You are one of the stars!
Try to find a gift to congratulate & encourage people? I have something just right for the occasion.


I still remember when i achieve a good result in art examination, my parents give me a Swiss Army Knife to congratulates me. That day in my memory, I still can feel how exciting I was when tearing out the wrapping paper. At the moment when the famous classical red case of Swiss Army Knife was reveal, my heart beat seem to be stop beating.  Speechless! Tears of joy dropping from my eye! This unforgettable moment still strong inside my mind and heart! 

Inspired by that memory, I designed a Swiss Army Knife Limited Edition:"You are one of the stars! ",  as gift dedicated to encourage & congratulate your loves one to move forward.

The red case with stripes of light from the logo & surrounded by stars. It shows the celebration of winning and congratulation as well as blessing the winner in a simple & bold design! 

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