Secret Message
The coded messages are taken this year Victorinox


The encodings are part of our daily existence, this time a proposal that its lines hides a secret message that highlights the value of the brand, an illustration based on strokes and recontextualized lost and forgotten cultures from Latin America.

What does your design show?

This design pattern is marked and detailed and very elegant lines that refer to pre Columbian style but with a modern look that is linked to the graphic trends, a fresh proposal on comprehensive visual market around us

What is the unique idea about your design?

This year I bet you the hidden messages inside this illustration contains elements that emphasize the value of brand, but like I said it's a secret message that needs time to be deciphered by the viewer, this message reinforces the unique custom design that is development for the contest.

Is there a special story behind your design?

Whenever stories are told to design, this time a hidden message that takes the viewer to see beyond the obvious and as always in my projects an intention to highlight the value of the Latin chart, each day has gained momentum in the market internationally for its freshness and innovation.

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