Country world
A portal to the country world, where nature is prevailing.


The front of the knife shows water, cultivated fields, a wind mill and the sky with some clouds. The back side shows wild forest, mountains, a sheep crowd. Everything suggests the strong bound between human and nature. The inspiration came from my origin country, where this kind of life style is still alive and the people love it because of its beauty and uniqueness.

What does your design show?

I thought of showing to the others that the natural lifestyle is the most beautiful way of living being simple, healthy, natural and nowadays very rare. In my origin country we still find this lifestyle and it's very appreciated. The most important idea behind this concept is that, at one moment in our lifetime, everyone should escape from the "concrete world" and go to the country side to feel the nature's impact on his life.

What is the unique idea about your design?

I think that the unique idea about my design is primarily the symbolism, and secondly it shows a real lifestyle, still existing, by on extinction. I want to promote the idea of protecting and conserving this way of living, because its bound with nature. Nowadays we should be more concerned about the environment issues and try to resolve them, by promoting and conserving the existing natural and organic bounds is these I presented in my design.

Is there a special story behind your design?

One day, as I was a child, I walked with my father on the fields surrounding my grandparents' house(in a mountainous area) . We walked a long distance and we found an old sheephold, near a tiny river. The shepherd told us that "he and his sheep crowd have lived there since 1984 and he will live there as long as God keeps him alive". I was so impressed by his story and I kept it in my mind since then. I was very impressed by his desire to work and live side by side with the nature.

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