About the project

Your design for Victorinox!

Your task is to design appealing visuals for the Classic Limited Edition 2014 by Victorinox. You should come up with a design idea for the small (58 mm long) synthetic casing, or shell, of the Classic pocket knife. Your design should perfectly follow on from the success of the previous special editions.

The 2012 and 2013 Limited Editions were also designed together with the jovoto community. Now the Swiss pocket knife manufacturer wishes to work with jovoto and the Victorinox fans again and is asking you to come up with designs for the 2014 Limited Edition. 

Cult item made in Switzerland! 

The Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox is one of the most famous cult Swiss items worldwide and most people are familiar with the classic red design with the unmistakable Victorinox logo. 

For three years the small 58mm version of the Classic series has been available in a limited edition. Creative designs and its small size immediately won over the hearts of design and Switzerland lovers and tourists all over the world. 

What you can win

  • Prize money of 7,500 EUR in total for the participants’ favorites.
  • On Facebook the Victorinox fans choose the 10 designs that should be produced. The winners each receive 1,500 EUR (incl. licensing fee).
  • 2,000 EUR on top for the bestseller amongst the new Limited Editions!
  • Double idea prize (in total 3,000 EUR) for designs that Victorinox chooses to offer in the permanent collection.

Awarded ideas

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