Enjoy it :D!


We just wanted to design a knife which is colorful, it is all about joy, but at the same time it has a connection to Switzerland / Victorinox, in a way that we are combining the characteristics of Switzerland with the ones of an amusement park, like for example mountains. The Swiss chocolate can be found in the chocolate shake, cheese in the cheese cake! The cows are the attraction in a cow parade. The delicious cow milk pours down from a cup and just transforms into a milky way.

What does your design show?

The small hot-air balloon does not belong to the attraction of a funfair; though we thought it would be perfect because it does symbolize wideness and height. The sugar cloud speaks for itself. Why do we have mountains without clouds? On the Ferris wheel you can find on each and every basket a letter, and as a result you’ll find the words “It’s magic!”.

What is the unique idea about your design?

A lot of things in Switzerland appear magical, especially if you are surrounded by high mountains and you just look around the beautiful citizens lying in front of your feet. Therefore we thought the name Wonderland would be just perfect for this design! The logo of Victorinox is flying around due to 3 colorful balloons, just like small cheerful stars and tasty sugar flakes!

Is there a special story behind your design?


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