Your Swiss Army Knife 2014

Design the Classic Limited Edition 2014 of the Swiss Army Knife!


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Victorinox really knows how to present your ideas: :)

Awesome presentation and awesome designs :)

hmmm... where is 2012 collection? ;] This is Great presentation! :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

The real challenge is to study all previous designs of the past two years!

;) I KNOW! But it's not really about not having a similar concept idea that someone had 2 years ago and doing it better, but more about not re-submitting your old designs. And of course completely new & fresh ones are the most welcome as they have not been proposed to Victorinox yet! :) I am super excited to see what you come up with this year! It's always bit like christmas ;) Good luck and lots of fun to all! BRING IT ON!

How many entries are we allowed?

Hey Lee! That information is always displayed when you submit an idea on the top of the page: "In this project, you may still submit (nr) ideas." In this case you can upload up to 10 designs! :)

Ah ok thanks. So, I have more ideas than 10 - I can do a series of designs in one submission?

Hey there! Well, the briefing already says: "Please do not submit a design series, but just ONE idea and make sure that your final design is always at the top so it will be displayed in the overview of ideas." However if you can't help it, you can work on a series and maybe even use the community feedback to then pick your "best one" which should be your front slide that can be seen in the idea overview. Victorinox is not looking for series, they are again looking for 10 single (and different) designs.

Perfect Dora! Thanks for your input :)

Hallo Dora, gibt es eine Vorlage mit den entsprechenden Größenangaben der zu gestaltenden Fläche? Konnte in den Unterlagen nichts finden?! Danke!

Hi there! In the Downlad material you find "packshots" - that should be helpful! The size of the casing is 58 mm (long).

Thanks! Nice project! :-)

:) Yes! Looking forward to your ideas!

Hi Dora, people in Chile and Perú can participate? Thks.

Dear Sebastian! Anyone and everyone can participate! Would love to see your ideas! :)

Such a fun contest! There are going to be a lot of designs to enjoy here.

Would like to see someone do a peanut on one side and chocolate on the other.

Well, chocolate we already had quite a few times in the past 2 projects - one of them has even been already licensed for the permanent collection! Have a look here: So I doubt they would want another version of swiss chocolate again ;)

I would appreciate a link with the side-by-side stock photo of the Classic Edition that can be edited, just as last time. Thanx!

Hi there! Just like last time? We have similar downloads this year. What do you mean exactly? You can also go back to the old downloads if you miss something that you liked last time :)

I am actually going to add the ones from last time here too now! So you can get it all :)

I just added 2 more Downloads!

Can we get a blank hi res. Victorinox image file ...may be in raster or vector?

Click on the "Position Logo" in Download material. It is a PDF with vector drawing in it. Illustrator opens it fine.

Hi there! I just added 2 more Download materials :)

Dear Dora .. I cant find my upload here in this contest.. Why? I have submitted my first upload named "Red Ruler"

Hallo Dora, kann das Messer eigentlich randlos bedruckt werden?

Hi there! :) Good question! As a reference for the edges please take a look at the previous designs (in the Downloads : Packshots LE 2014) or on the website here:

Ok, so it wasn't seamless, but they did use different background colors - is it only black, red, and white, or others as well? Colors would be helpful... :)

i will check this and let you know

I m just doing a full print for the mockups now, since it looks best.... and hope the technicians at Victorinox can make it look great with whatever method they will be using. :)

Sooo I am back with the promised answer. Only flat areas can be printed, the rounded ones not anymore. The standard colors are: red, red transparent, blue, blue transparent, black, moss-green, white.

The instructions say: "Please do not submit a design series, but just ONE idea and make sure that your final design is always at the top so it will be displayed in the overview of ideas." Yet many are uploading multiple designs. Is this okay? I have three designs but they are all under my one entry and I only keep one of them at the top because that is what I thought we were supposed to be doing. Can I submit more than one design too?

Dear Robhoski! You are allowed to submit 10 designs altogether. This information you can see in the upload form. What the briefing asks for is one idea EACH - because Victorinox is not looking for 1 series but (in the end) but 10 DIFFERENT designs. I hope it's more clear now :)

We have seen in this competition as a great designers, illustrators and artists have applied their portfolios designs for Victorinox, we think (personal opinion) that this contest is about taking the logo, the company, or their history and create new characters, designs or stories. There's the challenge of creating new designs that relate to the Victorinox brand and not just use a background for the logo to make it look nice! It's just our personal opinion ....

Yeah, specialy if that background is downloaded from internet.

Well in that case the design is not accepted, see briefing: "Only submit designs for which you own the full copyright and image rights. This includes, for example, pictures of celebrities or third-party brands. The use of stock material is NOT desired either. "

Hello Dora, the target group is NOT mainly women this time? Thnks

well, the briefing doesn't say so this time .. ;)

But again, we are talking 6cm knives that are mainly used as a fashionable key chain... right? I just don't see too many guys carrying those?

oh I know guys with that! ;D

...but I will double check with Victorinox for you!

I got one as a gift a few years ago (with more tools than the one displayed in the template) and I don't carry it around as a key chain. It came in handy in lots of occasions (for opening beer bottles and cut thick plastic for example). And it has a manly look.

I think we are talking about this small specific one, Waserone. These are not that manly indeed. Bough one for my girlfriend and I agree with CrossTheLime, if you pay attention it is a women's kit: Nail file, tweezers...

oxelot, we're talking about the same thing. It can be manly, depends on the illustration or the plastic color. Mine is all black with a red logo. The Nail file is also a screw driver... think about that. It's a fairly universal product. I also have 2 big pocket knifes, classic red. If women were the target it would be stated in the briefing, right?

Just saying, as in previous projects it was mainly for women. Not this one, I guess...

Back to this discussion: We received a feedback from Victorinox (posted here under the briefing) AND as it looks like at the moment, they DO wish at this point (after seeing what has been submitted so far) for some more female designs. They feel there's a lot of cute submissions as well as designs for men - yet not sooo many really feminine ones for the target group women :)


Bummer that such a tiny percentage will actually get community prizes. :)







Wooow! Super lovely style. Welcome :)))

That's such a lovely welcome! So nice, guys! :)

Good morning! Since it will be possible to print only on the flat surface, I would like to know the basic shape background colors to better combine the graphics with the knife! Thx a lot Dora!

Hi there drossi! I am not sure I completely understood what you mean.. Is this the same question as CrossTheLime asked too? here: In that case I will post the answer from the client here asap :)

Yes, same question :) Thx a lot Dora :)

Sooo I am back with the promised answer. Only flat areas can be printed, the rounded ones not anymore. The standard colors are: red, red transparent, blue, blue transparent, black, moss-green, white.

(Again) I highly recomend to get rid of the TOP 20 and TOP 50 filter to avoid bashing and bad voting behavior, specially in a contest with such high participation.

I absolutely agree with oxelot and I was this opinion from beginning on with hidden ranks, but no TOP FILTERS!!!

Agree! :) and I suggest to add an explanation requirement for voting, as it will help to filter non constructional voting! as people here just trying to kick down others ! by lowering rating :( because they are jealous :(((

You're right! The mechanism is specially for new users unfavorable! Because of the point in time you have submitted your ideas (depends on the hour & your fame in the network) nobody has lust to scroll to number for e.g. 300 and vote your idea. So everybody look in the top 50/20. But there you can't find me or you. Nobody knows me-or you! My suggestion: install a changing board, where all ideas can find and changing every second. With this all designers have the same chance! And how we say in the game theory: if there are tops, people will decide for tops and vote automatically for the tops!

Hi there! I see your points, let me tell you how I see this: 1 - about the TOP 20 : we do rating monitoring and so the bashers will be put on false anyway. Actually with a randomized TOP 20 it is even easier to point out the "Top ideas - bashers" if you know what I mean. 2 - we have the ideas sorted chronologically so every idea will be on page 1 for a long time and also you can come back any time and see all the new ideas since you last visited the page. If you are new and you have just submitted an idea it will also be shown on page one, ru_flair, because of the chronological order. You can also sort the ideas by rated / not rated.

  1. On the other hand, I think with these filters create or increment much more the bashing, therefore you need to take care of it. So in simple words, they create the problem that then you have to solve. If you take them off, you wouldnt have the problem...

Hey guys! We discussed the TOP rank issue internally and came to the conclusion that for a project of this size it could make sense to only have a TOP 100 - and get rid of the TOP 50 /20, proportionally. That can be implemented.

Coooooool!!! Great news Dora and thanks a lot to you guys!!!

wow, let's see how it goes.

Good move with TOP 100.

Hi Dora. I have a question? I submitted an idea, its title is "here fish fish fish." Is there a problem because the tip of the hook is on top of the logo of victorinox?

Dear nuno, Thanks for checking this with us! It could well be a problem, as the logo should not be changed at all in any detail. I am sure you can find a solution for this! :)

PPL grats everyone for the awesome uploaded proposal! I have to start to rate all works as soon a s possible... I'm a little scared because of so many entrys :D This will need a lot of time. A lot of stars will fall from here :)))

Darf man das Logo umfärben?

Hey there! Thanks for your question :) If you take a look at the previous editions (links are above in the briefing) you can see that the logo doesn't necessary need to keep the red color - if other colors fit better / are more in harmony with the rest of the design.

Over 500 ideas already? Wooow, you guys are rocking this once again :)

More... More ... More great and wonderful submission is coming! This is going to be very exciting! :-)

Here the briefing seas that a community is a jury, I wanted to know who you consider as a community? will there be an other open voting for victorinox customers? or those rating that we are receiving from "designers" is going to affect our final result. local folks unfairly judging each other unless they know "each other" and that's prejudice!!! and unfair!!! I saw a lot of weak designs on top positions only because judging was based on personal sympathy are you OK with that?

There are usually two parts - the top rating community designs get money. Then Victorinox chooses a whole bunch of designs (mostly irrespective of community rating) and puts that up for voting on their Facebook page.)

I'm concerning about first part as it is very biased :((( would be better to hide authors, this would eliminate biased voting!!!

That's correct, CrossTheLime. Here you could read about the process:

Dear achikuda, this space is for discussing briefing related questions, for general ideas on jovoto you can open up a discussion at our support centre (

Here's also a link to our FAQs on rating that you will probably find useful:

Hi Dora......i just want to know one thing, when someone submits updated version of any submission, are they also seen by you guys or the client? thanks :)

Hi dear eeshu! Yes, we all see updates in our dashboard :)

I noticed the top50 and top20 are gone. Thank you, because that was causing all the other entries to be ignored. Can we maybe get rid of the top100 too?

Jovoto "Ideas" tab should default to random sorting of entries, with the option to sort by New (ascending and descending) for this number of entries. Going through 500+ designs is a chore anyway you organize it though. I wouldn't mind hiding the top entries altogether.

Agree to cutting_edge. It was a very very good decision to show only the top 100 in an open contest with so much entries.

Yes. It has been deployed, we also thought it would made sense :)

The ideas in the TOP 100 rank are shown in a random order, which changes more times a day.

I want to know if the new top 100 ideas will change to a random page?   I think now the advantage is to the ideas that are in the first page

It is not necessarily an advantage, but it does give a minority of entrants better exposure. That is unfortunate because the majority of entries will be forgotten and get almost no views. Everybody contributing their efforts deserves to be seen.

Hey there! The ideas in the TOP 100 rank are shown in a random order, which changes more times a day.

Good morning. Regarding the production, in the briefing it stated that our idea must be technically possible to produce. and expert team from Victorinox will test the feasibility of our designs. So, my question is how we, the designer knows our idea can or not? Do we have to do a mold up or print an actual size of our idea so that we can study it?

Hi! Hmm, okay I will ask the client if they could say something about this :) You sure don't have to do a mold though ;)

Thanks you! I hope the best for all of us!

Sooo, well the best way to "test" your knife is to print a 1:1 size "prototype" and see how it looks like. Is everything still recognizable? Not too many small details? etc.

Thanks. Unobtrusive, understandable, down to the last detail & as little design as possible. Got it!

Dear all! As you probably already noticed we have changed the visibility of the TOP ranks in this big project and only have a TOP 100 now. No more TOP 20 / 50.

Your feedback was the trigger for this decision - and we believe for a project of this size it makes more sense, as proportionally the TOP 100 is still the top 10% eventually by let's say 1000 ideas in the end.

The ideas in this TOP 100 are shown in a random order, which changes more times a day.

Hi Dora,

Are we allowed to incorporate images in the designs that reflect and showcase our country and our culture?

Hi there! :) Thanks for your question. You are "allowed" to submit any design that you own the copy rights of and that matches the briefing. (There are a few restrictions: nothing sexist, nothing violent, ... etc.) Just read the briefing carefully! ;) Looking forward to see your ideas!

"The ideas in this TOP 100 are shown in a random order, which changes more times a day."

I don't see this...sorry.

The order should not be based after the uploading date but are displayed randomly. Anyone who has clicked through 12 pages by to check on updates? Much time... :D

... sorry 16 pages!!! ;)

The random sorting(in the Top 100) doesn't work!

Someone broke the randomizer! :D

I'm gonna check this, no worries :)

hmmm it should work - you should be getting a new random order about every 2 hours..

No sorry...The random order definitely not works.

Checked with chrome, ie and a mobile browser....all have the same problem.

it should be a new order every 2 hours. That doesnt work? You don't get a new order every 2 hours in the TOP 100?

The random order definitely not works....I checked this every 2 hours.

Getting the same order as before also.

The random order does not works

It's unbelievable...random sorting finally works!

Yes, randomizer is un-broken! :)

Thanks for your patience guys! Hurray it works properly :)

Hi there,

I was wondering as i have seen many proposals using the space outside of the art board as continuation of the artwork, if this really help us to decide just about the artwork without being influenced. Is it part of the presentation? Maybe it doesn't help so much...don't know just wondering..I would prefer it as something that everybody should use it or not. And of course its all about rating..Some rules should be good to exist. What do you think? Maybe I am wrong...maybe i am not :)

you are right to think background art distracts and misleads. ethical contestants would not use such tactics, and a good design shouldn't need background effects.

Let's see how the Project Guide guide us on this one. Should we allowed to use that space for more presentation? Because sometime, it give us a more details and explanation about our idea. It does attract people to come and look at our idea, but rating and ranking... I don't know.

Anyway, I quite agree with stopforit, a good design no needs too much background or presentation. Simple. Less is more. Sometimes, the background which is not suitable does spoil the presentation and mislead us.

I also agree with you that sometimes less is more and very well said that a good design doesn't need much background. Everyone has their own style and own taste. You can do it and you can also leave it. There's no policy for that here. Thanks!

Amy suggestion on what tool/software I can use to over impose my image on the Victorinox?

I participated to a Umbro contest "Design the Sole of Umbro Speciali" and there you would upload the image and use the online tool provided to fit it to the sole.

Photoshop, Corel Photo Paint,, GIMP... Pick one. :)

Thanks amsquared for answering!

I would suggest illustrator. If you use Photoshop, then it's a good idea to work to 300dpi (cmyk). Good luck!

Maybe you should consider mentioning the printing technique. I assume it's pad printing. Designers should keep in mind that a 54-line screen is going to be used. That fact should influence design choices.

They should be using an automated flexible silicone tool to transfer the ink from a flat silkscreen ink pad to the curved knifehandle surface. This would allow them to print edge to edge without distortion or spillover. Anything less is way behind the times.

What you're describing is pad printing (aka tamponprint) and it is in fact used: An 80-lines/cm screen would be possible, but looking at the 2012 edition, it's most likely going to be a 48 to 54 line screen.

I will check this with the client for you if you wish to know / and if you say this is relevant information for your design :) Will be back with an answer.

Tampon Print 54 line screen /CMYK 1/10 mm thick Lines/Letters

I hope this is helpful information for you :)

"The following elements may not feature in your design: Weapons" Funny, since it is a potential weapon already. Or why can't you take it on an airplane?

Hey ringli! Actually these knives are allowed on airplanes! Just as I mentioned it here: - it's one of the best things about them if you ask me! Next to the lovely designs and the practicability of course ;)

Depends on the country. At American airports most common items are not allowed. Even bottled water is considered a deadly weapon. I tried to carry in a new unboxed rice cooker, and was detained in a locked room for several hours as a terrorist suspect.

:) poor "deadly weapon" rice cooker! Well, in Europe it's definitely no problem under a 6 cm blade. I flew a lot with my pocket knife :) But this is not really related to the briefing/ task imo ;)

Howdy jovotans and Victorinox fans!

It’s incredible: 790 ideas with more than 1,500 idea variations, 11,700 comments and 33,292 votings. 1,084 people from 71 different countries participated in this project so far - and there's still 12 days to go!

Wooohooo! (Taking a deep breath. Ok.)

Victorinox is more than happy with your work. YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! Here are some tips for the last 12 days of the submission period:

  • First of all, since it’s an international product, it should be internationally understandable. Make sure that your design can be understood by everyone and works without any text!

  • Be aware of the small size of the knife: It’s only 58 mm. You could print out a 1:1 prototype of your design to get a good feeling for the size. Then you will also see, that the design should not be too detailed.

  • Cute animals, monsters and robots are perfect for the target group kids. There are also designs for a more adult male target group. Would be great if you could now also think of more feminine designs as well! What kind of knives would your sister, mother in law, your business parter like? Design one for her!

  • Keep it simple and not too abstract. Your design should be easily accessible to anyone! So consider also the commercial side: Only a well selling knife is a successfull knife!

  • Furthermore keep in mind, that ideas with any violant or sexual connotation won’t have any chance to be realized. Don’t put to much effort in them.

So go on, use the last days to get your designs on the platform - which will possibly be produced and available all around the world in 2014 !!

What do you mean by "not too abstract"? The more abstract the artwork is, the more chance it will resonate with a wider demographic by tapping the viewer's own imagination. Making the artwork too figurative is what narrows the target customer base.

I am new to illustrator. Not able to get the semi circular shape at the bottom while superimposing the images. I have actually clicked a photo and edited it which i want to be used in the design. If possible, can someone tell me the steps to just combine the photo with the packshot while cropping it in the semi-circular form at the top and bottom and also adding the logo?

We have quite some Illustrator experts here :) Can anyone help with this question guys?

I do it like this: put the packshot into Illustrator only as a submission on a Illustrator level. On the other levels you make your design. You can always see the format of the knife. When you are ready, you open the psd file from the packshot in Photoshop. Mark your Illustration and via copy and paste you put it into Photoshop. Make a smart objekt from it so you can always change things in Illustrator without making it new every time. Than you make a path around the knife and make a mask around the smart objekt. Hope that helps you :)

Thank you ! I shall try this. :-)

cool, thanks Ramona! :))

Yes, Clipping mask! First, outlined the shape of the knife from the packshot. That, put in your artwork (psd, Jpeg, tiff, png or other vector you created in ai). Make sure that your artwork is behind that shape. Select both your artwork and the shape, right-click & select "Make Clipping Mask". Finally, put in the logo and positioned it accordingly. Finish!

Thank you as well Leonard!!

Mucha suerte a todos. Good luck to all

Hello everyone! Such a great contest, so many entries and still 3 days to go! I've started my voting cause I want to rate every idea, hope to have the time.. Wish you all good luck and may the best win! :)

Only 10 minutes to go! So exciting! Make sure you upload, upload, upload NOW!

Haha yes they're all coming in now :) Keep em coming folks!

Ooops my comment was too late lol ;)

:) Yes, this was it!! - wahooo! Thanks guys!! And now it's all about rate, rate, rate! :)

The scores are really high in this contest! Don't forget to rate the ideas that were uploaded in the first days of the contest and are forgotten in the last pages... There is an idea there for a month with only 280 views that was picked to appear on Victorinox's Facebook today. 280 views in one month... I saw ideas with more than 500 views in just one day.

VOTING DONE! :D Good luck everyone! ;)

very good first experience in Jovoto!!! fun competition great artists and designers Good luck to everyone

glad to hear that, Leon! :) Great to have you on the platform!

thanks victorinox, thanks Dora, thanks to all.

It was excellent! Thanks!

This was it guys! The rating only period just came to an end and with that also the project. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who participated! It was a pleasure to follow such an exciting process.

The result is once again overwhelming: just have to take a look at the 1241 designs and go WOOOOOW! With so many ideas come so many votes (78.000 + !!) which means that for the final COMMUNITY result we have to ask for your patience - it's very likely to be announced in January 2014!

About the next steps from Victorinox we will update you here. And to all (because this seems to be an FAQ) : the community ranking does NOT determine which ideas are taken to the facebook voting later. That is absolutely the clients decision!

I am very excited about the final results and I guess so are you! :) Let's see!

This was kinda fun. Thank you, and good luck to everyone. :)

Thank you! Loved this first experience!!! :)) Good luck everyone!

Cheers Dora. Was great to take part. Good luck to all involved!

wuuhuu nice competition with so much individual styles and inspirations... I´m be curious about the ranking. Well done everybody!

Thank you very much for real Dora, a real good contest with real good work for all around the world.

The atmosphere really nice this time. And a lot of good work too! Now, ... the exciting moment to wait ... the result. Good luck everyone!


It was a great pleasure to participate here with you all. Amazing designs and atmosphere. Thank you and good luck!

when will be the final results? ))


thx Xavier! :) yes, as mentioned above the project will be very likely closed in January 2014 - then the final community ranking will be visible.

Thumbsup everyone, really amazing stuff!

Happy New Year! When the results will be available?

When the results ? :)

soon! really soon! thanks for your patience!

Hallo wann gibt es die Ergebnisse?

Hello everyone! Happy new year to you all!! As a fresh start into 2014 I have news for you :)

By the beginning of next week Victorinox will choose their TOP 40 that will go into the facebook voting. These ideas have to be first double checked that there are absolutely no copyright issues - then they can go into the "next round"! I am really excited for you guys!!

On other news, I am working hard on closing the project by the end of this week / beginning of next week! THEN the final results will be online, that you are all waiting for!

So we have exciting days coming up on the Victorinox front!! :D

Top 40! Wow, a lot! Very curious of which 40 design they choose. Very exciting!


top 40 this time? wow!! thats great!

Congrats to the winners!! Happy New Year everybody!

Thank you all!

The project is now closed, the community winners are online! WOOHOO! You can read the winners announcement blogpost here:

And let's see who won the hearts of Victorinox and gets into the facebook voting... More about this soon! :)

when the decision of the client knows?

you'll be the first ones to know ;)

damn!!! that was tight :/ Congrats to all winners!

Congrats to you too! Yeah, someone had be be16th... Very well done though, that's an outstanding achievement you can be proud of!

Congrats to all winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats! to all the winners.. :))

Congratulations to all the winners! It was a great competition with a lot of awesome ideas!

Congrats to all the winners : )



Yep, big congrats to all that participated. The standard was extremely high and some mighty designs coming from so many different designers. All the best for the next phase :D

Grats to all winners and participants ;)

Thank you soooooooooo much for many stars and comments!! I love you jovotans!!! :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Congratulations to all Winners!!! Good luck with the client choice! :]]]]]]]]]]]]]

What is about the chosen 40 of Victorinox?

hi NorthernSoul, I will let you know as soon as possible, believe me! Hopefully that can be sometime next week but I wouldn't wan't to promise anything too early ;)

Im curious to know if deleting the top 20 and top 50 filters, was a good idea. Did you have to make more efford when monitoring? Or was it better?

Good question, Jorge ;)I think, the monitoring was more effort, because the bashers had "to take care" for more than 100 ideas and results after monitoring were so different...positive ;o)

Hi there oxelot! We decided to get rid of the TOP 20 & 50 here because it's such a huge project. On top of that a lot of you from the community asked for it as well as they felt directly attacked by bashers - and we're happy to listen to your feedback and improve where possible. I put just as much effort into rating monitoring as before, yet it must have been harder to bash top ideas as there were now so many, without an order, just as you said as well.

Hi Dora,

Just wondering when will client pick the designs?

thank you! lin

I have a lot question signs over my head...sorry. ;D



Yes dear all - and here's the official announcement from me :)

The facebook voting that will determine the 10 licensed and produced ideas just started! Vote for your favorite until the 19. February here:\_258907774285685

Let's see how the new Limited Edition will look like! Good luck to all!

Dora, I can't find Mine??? Wehre is it??

I got back to you in a private message.

I feel a little bit stoled, my design was the 25 ranking (8.1, 276 rankings, 3743 views) some weeks ago, now say 37 and i don't see in the final options of the Facebook ranking (just 34 designs) im a little disappointed for real.

Hi there matacho, Indeed there are 34 designs in the voting. The client has chosen their top 40 but in the process they realized that some of them had copyright issues and with some other ones of their favorites they realized that it would not be possible to reach a good (great) printing quality. That's the reason why there's 34 in the end.

Hi matacho, it doesn't matter what ranking you would have. Victorinox chose their favorites, independent of the Jovoto ranking.

hmmm, I just went to the Facebook page and I didn't feel strongly enough about any of the designs to take the second required to click "Vote". Even the skateboard design didn't reach me (and as a skateboarder of over 25 years you'd think that was one I'd like) At least the "Little Tool Box" one was an idea relevant to the product. That's the one I would have voted for if the illustration style had been in some way unique. Unfortunately I felt like most all of the designs could have been made by the same person. How disappointing. I'm a big fan of my little swiss army knife, so had hoped for more originality and flavour. I guess these designs reflect the famous Swiss neutrality. Good luck to all those in the final round, and for those of you that don't win, remember the words of the painter Robert Williams - "It's been proven that the general public will find the greatest satisfaction from that which is the least thought-provoking".

Congratulation and good luck to the chosen one!

Hey there! Was the "Splash" design part of the Jovoto-Contest?

Na klar! ;) They are ALL without exception from this project..

Loved the Splash as well. All my mates voted for it.. had my pennies saved for it.. too bad ;-(

Congratulations to the facebook winners!!! but I have to say I'm really disappointed ....again! A popularity contest, may the one with the most friends win!

Congratulations to WINNERS!!! and congrats to all facebook friends! :]]]]]]]]]]]

I think that was the whole idea about facebook voting, it was a popularity contest..that was what the client wanted as a result...

Popularity in the sense the one with the most friends on facebook and the one that makes the most advertising on their page, I prefered when victorinox chose their designs...I don't think i'll be participating next year!

Dear All,

Today is the day : Victorinox just announced the winners of their facebook voting - which means the NEW COLLECTION IS BORN!

Check it out here:

Congrats to all who made it! The knives will be available already this summer!

Big congrats to all the winners!

Congrats to all the selected designs :)

Congratulation to the chosen 10!

Hi, wann wird eigentlich der Gewinner des Sonderpreises für die beste Idee bekannt gegeben ?

Hi there tocota! To determine the "Bestseller" the knives need to go into production first and be sold ;)) So it won't be tomorrow. But you will be the first ones to know, don't you worry!

"Doppelter Ideenpreis für einen Design-Entwurf, der es in die ständige Kollektion von Victorinox schafft."

So far we don't have info about a design that would have made it into the permanent collection.

Great News! Today we are happy to announce a special prize winner! The Bestseller Design of the 2014 collection is determined now and goes to .... ****DRUMROLL*** Sichtwerk with APPENZELLER ! HUGE congrats from our side :)