Have fun, make your own memories
Make your own memories

Visual solution

What does your design show?

It's a fun design of a bear camping, having fun and in the process he's making great memories.

What is the unique idea about your design?

The idea is that you can take your small swiss army knife anywhere you go and you'll always have great use of it, using it along the way to create your own memories, whether it be carving something out, fishing, creating something inspirational...so make your own memories with it!

Is there a special story behind your design?

When I was small my grandpa gave me my very own swiss knife and I used it a lot carving out the wooden figurines and making my own little whistle from Linden tree. When we went camping I always had it with me, so I had made my own share of awesome memories with that little knife...this illustration is a funny version of my story :)