Your Swiss Army Knife 2015

Design the new Classic Limited Edition for 2015!


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Fantastic news on the licensing, guys - thanks a bunch!

Welcome back Victorinox ! Welcome back Dora ! :)

Welcome to Victorinox 2015 Gianfranco :)

Oh no....not with Facebook again :(

"After the submission period of six weeks Victorinox will pick a pre-selection and YOU can be part of the decision which 10 designs will be produced at the end by voting for your favourites on the “Victorinox Swiss Army” facebook fanpage!"

Ah.... the glorious FB voting. Sucks, but that is also part of marketing the whole collection, so I completely understand why they go that way.


Hi there all and welcome to this years ride, finding the new Victorinox Special Edition!

Fasten your seat belts: based on previous experiences it's going to be adventurous, fast and exciting - and probably full of surprises!

I am thrilled to be your guide once again - and very happy to already see so many nice designs from the first few hours of the submission period! Woooow! We still have 41 days to go.

If you have ANY questions please feel free to hit me up with a message or leave a comment under the briefing.

And now - I can only agree with Leonard's words above - LET'S DO THIS!

About the basic scale colors, does it mean that we could only use those colors as background? Any references? Like how many percent that we must keep the basic scale colors? It will be an issue as my design is really colorful, mixing a lot of colors.

Hi there Leonard! No it doesn't mean that you can only use these colors in the background. But since only flat parts can be printed and the round ones not anymore anymore, the edges of the knife will have to stay one of the basic colors. This is something to consider when you are working on your design :) I hope this helps! Cheers

I didnt understand how to send my design heeeeelllpppp

The link to upload/ submit is at the top right of the project page.

Thanks Gila for your help! @valentinafischman: if you are still experiencing problems, just drop me a message and i will guide you trough :)

How can i delete my image? It has a really bad quality after the upload.

If it is the main image, you cannot delete. But. Go to "Edit Idea" (top navigation on the right when viewing the idea), upload a new image and move it to the top spot by simply dragging it. As soon as you have a new image on the top spot, you have the "delete" option at the other image(s) - just click that and save.

Okay. Thanks a lot.

HI there, and thanks again Gila! Also you have 24 hours to delete images, after that period the Project Guide can help you doing that!

Question: I can change the color of the logo? I saw several ideas with another color. I dont know if its right.

Indeed, that's right - thanks ru_flair! If you have a look at previous collections, the logo is not always the same color either.

i would like to ask for an information, which i didnt found in the brief. how many submission iam allowed to give in?

Hey Marc! If you hit the "Submit idea" button you will find this sentence at the bottom: "In this project you can submit max. 10 ideas. This means for you that you can submit 10 more ideas." --> so you're allowed to submitted max. 10 ideas..

thank you, eva! 10, that seems to be enough. ;-)

Thanks Eva for the answer, That's right! Let's see what you've got for us Marc :)

Could we agree to mock-up without the rounded edges printed? It is just such an unfair advantage to show a design that actually cannot be produced that way...

Could we agree also that we do not submit unfounded insinuations..So we all play fair play..right?

Ah, the red wine! Meant to apologize yesterday... :) I am so used to clipart in this contest... and you are apparently good at making it look like a photo!

P.S. As for mocking up - just checked, last year, 13 of the 15 community winners were actually mocked up in a way that cannot be produced. It just looks better... so f%$% it. I am off to make my entries look great, too. :(

Dear Cross the Lime! Yes, that's right: it has always been this way and the client seems to be happy with it.

Hello Dora! I have a question. Why does not work the Top100 feature? Here, in this project and in general. Thx

maybe there aren't submitted 100 designs up to moment?! so all ideas are automatically in the top 100…my declaration:)

Hmm thank you both! We will look into this and see what's up!

Is there any mock-up we should download? Or we have to do it ourselves? Thanks!

The only thing provided is the packshot upright/ both sides & lying down one side. I think we all just made our own mock-ups and templates...

Yes, there are some Download Materials for you to work with in briefing: such as the pack shots and the "Position of the logo" pdf.

I'm also not really clear where to insert my design. If I insert it in the packshot photo, I got to "fake" the position of the logo, because it is not centered there. What sense does the position.pdf make? Most of the design protrudes those limits

I always fake the logo by placing the vector on top of the packshot, emulating the size & position. Victorinox will have their own graphic designers making the designs fit once they go into production.

Thanks Gila for your helpful answers! Indeed the pack shots show the knife in a perspective, therefore the logo is not 100% in the middle. That's why we have added the "Position" Download. I hope it helps. And yes, for the production it will be fitted 100% perfectly :)

como puedo diseñar mi proyecto ? que lo hago a mano o con algun programa ?

Dear pedroalvarez!

Most designers work with illustrations and professional software – but feel free to create your design the way that works best for you, as long as you can submit a great design.

Yours Jesko

Is there a color limit or a requirement for vector/ raster?

Hey there Lidija, thanks for asking!

I believe all requirements are in the briefing that you should be aware of. Colorwise it might be useful to keep in mind the basic colors : "your design will then be printed on the scales which have mostly the basic colour red, white, black, blue, yellow, green and are non-transparent." This is going to be visible on the edges as they are round and therefore not printable.

Some other extra info about the print I remembered (and looked up) from last year - I guess it's the same again - maybe this is useful to you?

"Tampon Print 54 line screen /CMYK 1/10 mm thick Lines/Letters"

Cheers, Dora

Thanks, Dora!!! So I take it from that that there is no color limitation except for making sure that there are no details so fine that they get lost in the print. Got it!

:) Very much looking forward to see your design too!

Could we added one extra color ?!? GID color [ Glow In the Dark ] because i often losing my knife in the grass at night and i have to back to looking at it in the next morning. *i forget to bring flashlight with me. Thank You

Hi there, Thanks for checking! There were ideas in each years project that were based on glow in the dark. As far as I remember they don't desire to produce GID knives - at least fact is that they never did so far. I will double check this for you to be sure though ;)

Ok thank you Dora for feedback...that just a thought... about using GID Ink Color 0=)

I was wondering if you know what tools will be on the final manufactured design? The reason I ask is that one of my ideas will be diffirent depending on the specific tools the knife has and I noticed some diversity in the previous years winners (on the Victorinox website) thank you

Hi there! The tools of the Limited Edition knives are always the same: just have a look at the second image in the "Packshots" download :) Thanks

Ok that's great, thanks for clarifying!

I noticed now the limit of 10 ideas ... wonder if it's possible to delete one, two, or more, to load new that I think best?

Sure, Bariom! That's no problem - just always contact the project guide with links to which ideas you wish to get deleted :) Thanks

Hi Dora, Is there a problem i can upload new version?

Hi there :) Sure you can upload up to 10 ideas and also always update them with new versions too until the end of the submission period in 19 days. Or are you experiencing some technical problems? If so, it would be great if you could send me a private message describing what's the error. Thanks!

Guys, can anyone quickly guide me. I am a graphic designer and drawing with an oldschool pencil is my best skill. Can anyone please share a video-guide or a brief explanation how I can lay my designs over the knives in Photoshop. Mostly I need help with selecting the correct area to apply the design on and then also adjusting it so it does not look flat but has the light reflections and the shadowns on the edges (as on the original white design blanc). Thanks in advance for helping a Photoshop greenie :)

I doubt there is a video covering all your questions. Making tutorials is not an casual job and I belive everyone here have smarter way to spend time. If it helps, here is short list of techniques you need to learn in order to make usable mockup: - creating and using MASKS (with this technique you'll make selection of entire knife scale, on which design will be applied) - BLENDING MODE (with diferent blending modes you can apply your design to knife scale, and change how it coresponds with background, so you'll have some of the realistic effects visible). tip: use "multiply" blending mode - lastly, you can enchance preview by adding more layers with gradients, which will give it shadow and light on spots where they should be Its simple, though it will take time to gain skill and ease of use ;)

hope this helps, cheers!

Hi there! Thanks a lot Branko! I hope this was helpful to you saithen, looking forward to see your design/s!

Thank you so much, the list has been most helpful and I have find many tutorials covering these specific techniques! :) Will try to learn everything in a few days :)

Try to find a collaborator and submit as a team?

ey Saithen, I can help you if you still need help. just send me a message, cheers!

I can also help if you're still stuck. Send me a message and I'll send you a templated PSD where you can drop your designs into ;)

:) Thanks Matias & Lee - that's great of you! :)

how can I delete one of the preview images on idea I posted? there is "delete" button but not vorking..

@Branko, Dora answers my similar question: Dora ( guide ) 8 days ago Sure, Bariom! That's no problem - just always contact the project guide with links to which ideas you wish to get deleted :) Thanks

Branko is talking about one image, not the whole idea. :) And... it doesn't work. You can only delete within 24 hours. After that, you can move it downwards - I often insert a slide "old stuff" to clearly separate, though that doesn't work as well anymore with the new site layout.

yep, Cross the Lime got it right :) I have droped few more previews pushing unwanted one down ;)

Hi guys! You are all right: if you need something deleted just get in touch with me (or the project guide of the project you are participating in) . Indeed there's a 24 hour period for each slide - after that the guide can help you!

Hey guys, i have one question about the voting system. Is it okay to share the project on social media sites (Facebook, twitter) to promote it and get votes from my friends, co-workers, relatives, or the main purpose is to be voted directly from the jovoto community? (I'd prefer the second one). Thanks, good luck to everyone and have an awesome day.

Hi there Goce & welcome to jovoto it's great to see your first ideas!

Thanks a lot for checking with us - this is an important question. It is okay to share your ideas and the project on Facebook etc. - but with the hint that the people who get involved (and also become part of the community) also vote on the ideas fair and objective. You can read more about ratings under "Support".

There will be LOTS of votes in this particular project - and a lucky person has the job to also monitor these ratings with the help of an algorithm we have developed. (me!) ;)

"If we, or our handy jovoto algorithm notices that your ratings seem unfair, for either supporting or bashing an idea or community member, your votes will not be taken into consideration."

Again, you will find this under "Support" -nr.4 (on the bottom of the page)

I hope this was helpful! If you have any more questions let me know!

Hi Dora, thank you for the fast reply. I understand it, and i just wanted to be sure that the voting, i really don't want to get unfair votes from friends/family/spam engines :)

I'll make sure to read the Support page. Have a great day.

Yeah that's great - thanks for that! :) Have a nice day as well!

I would like to officially thank people that bash my idea here, THANK YOU

Dear everyone!

I wanted to say thank you to all who have participated so far for this exciting ride! I hope you are all enjoying it as much as I do :)

There's still (almost) 2 weeks left to submit your most unique designs. Let's all not forget about rating either - this is of course important to determine the community winners. Therefore everyone has to make sure they rate objective and fair.

You might have noticed a little "ride" today - that's because I have been checking with our monitoring system, which I will continue to do throughout the whole project and especially at the end of the submission period as well as the rating only phase.

Let's keep this fun, fair and exciting! Really looking forward to 13 more days - you guys rock :)



sorry , in what format we should send the project?

I use .JPG or .PNG for upload. Did you mean this?

Hi there & Thanks.

Yes, Image formats are the following: "PNG, PDF, JPG and GIF. PNG guarantees best quality. (Maximum size: 20MB) Image sizes: Images should be uploaded at a minimum of 1000x1000px."

This info is also displayed in the Upload form (Submit idea) under "Attachments" > "Learn more"

Dear Jovoto, after the "relaunch" of your voting system,some solutions aren't so happy. 1: Where the designers can see that someone has changed or updated his past ideas? E.g. I updated some of my ideas, but nobody can recognize it because they are far away from Top 100. From now I could think that my designs are to bad, but an other truth is that the system don't give the past ideas a chance. 2: If I leave a comment under an idea nobody pay attention because only the owner of the idea will get a hint. 3: In the past you could bring up your ideas in front of memory if you commented them or changed the design or made an upload of a new version. This year I miss this all. Is there a possibility for a fair voting? Or do you think that this is the fairest voting-system?

Deutsch: Liebes Jovoto-Team, nach Eurem "Relaunch" des Voting-Systems scheinen einige Lösungen (für mich) nicht so glücklich zu sein. 1. Wo kann man sehen welcher Designer seine Idee verändert hat oder eine neue Version seines Designs hochgeladen hat? Ich meine damit alle Designer ( nicht nur die aus dem eigenen Netzwerk!) Zum Beispiel habe ich einige zurückliegende Idee aktualisiert und verändert, doch es kann niemand davon Notiz nehmen, da sie sehr weit ausserhalb der TOP 100 sind. Jetzt könnte ich denken, dass meine Entwürfe zu schlecht sind. Eine andere Wahrheit aber ist, dass das "neue" Voting-System hier keine faire Behandlung und Chancen für diese Ideen mehr einräumt! 2. Wenn ich eine Idee kommentiere registriert das keiner, da nur der Ideeninhaber einen Hinweis darauf erhält (es sei denn vll. ich folge der Idee? Nimmt man eher weniger in Anspruch!) 3. In der Vergangenheit (letztes Jahr wars zumindest so) konnte man seine Idee nach Vorne bringen und in den Fokus rücken, wenn sie kommentiert, verändert od. neue Versionen hochgeladen wurden. Damit hatten auch Ideen die ganz zum Anfang des Wettbewerbs eingereicht und/od. weit ausserhalb der Top 100 gelandet waren noch eine Chance auf mehr Aufmerksamkeit. In diesem Jahr vermisse ich das alles! Gibt es eine Möglichkeit der faireren Beurteilung? Oder denkt ihr, dass das das fairste Beurteilungssystem/Rating-/Voting-system ist?

Hi Ru flair, we are working on a dashboard upgrade that will add these features and cause more interaction . For now you mostly want to use the notifications, here you can see if someone replies to your comment.

Thanks for the short but important answer!:))

Ru flair, i agree with you. Especially for the part about the update of ideas and where the past idea don't have a chance since they get buried under the stack.

let's hope that the Jury will have the patience to watch all of the work here not only top 100 ;)

Most of the participants post a few ideas. I have a few good ideas, how many I can post one or more?

Thats correct - Thanks Bariom! This information is also displayed in the Upload form "Submit idea" under "IDEA LIMIT" :)

Soooo 6 days and 4 hours is all that's left until the submission period is over! It went really fast, right? Make sure you don't miss the deadline next week and uploaded all your ideas and updates by then: maybe you still have a nice illustration with a cool story that you would like to place on the casing of a Classic 58mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife? :) We are very curious to see it! Go go go

Hallo guys! just one question, can I change the original position of the logo on the front side? Cause I have seen examples of the limited edition of the last years where the logo was a little higher or lower on the knife ? or is the position fixed?

The position is fix! The only thing you can change is the color of the logo. Good luck!

Thank you for the answer, I will update my designs!

Yes, that's correct - thanks for the answer. This is also stated in the briefing: "The position, size and shape of the Victorinox logo on the knife may not be changed"

Hi Dora, I would like to suggest the possibility to change the material of the cover of your knives. There are some materials that could make Swiss Army knives look really nice. Maybe for next year you allow it :)

Hi there :) Thanks for your suggestions to Victorinox.

1 day left for submissions !!! Make sure you upload and update everything you wanted within the next 28 hours. Don't miss the deadline!

Go go go - I am very curious about those last designs :)

There is a lot of amazing works over here !!! Good luck to all competitors!!! :)))

Hello I would like to know how are the Comunity prizes chosen? it is about the grade you get on jovoto user rating ? And i have read somewhere that clients choices are the designs that gather the most likes on facebook?
Is any of this right? Or am I missing the ideea.

Hi there & welcome to jovoto :)

Indeed the Community Prizes go to the designs with the highest votes (ratings) from the community. The Clients Choice is independent from that. Clients choose whatever ideas they like from the pool of submissions. In this case, Victorinox will take their hand picked selection to a facebook voting. The winners (top 10) of this will determine which designs make it into the new Limited Edition.

This info is also stated in the briefing (last bit of the first part "Background")

I hope this was helpful! Cheers

Yes that helped a loot thank you !!

Dear All, woooow so many ideas coming in on the last day! We are a bit overwhelmed - and so is the platform ;) As you might have already noticed, we've been experiencing some technical difficulties due to the huge demand. Which is awesome (!!!) - but it also slows down the process. Thanks for your patience!

To make sure everyone can upload their ideas, we have just extended the deadline! You have now 2 hours longer: the project will end 19:00 UTC+0100 (instead of 17:00).


ALRIGHT! We never had so many creatives at the same time wanting to upload a submission :) This in itself is already a record! We're experiencing a real idea storm ;) Thanks guys!

To celebrate this - and to make really sure that everyone gets his / her turn without an error - we've once again (and finally) extended the deadline until Oct 30, 2014 at 13:00 UTC+0100 This you can now also see in the timeline.

Keep them coming!

Perfect! :)) Must ask for help about deleting artworks... my first two ideas are with mistake (logo position and size)I corrected that but it took my place for a new idea.. On which e-mail I should send a request? Thanks a million Milka

You can delete slides and ideas . You have only 24 hours to do it. Than you can contact the projekt guide via PM!

These are the first two ideas from 2 days ago. Thank you very much Sundesign :)!Good luck

in cases like this just contact the project guide (who would me in this case) via pm :) Thanks!

Wow, an extend of deadline! So many great ideas pour in at the last minutes! Good luck everyone!

Thank you Dora for extending the deadline :) i would have managed to upload my idea on time, but this was really insane yesterday! I'm curious how many designs will still come ;))) it's nice to be a part of this competition now and we all are looking forward for the rating period thats eventually starts soon - at noon! Nice day to you! Greetings from Hamburg

Thank you! Greetings back :)

Thanks guys! This was incredible! AND NOW: I am very happy to announce that we just broke the record MOST SUBMISSIONS in a jovoto project EVER :)) 1423 designs all made by you - this is so incredibly cool! WOOHOO!

It's not over yet though! Let's make sure that the community prizes go to the ones YOU think deserve it. There are SO MANY absolutely great charming and lovable ideas!

The rating only period is now ON for 6 days. Please stay fair in your ratings and use the full range of stars. We also do rating monitoring to make sure everything stays fair.

So let's go! ****

Great! Good luck to everybody!

I think there was also a site traffic record on jovoto these days! :)) It's amazing that the Victorinox project got so many talented people involved. Let's hope we have the patience to go through all of the submitted ideas.

1423 designs !! Nooo really too much! :-D It's also my fault ... I used all ten possibilities... ah ah ah

Okay, is it me or are the bashers back? Just dropped 25 places in a day...

I was at 83rd place with one idea, the next day it dropped at 1080...

The same happened to some of my ideas…I think it's of the algorithm.. The points and ranks changed because the more designs come in and get voting the less the points of the own design have a constant value. Just my two cent thoughts:)

Dora, since I'm new to Jovoto and this is my 1st project here, can I ask, how does the voting proceedes here? Can only Jovoto members vote or anyone regardless? Thank you :) And yes, all the best to everyone-I certanly am blown away by all the submissions-strong and exceptional designs indeed!

Hi there! Any community member can get involved in the voting - that's why it's the "Community Prize". If you wish to find out more about this topic, please have a look at our FAQs in "Support" on the bottom of the page :)

And indeed very exceptional works!

Wow!!!! a new record. There are so many great work, good luck to everyone.

Thanks and good luck all )

One of the most interesting project at Jovoto - so many great ideas!!!

Maybe jovoto should approach Swatch for limited edition watch strap collection . I believe it would be a hot contest here :)

I agree with you, swatch has so mamy fans around the world. It would be great.

Definitely , There is a lot of awesome work here!

I have a big question here so me and some friends voted on a design and the rating is the same even afther several hours afther the vote .. only ratings given by some users cound or this all rating is all fake and worked from behind by some peple so only who they want wins this?

You need karma points for your vote to count.

  1. What is Karma?

Karma shows us how active a person is and what quality the community member’s activity has. High Karma is always a good thing! Plus, we sometimes use karma to decide who should win special extra rewards.

In addition because we want fair rating we also introduced a Karma threshold of 150 Karma points - only after a new community member collected 50 Karma points his/her rating status is activated. This protects the platform form manipulation efforts and creates an understanding of the importance of fair rating.

In the future, Karma is going to be even more important and it will open up whole new opportunities for the ones with the most Karma… It’s best to start collecting now!

Thanks Adriana! That's right. These infos anyone can find under "Support" (bottom of the page)

Dear Jovoto, a new question: there are some designers who vote other designs. but the voting doesn't count because: "This community member´s ratings are under review and are currently not factored into the overall rating score"…but this designers has won one or more ideas in the past, also they have a lot of karma-points. Could you pls. explain what is the reason? Dt.: Es gibt hier einige Designer deren Voting nicht zählt da "This community member´s Ratings are under review and are currently not factored into the Overall Rating score" Jedoch haben einige devon sowohl Ideen in der Vergangenheit gewonnen, als auch ne Menge Karmapunkte. Verstehe das leider nicht. Vielleicht könntet ihr den Grund erklären?

Our system recognizes obvious manipulative behavior (in terms of rating) in that case we reach out to the specific individual to clarify the situation until it has been clarified a flash msg on the profile page will appear.

Thx.! Than I'll hope you can clarify the problems!

We're definitely on it - Thanks!

Dear Dora, why don't you answer your pms? Is it because your so busy?! Or should I paste it here? I need some CLARIFIcations!

Hi there! I DID answer you pm already. Please check your inbox. Thanks!

You wrote me not even 24 hours ago on a sunday and you got an answer from me an hour ago. And yes you could imagine that I have a lot of messages and requests ;) Thanks.

I understand that. Thank you:)

This is it: The final day to spread some stars amongst the (I like to repeat this) more than 1400 submissions here. Tomorrow at 17:00 UTC+0100 the project will close - and the final rating monitoring will begin. Don't miss the deadline :) And check this: There are now already almost 50.000 ratings so far… ! ! !

And yes, can't repeat this often enough: please stay fair in your ratings! Thanks everyone :)

Wow!!!that's amazing!!! Good luck to all! :-)

Good luck everyone!!! May the fairness be with you!!! :)

There are so many great ideas here, how could there be fairness to get only 15 community prizes, just pray for the client choice :D, btw thanks Kathleen for your great vote to my ideas :)

God bless every ideas! God bless all of us! Keep faith & be confident, everyone!

Hope for the best! And also hope the rating system works well!

The end is close……………hahaha All the best to everyone. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck everyone!! So after the deadline tomorrow, when will we find out who the winners are- For both the community prizes as well as clients choice? Iv read over the terms and conditions in regards to voting, but I am still a little unclear. Is it all community choice or will you also be picking winners as well?

Hey there, thanks for checking!

Half of this is actually answered in the briefing: "After the submission period of six weeks Victorinox will pick a pre-selection and YOU can be part of the decision which 10 designs will be produced at the end by voting for your favourites on the “Victorinox Swiss Army” facebook fan page!"

So now first Victorinox is internally deciding which ideas they would like to take to the Facebook voting. As soon as we have news, we will first let the chosen ones know and once everything is ready to go, we will inform everyone!

About the Community Prizes: It's the same in every case: you (the community) leave your votes. After the end of the project, the Guide will go trough the ratings with the help of our rating monitoring system to make sure that everything went fair. This takes some time - depending on how many votes have been left.

In this case we are talking about the largest project ever on jovoto: with over 1.400 ideas and by now almost 53.000 ratings.

SO yes, it will take a couple of weeks in this case. I can not tell you a date though. We will keep you informed here, under the briefing so keep on watching out for this space :)

Thanks, D.

Thanks so much, Dora. I read the briefing was still just a bit confused-but now its all clear! Is it a disadvantage that I submitted mine the last day?

It has been cool. Excellents works. Good luck for everyone!

Six hours till the end of voting. It was a really fun ride. To find yourself in top 100 in a day and the next day to be 236 and back again in the top 100 :) Very awesome designs, very creative inputs in this project. Wishing all the best to the designers that are into this project.

Well, yes, the more ideas there are, the smaller the differences between 2 ranks.. = roller coaster ride ;)

That's what I already mentioned in pm to Dora. When you reach top 100 your idea is immediately bashed. That happened two times to me. Now I'm not even more in the top 200. 140 ranks back with only one rating? That can only be a 1-star-rating and it's surely not a honest rating.

The same happened to me, and I'm curious about if the guides will find the mistake out. Only one rating 100 ranks back, after this some votes with 10 stars BUT nothing changed in the rank…

let's hope that the Jury will have the patience to watch all of the works here not only top 100

You can be absolutely sure of that! I also say this from the experience of the past projects :)

THANKS for everyone for participating in the project - and for the over 1400 ideas!

We ended the project yesterday with no less than 54.963 ratings! Yapp, that's a quite jaw dropping number, isn't it?

Now someone has the task to go over these and check with the rating monitoring system if everything went fair (yes, it's me the Project Guide who has the honor ;)) Due to the number of votes and submissions in this special project I would say this could take a couple of weeks. Only after this can the final Community Ranking be announced. So thanks all for your patience on that!

And there's still of course another thing to be excited about: The Client's Choices! Victorinox is first having an internal voting phase , where they will hand pick their favorites from ALL ideas. Then this selection will go to a facebook voting, where the TOP 10 is going to determine the new collection.

If we have any news on any of these steps we will let you know here, under the briefing.

Thanks for now and see you all soon! Now I will dive into a sea of ratings :)

Best, Dora

I wish you a good dive…but let your head above!:)

Thanks :) I'll try!

Thx for the great job which you have did and good luck while diving.

a couple of weeks?! Oh, man-who's gonna be able to wait that long? :) LOL all the best Dora in your task :)

Just being realistic ;) Better promise less and have a nice surprise, than the other way round, right? :)

Of course, That's why I put a big LOL :) you just do your thing, we'll be patient :)

Когда будут результаты конкурса ?

Татьяна, результаты конкурса будут не раньше чем через 2-е недели. Международное сообщество слабо понимает русский язык. Старайтесь вопросы задавать на международном языке)

ахаха))) nice remark!

Hey guys :) Okay so I wanted to reply to please try to asks questions in english if possible, becuase neither me nor the mayority of the community understands russian - and then I put everything in google translate. Thanks Dmitry ;) And so yes, dear Tanya, I also included this in my big comment above. That will answer you question - it will take a little while ;) Thanks !!

Hi Dora! You welcome ;)

Thank u dora!!!!!!

Hey :) im a new member here and i dont fully understand how things going with the raitings and the top 100! The winning ideas will be only from the top 100? And if an idea its not in the top 100 the judges wont see it?

Hey there Nikolas! No, not exactly - The Community Ranking is independent from the Client's Choice. The client will go trough ALL ideas and pick their favourites. This is actually what's happening right now. Soon we will be able to see which ideas out of the 1400+ will be picked for the facebook voting and eventually make it into the new Limited Edition! EXCITING! So yes, stay tuned ;)

Dora, Can I see Facebook voting status in facebook page?

Oh ok! Thank you Dora! Once again you are very helpfull :)

Hey Rajeev! We will let you know here when the fb voting starts. That part will be run by Victorinox and not by jovoto. ( I am pretty certain though that you will not see the "voting status" - in case you are referring to the intermediate status. ) Thanks

about 6 years ago

Congrats to all community winners .-) Well done!

Congrats to all the winners : )

Congrats to all the winners, to all the participants for an awesome pouring of ideas, to the project guides for a job well done and of course to Victorinox for giving us the oportunity to have a Victorinox Festival per year.

And maybe the Victorinox Comunity winners and Victorinox Facebook winners, should give Dora a Victorinox with all they're "thanks you notes" on, for all her tremendous work.

Thank you Tyby for your kind words!

Agree with @tyby!!! Dora Super Rocks!!! =D


Congrats to the winners!

Ladies and Gentleman,

as you have probably already seen: we have them! The Community Prizes have just been awarded, which means not only that we have the list of your favorites, but we also have the first creatives we can congratulate to their marvelous achievement and WIN!

Give it up for:

John - "They'll grow dear" AND "Ride your bike"Sasha - "Sea World"Peter - "Albert Victo"Csilla - "Nature Adventure"Jorge - "Hipsterish"Maria - "Come with me" & "Lifestyle"Gus - "Random City" & "Musician"Antoana - "Woodland Romance"Ioan - "yodelay-hee-MOO"Kathleen - "October"& "Swiss"Gestaltungsbude - "Snack Time" & EVERYONE else in the top 100 / Top 500 / etc. and EVERYONE in general who participated!

EXCELLENT designs all the way, a truly great project to follow and to guide! THANKS!

And now we can still stay excited for the picks of the client. As soon as the decision is made which ideas made it to the facebook voting - we will inform you!

Until then! Best, Dora

Congrats to all the winners and to all the participants! It was a super-project!! Thank you ,Dora ! Thanks for your support during the contest!You are AWESOME! :)

huh... Cheers! Starting to blush here soon. Thanks a lot, that's really nice to hear & means a lot to me! :) And yes indeed YOU guys made it into a real SUPERPROJECT!

Hi everyone, Big congrats to WINNERS and participants and Thanks to DORA for excellent support ; was amazing project.

Thank you Dora for your hard work over the last couple of weeks monitoring all the votes and all your support while the contest lasted! Congrats EVERYONE again!!!! :)

Yey! Congrats to all the winners! Great designs!

Congrats to all winners!!!! A lot of good designs here!!!! :)

Congrats for all the winners, really nice ideas :)

Congrats to all winners and jovoto! Really huge effort and amazing number of creative juices! :D

congrats to everyone who participated in this amazing project! and of course a special congrats to Super Dora and of course, the winners!!!! big hug for everyone

Hi everyone, Congrats for all the winners, really nice ideas :) and Thanks to DORA for excellent support ; was amazing project, awesome:)

Big congrats to all the community winners!! This was my first project here on jovoto and it was (and is) an amazing one! Many, many thanks to Dora for your hard work and bis support!!

Welcome to jovoto once again Esther, it's great to have you in the community! Very glad you had a nice (amazing!!!) start on here.

And it's real nice to read all these comments :) (:

Thank you, Dora - I feel honored :) And you really deserved this great feedback!

Big congrats to the winners!

Congrats to the winners! You really made it:D and congrats to everyone participated:) IT WAS AWSOME!!

Hearty cogratulatulations to you winners! I love this range of designs!

Great work you all. Better luck for us next time :)

you can still wish good luck for the Clients Choice selection ;)

Oh yes, thanks Dora. Fingers crossed for all the awesome designs that are waiting for the Client Choice :)

Congrats to the winners! :) really awesome designs! :)

Congratulations on the winning designs !

Congratulations to all Community Prize's Winners! The designs really cool! And good luck to all for the final selection for Facebook Voting! Can't wait for the Client's Choices!

Congratulaions for everybody!! :)

Well done everybody. Congratulations on some brilliant work!

Congrats to all the winners!! How long will the Client 's choice take? Is there a hint?

Hey Carmen!

It will take a little while (and no, I don't have a date yet). Victorinox is in the phase of choosing the designs that will go to their facebook voting. They have more rounds of expert voting on this matter (exciting!) , which takes some time - which they also have, they are not in a rush to determine the winners timing wise, the collection should not be ready for Christmas - it's the 2015 collection ;) And given that there are 1400+ designs to chose from, it's not an easy job I'd say. I think it also really shows that they are taking them all into consideration and putting a lot of effort into picking the ones they think are perfect to be turned into and original Swiss Army Knife! So that's what's happening now.

Once the 40 designs are picked, they'll go into the facebook voting for a while and only after that we'll know the final 10 Client's Choices.

We'll give you a heads up as soon as there's any news, ok? :)

Thank you Dora! You're perfectly right with your arguments. Sounds really exciting with more that one round of experts voting! It's also for us always a very thrilling time! So, sorry for being this impatient.

No problem! Of course it's an exciting time :D I'm also reeeaaalllyy curious!

Dear Jovoto-Team! One month ago you promised to care about the problems with unfair ratings and to clarify it? But you didn't reached it, or? I know at least one designer given 10 ( it's a designer with a win, invited member a.s.o.), but the voting didn't count because of his unfair behavior. This designer has the banner until now… So what shall I think about this? In the moment it subtracts a bit the enjoyment of have taken part of a wonderful project :(

Hi there ru flair! What we were talking about ,and also did, was the so called rating monitoring. Which means we made sure that votes from creatives with a suspicious / unbalanced / unfair rating behavior didn't count. You might have read in comments before, that there were nearly 55.000 ratings, which is a LOT (and even that's an understatement). Not sure if this answers your question but I hope it helps you understand a bit better? Best, Dora

i think to make this voting really fair here is absolutely impossible!!

Hey there everyone, sharpen your ears: I'VE GOT SOME NEWS FOR YOU!

Yes, you have guessed it right: Victorinox has now picked their favorites and the creative minds behind the chosen designs have been informed. Congratulations to all of them in anonymous ;)

Having said that, they will be revealed this Friday, December 12th, at 14:00 CET - that's when the Facebook voting will start! Mark the date in your calendars :)

And of course watch out this space as I am going to also remind you on the day - with a link! E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G !

Congrats to whoever. :) Can you please ask Victorinox to then remove my entry from their Facebook page, as I will be selling it elsewhere? Thanks.

Hi there Gila, Thanks for asking and checking with us!

Since this is a personal issue, I will get back to you in a private message on this matter.

What an amazing project and what a huge mass of designs! Congratulations to all winners, they made some gorgeous work!

Here it is!

I thought you said they will choose top 40, but there are only 35 designs...are there any missing? Wouldn't like if there was one of my faves and I don't vote for it cos I haven't seen it! :) congrats to all who made it!!! :)

Hi there Antoana, Thanks for checking!

You are right, once I mentioned in a comment the number 40, I just see. I should have said "around 40", as each year until now there were something between 35-40 designs going into the voting. Victorinox is the one who picks them of course!

So yeah, No, there's nothing missing :) Go ahead ;)

Thanks, Dora

congrats to all who made it!:) i already voted for my favorite idea

Speechless... Still, congrulations to all of you who made it for the Facebook's voting! I will coming back again for next year of Victorinox's Limited Edition!

Thanks to all of you who shared the link already!

THE FACEBOOK VOTING IS OPEN NOW and awaiting your vote from today on for the next 3 weeks, ending on Friday January 2nd 2015 (again at 14:00 CET).

Make sure you use the opportunity to determine the new designs for the Limited Edition 2015!

Here it is once again:\_258907774285685&app\_data=gaReferrerOverride%3D

Thanks everyone!

I have a question? Why are only 35 designs on the facebook voting? Is it by random order or by votes? Good luck to everyone

Hi there!

The order of the knives is random, it changes each time. Just open the link in 2 tabs / 2 browsers and you'll see :)

Why "only"? Each year 30 -40 are going to the Facebook voting, the designs were selected by Victorinox of course.

The briefing also says: "After the submission period of six weeks Victorinox will pick a pre-selection and YOU can be part of the decision which 10 designs will be produced at the end by voting for your favourites on the “Victorinox Swiss Army” facebook fan page!"

Cheers, Dora

I just saw that in one earlier comment I mentioned the number 40 - sorry! I should have said "around 40" as that would have been more correct. Something around 35/40 ;)

Congratulations again for everybody that made it for the client choices!! :D

Congrats to alllllll the winners! :)

The Client's Choice winners are yet to be determined in the voting ;) And yeah, congrats to the Community Prize winners and to those who made it to the final round!

Hi Dora, Will the client's choice be different from this Facebook voting result or is this the final result?

Hi there, Yes, the facebook voting result will determine the Client's Choice. The top 10 will be licensed produced. Exciting! Did you vote yet for your favourite? :)

Congrats to all the winners, some relay amazing work submitted! :)

Let´s voteeeeeee =)

Very, very many great ideas have been submitted here. The more I'm very surprised by the selection on facebook voting. 3 designs from one and the same person, 2 from another, 2 from a further person. It gives the impression that they haven't given that much effort in chosing the final designs. I doubt, however, that they didn't go through all designs! For the other parties, I find this result very sobering, even not fair. If such a customer selects 3 average work of one and the same person, it's up to you, JOVOTO, to stand for your own community (which has worked very hard) and to at least propose to increase the number of designs, participating in the final facebook voting. You should be able to perceive, that something like this is more than bad for the atmosphere. Only your community makes contests like these possible... Wishing you all a wonderful christmas time!

The funniest thing is, that one of this designers is blocked because of unfair voting behavior! In no game in the world this would be possible! You get the red card and the game is finished for you...maybe next time... But the Jovotos system mechanisms gives every unfair voter a big chance by ratings of the other community members with fair rating behaviour… Unbelievable in my opinion!!!

But this designer is very new on jovoto (I guess). Maybe he do his voting like that because on other platforms it is normal. When I was new on jovoto, I often get some private messages with "I give you 10 - so please give me 10, too". You need time to learn how it works. :)

Obviously it's all a matter of audience and how many fans you got here, they will love you no matter what you do, it is the relationships that matters here, not designs i'd say, but i guess it has to go that way when that's how the voting works, community chooses their winners. All the best in upcoming holidays !

Considering that there is also clipart in that voting... and some truly bleh ideas... Oh well. I am personally done with Victorinox for the years to come - a company that first uses my design to promote the contest (which then does not even make it into the %$%&% voting), then refuses to delete from their Facebook after the promotional use is obsolete, and chooses numerous ideas from the same mediocre "designer" along with clipart... it is just not worth the time in the years to come.

Hi there all, Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

All clients are of course always free to chose whatever they like and wish to produce. I guess that makes sense for everyone.

Have a great holiday season too and let's see which designs get really into the top 10, we're not even there yet ;)

From idea being bashed, unfair voting behavior, rating & ranking, ... now, this time, client's selection?

Every time I entered the Victorinox's project, every time there are many issues & problems being raised... Every time I entered the Victorinox's project with happy smile, every time I end up with tears & anger ... Every time I entered the Victorinox's project with confident & full of energy, every time I lost them & heart broken when the result being announced!

But, for one thing, I proud of my work every time because it keep improving from project to another project & great support of you, the whole community!

I am sorry that you are so unhappy. You can be very proud of your work indeed, you have also made it to place 145 out of over 1400 designs, that's a great achievement! And regardless the place you have made a nice design and as you said, you keep on improving, which is fantastic! Well, the client chooses what they like (;

Not because of the ranking or rating. I proud of it because it is a wonderful idea! Thank you very much, Dora! Let's enjoy the Christmas's Holiday! May God bless you, bless all Jovoto's staff & bless everyone in the community! Merry Chirstmas!

Thank You & Merry Christmas!

Dear All, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I am with CSchuelke and the many great designs, so many incredible works of art down the drain, what a waste of talent and beauty! To think that a company like Victorinox cannot decide on its own what is good, and has to pick from a motley group of community winners! Maybe next year, they will use their own brains to select "client's choice" , and let the community voting be a separate event not affecting their decision. To all those who made those incredible pieces of true beauty and effort, and yet did not make it , wishes for a very happy new year!

Dear All,

the votes came pouring in and Victorinox fans from around the world -for the first time including mainland China as well- had the chance to decide on the new Classic Limited Edition for 2015!

Here they are - the winners of the 2015 Limited Edition!

A big congratulation from all of us here at jovoto! Anna

Cool! Big congrats to all Client Choice Winners!!! :)

YEAH! CONGRATS to all winners! :D

almost 6 years ago

Congrats to all winners ,-)

Congratulationsssssssss to all winners...see you next year!!!:))))))


Congrats everbody!!! :-))))

Congratulations to you all guys! :D

Big congrats to all winners! :)

Hey there everyone!

Great news, the Victorinox facebook vote is closed and we have officially marked the winners! Here are the final 10 Victorinox Limited Edition 2015 winners which are currently going into production:

Swiss by Kakel RIDE YOUR BIKE and THEY'LL GROW, DEER! by Architempo Bicycle by szymonwit Nature Adventure by chilli Star light Star bright by rayrincon yodelay-hee-MOO by shizangaghl SNACK TIME by Gestaltungsbude The Lion King by EstherGeraldine Sea Worldby alexandru_coman

A big congratulations to all the winners! We're looking forward to having the 2015 Limited Edition Swiss Army Knives covered with your designs :)

All the best, Jess

Big Big Congratulations to all !!!! Great job!!!

almost 6 years ago

congrats to all winners .-)

Big Congrats to you all! :)

Congratulations!!! =D

Oh I just received a package directly from Switzerland, my knife along with the 9 other winning designs!!! It is an absolutely great gift, thank you so much Victorinox!!!!!!! :D They all look so amazing!!!

He! He! :))) I also received them today! :) Indeed, it's a great gift from Victorinox!!! By the way Kathleen, your design the ''Swiss Village" looks really adorable! :) We have almost the same color tones! :P Thank you Victorinox for the wonderful gift!!! :)))

I also receive a package, but it´s catch by the customhouse. And they want any bill or evidence... can you help me out Dora?

Ladies and Gentleman, this is one of my favorite parts - announcing winners :)

I am delighted to share the news with everyone that the BESTSELLER of the 2015 collection is ----- no one other than ---- the fabulous --- marvelous ---- RAY and his great design Star light Star bright!

*****CONGRATULATIONS for winning this title & prize!*****