The Riding Butterfly (落蝶 in Chinese)
Just a butterfly in a spacious garden, sitting on the Victorinox. It may float in your dream. Maybe.


It si a simple design with only a little imagery. A stone with grass, a flower plant, and a butterfly on the front side, Two words written in Zhuan Shu (an unique font in China, NOT Totems!). Well, that's all.

What does your design show?

I think it shows a peaceful feeling. As Mies Van der Rohe said, Less is more. I believe in that. Similarly, we seldom make our canvas full of image in traditional Chinese Painting. The blank is as important as entity. That reminds people of a balance between things apart, like humankind and nature. One of my friends felt it might take you into a status in which you can discard all desires and worries from your mind. Perhaps he gets more from this design than me.

What is the unique idea about your design?

The Chinese flavor. The Chinese writing craft. And the story behind it. You can read it below~

Is there a special story behind your design?

There is an old story in China. It was an afternoon, the great master of philosophy, Zhuang Zhou(369-286, B.C), had a fairy dream in which he became a sleeping butterfly. And when he got aware, he fell into a meditation: Who am I? Master Zhuang or the sleeping butterfly?Where am I? The real world or a butterfly's dreamland? What is actually happening and how can I prove it? The story is so famous and I love it so much. Then I made this design to share it with you, my western friends.

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