Embroidery Scratch
Not too many days ago I searched my gradma's closet. What I found just had to be photographed...

Visual solution

What does your design show?

My collection of Estonian and Finnish folk patterns shows deep respect to our grandgrand (many more grands) parents' traditions. Ironically they only had their teeth for cutting the yarn and needles made from wooden pins - they could only dream of such a fancy tool such as THE knife.

What is the unique idea about your design?

All the designs have been photographed by myself over a few days when searching my grandma's closet. I use no graphical elements, no manipulation or anything - all you see is natural, the creases and texture of the cloth (oh, such a rough material) and the bleached colors.

Is there a special story behind your design?

My grandma's closet had over 20 different hand knitted skirts and hand made linen blouses there. All of them with patterns of old Estonians and Finns - we have thousands of little islands and hundreds of small regions that have over the centuries developed their own folk traditions, including patterns and techniques. I thought I would love to carry these traditions in my pocket. OH, if only our grandparents back in the days hundreds of years before us has such a practical tool as THE knife is.

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