A traditional Kokeshi doll from Japan in my own version to Victorinox.

What is the story behind your design?

My design was inspired by a gift that a friend of mine gave me the last year, and whenever I watch it, I wonder How such a cute doll could be printed in a very small Victorinox's pocket knife? well, here you are my own version, I love iconic things of each country and Japan have beautiful Kokeshi dolls which are handmade from wood and of course the Maneki-neko better known as "The lucky cat" made of ceramic. In my design both elements are joined in eye catching colors.

Is there a connection between your design and the Victorinox brand?

Of course, all Victorinox fans will love this little Kokeshi doll and they will recognize it as part of its collection.

Please make sure you have filled out your country of origin in your profile! It’s important that the regional Victorinox team understands the cultural background of your design.

Done :))

Have you used any third-party material? Even if you've modified or combined it, please know that in this project no stock is accepted. See "mandatory requirements" (in the Brief) for details.

All design is mine, work made in Ai.