Your Swiss Army Knife 2015

Design the new Classic Limited Edition for 2015! €40,000 prize pool

Design the new Classic Limited Edition for 2015!


The Swiss Army Knife is one of Switzerland’s most iconic and famous products. Most people are familiar with the classic red design and the unmistakable Victorinox cross & shield. Since 1884 when Karl Elsener opened his own cutler’s business in Ibach-Schwyz, Switzerland the production side has been steadily in this village. Even if the original is often copied around the world - Victorinox is the market leader in this segment.

Victorinox launches the Classic 58mm series in appealing designs and colours in a limited edition since 2010. The small version of the cult item quickly won over the hearts of design and Switzerland fans as well as tourists from all over the world.

In 2012 Victorinox has started a new tradition, the design contest “Your Swiss Army Knife”. Designers and Victorinox fans from all countries are invited to propose new motive ideas for the annually changing limited edition. While the 10 winning designs of the limited edition 2014 are available in stores worldwide now, Victorinox is asking you to come up with great design ideas for the 2015 collection!

After the submission period of six weeks Victorinox will pick a pre-selection and YOU can be part of the decision which 10 designs will be produced at the end by voting for your favourites on the “Victorinox Swiss Army” facebook fanpage!


Victorinox fans look forward to knives with fresh, bold and unusual visuals every year. The aim is to generate mainly spontaneous purchases with the aid of new designs.

To fuel your enthusiasm and to value your great creative work, Victorinox has DOUBLED the Client’s Choice Award to 10 x  €3000.

In addition to that the creator of the best selling knife from the 2015 limited edition will be awarded with an extra €2000!

A design that even makes it directly into the permanent Victorinox collection will be licensed for €5000.

Task Definition

Develop a new design for the casing of the classic 58mm Victorinox pocket knife!

Your artwork should incorporate the latest trends and graphic developments. It should be small enough to fit to the small size of 58 x 12,5mm but the details must still be clearly printable. Your design should carry on the success story of the small pocket knife and its special editions. The design needs to be understandable worldwide.

Target Group

The new model will be bought by a broad target group between 20 and 50 years who enjoys new things and fashionable designs.


You should appeal to the Victorinox target group with emotional, friendly and preferably also bold messages.

Mandatory requirements

Make sure you own all Copyrights

  • Only submit designs for which you own the full copyright and image rights. This includes, for example, pictures of celebrities or third-party brands. Since your design should be ready to be produced and sold globally – do not use any part or element of stock illustrations or stock images.

Make your design ready for production

  • You only need to design a motive for the synthetic scales of the Classic 58mm pocket knife. Your design will then be printed on the scales which have mostly the basic colour red, white, black, blue, yellow, green and are non-transparent.
  • Alternative forms and functions as well as materials for the synthetic casing are expressly NOT required in this project.
  • It must be technically possible to produce your design suggestions. An expert team from Victorinox will test the feasibility of your designs.

Use of the Victorinox Logo

  • The position, size and shape of the Victorinox logo on the knife may not be changed.

What you should NOT submit

  • The shape and functionality of the pocket knife may NOT be changed. 
  • Please do not submit a design SERIES, but just ONE idea and make sure that your final design is always shown at the top of your submission so it will be displayed in the overview of ideas.
  • Show Victorinox your brand new and most fashionable design ideas; designs that were already submitted in previous Victorinox design contests will NOT be taken into consideration for this project.
  • Designs with any of the following elements will be removed from the project:
    • Weapons
    • Skulls and crossbones
    • Sexist insinuations and any kind of nudity
    • Anything that glorifies violence

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