Fall Kite

Visual solution

What is the story behind your design?

During the Autumn and Winter months lots of days are suitable for kite flying. It is one of the sweetest memories of mine when dad made kite and we were playig for hours in the nature. A perfect day with the cooler temperature, wind & a partly cloudy sky would be just right. Today is one of those days!

Is there a connection between your design and the Victorinox brand?

Could be! after all it is so usefull in the nature when you go for kite playing

Please make sure you have filled out your country of origin in your profile! It’s important that the regional Victorinox team understands the cultural background of your design.

I am from Iran but living in Istanbul at the moment

Have you used any third-party material? Even if you've modified or combined it, please know that in this project no stock is accepted. See "mandatory requirements" (in the Brief) for details.


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