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Design new, fashionable motifs for the synthetic casing of the small Victorinox pocket knife. Your finalized design ideas have to fit on the 58 mm synthetic casing, or shell, of the Victorinox pocket knife and should also fit in perfectly with the previous special editions.

The Swiss cult item by Victorinox

The Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox is one of the world’s most famous Swiss cult items. Most people are familiar with the classic red design with the unmistakable Victorinox logo.

For more than two years now there has also been a smaller version of the Classic series (58mm) available in a Limited Edition. The creative designs and small size immediately won over the hearts of design and Switzerland fans, as well as tourists all over the world – and especially those of fashion-savvy women.   

What can you win?

  • Prize monies to the total of 7,500 EUR for the favorites of the participants.
  • Via Facebook the Victorinox fans vote for the 10 designs that should be produced. The winners each receive 1,500 EUR (incl. licensing fee).
  • 2,000 EUR on top for the bestseller in the new Limited Edition series.
  • Double idea prize (another 1,500 EUR) for designs that Victorinox incorporates into its permanent collection.

Awarded ideas