The Foldables
The Art of Folding with an amazing art of Origami and birds


The foldables is inspired from the very Origami, the japanese art of folding papers to to create decorative forms of art. Here the foldables represent bird patterns using origami and juxtapose against the very nature of Victorinox. An efficient foldable swiss knife who is a companion for life !

What does your design show?

Every form / Silhouette of birds carry a bit of Victorinox identity in them on their beaks by the colour application.

What is the unique idea about your design?

The art of folding represented using the art of Origami aligning to the essence of the brand Victorinox.
"AN EFFICIENT FOLDABLE SWISS KNIFE WHO IS A COMPANION FOR LIFE " #Playful #Vivid # Colours #Birds #FoldPatterns #Camoflage

Is there a special story behind your design?

Story of many birds folded where each carries a bit of Victorinox in them !

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