The Victorinox knifes are perfect for Backpackers


The Victorinox knifes are perfect for every trip you plan whether you go hiking in the moutains or visiting a city. It use useful in many situations during your trip.

What does your design show?

On the frontside there is a person who is wearing a typical backpack. In the background we can see a city. On the backside there is the same person but know she is standing in front of the mountains. That means that victorinox knifes are not only useful in the mountains there are useful in the city as well. So never forget your knife!

What is the unique idea about your design?

Victornix Knifes are not only useful in the mountains as some would say. They are useful in every situation so you should never forget your knife. Because I showed not only the mountains and a camping situation but also the city, I can combine the different aspects.

Is there a special story behind your design?

I travel a lot and never forget my Victorinox knife. I used it in the mountains in the atlas of morocco but it is also very useful during city trips. Therefore I could not travel the world without my special knife anymore.

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