Taking inspiration from and paying tribute to mankind's oldest tool, the biface (Faustkeil)


Flintstone (Victorinox Classic Limited Edition)

The design for the Classic Limited Edition 2014 of the Swiss Army Knife takes inspiration from and pays tribute to the oldest known tool of man: the biface (‚Faustkeil‘). Manufactured from flintstone this prehistoric stone tool is an icon of mankind known by any child and adult around the globe. It is a tool which allowed man to evolve into what and who we are today. Applying this iconic pattern on one of the best known contemporary tools, the Swiss Army Knife, is a unique concept and will certainly lead to the creation of a sought-after limited edition design article which every collector will yearn for to have.
The proposed concept features 2 design directions / possibilities. One is the two dimensional graphic application of this iconic pattern on both sides of the knife. The second, slightly more complex concept features the idea of creating a smooth, three-dimensional* relief. This will allow users to feel the structure and pattern of the biface in their own hand, awaking emotions, instincts and memories of ancient times and long lost worlds creating a truely precious, contemporary, instant design icon. 

*(The design has been conceived digitally with advanced 3D modeling software. The geometry could be used to create moulds to cast the shells should Victorinox decided to pursue this concept.)

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