the winners and my condolences to those that missed out. There was a huge amount of talent this year and many great designs equally worthy of production. Out of all the submissions to which I awarded 10/10 in the voting process. Only 2 of them made it through into the top 10. So it just shows how many get entries there were.

Some of my absolute favourites include Spring Rain, CrossnCross, Wings, One in a million, Sweet Hearts, Falling leaves, Women Speak, Swiss Queen, Swizz Alps, Ancient Traces, Zebra, White Forest, 125 ff. The list could go on and on

I can honestly say that the only person I know that voted for my idea; was myself and I left the rest up to the public. So thank you to all that supported me. I hope those that slipped through the gaps are not too disheartened and I look forward to working with you in the future.

I also think there are some great graphics that would look sweet if modified for a skateboard deck. Might be worth an edit and sending them to some brands you never know. :)

Hi everyone, I have great news for you!

If you haven't seen it before: the new special edition collection 2013 designed by YOU is now available online - here: .. and it looks lovely :) Check it out yourself!

Congrats to all the designers once again!

Cool! Thanks for sharing this :)

Hey guys, I have good news again! The Special Prize for the Bestseller of the 2013 Victorinox Limited Edition is out! Aaaaaaand it goes to: maurotakeshikawasaki and his design-hit: "Matrioshka" ! CONGRATULATIONS! :)

WOW!!! Congratulation Mauro!!! :)))