Victorophone -Multiple Applications
A design which represents the tools of a Swiss Army Knife as applications on a smartphone.


In many ways the way we use a Swiss Army Knife is not dissimilar to the functionality of a smartphone; one device which can be used in a large variety of situations for different tasks, eliminating the need for much additional tooling. In this case synthesis is created by 'apps' which each symbolise a tool on the knife in a stylish, aesthetically pleasing design that looks like a smartphone to appeal to modern markets and current love of technology.

What does your design show?

In this design, tools on the Victorinox knife are represented by 'apps' similar to applications on a smartphone, additional features on the casing combine features of current smartphones to create a facsimile of a unique phone. Smart devices are very popular with the modern generation hence the design aesthetic.

What is the unique idea about your design?

The graphics on the 'display' have been made in 'flat design' style, a highly popular, trending and modern graphic design style that has been adopted by big companies such as Google, Microsoft and Apple to look as modern as possible and keep the design simple to make. No design yet has combined smartphones with the knife in this way.

Is there a special story behind your design?

Additional features such as the cameras and speakers were made in Autodesk inventor and rendered onto the image for originality of design. In my Product Design class I have presented this idea to the class to gain feedback. Our teacher now wants the entire class to enter as portfolio preparation for university. Several names have been considered, I decided on "Victotophone" as a combination of "Victorinox" and "Smartphone" in keeping with the design theme despite the spelling error.

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