El Río
The world hides the toolbox at the bottom of the river, find it my friend!!!


Using the design that lives inside the knife I trace a river basin from an aerial view, and in the other side is the same river from the inside. The final result is a river that flows in your hands.

What is the story behind your design?

"El Río" is a river that flows like life does. Flows to remind us that the tools to survive are out there hidden somewhere, we just have to pull your sleeves up and uncover them. This is a scene from the life of Joaquín "El Río" Costa, an Australian runner kangaroo who runs like a river, flows in life and has many adventures. (www.elriocosta.com) This river hides opportunities, happiness, sadness, food, water, fire, ice and some other things that give us life, It´s like a Victorinox knife.

Is there a connection between your design and the Victorinox brand?

Of course!!! Switzerland has many rivers, for example the Thur River, that inspired me whit It´s crystalline waters to shape the banks.

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I´m from Colombia and live in Barcelona Spain

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I use photos of the Thur river in Switzerland to get inspiration in colors and environment.

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