In the night sky
By holding the Swiss Knife in your hands, miraculously a zodiac sign appears in the starry sky.


The Swiss Army knife shows a simple night sky. Only when you hold it in your hand or keep it close to your body, your own body temperature makes a zodiac sign appear. In order to create such an effect, the lines of the zodiac signs are drawn onto the surface material with a thermochromic inc. Now, a part of you goes into the knife and creates a very personal and individual new look of the Swiss Army Knife, which slowly disappears the second it is seperated from your body.

What is the story behind your design?

Many people connect their Swiss Army Knives with very personal and adventurous stories in their lives. An emotional link that turns a regular Swiss Army Knife into an individual and personal object. Our idea was, to reinforce this personal connection through our design. The individual zodiac sign only appears when the knife is close to its owner.

Is there a connection between your design and the Victorinox brand?

Firstly, 'Victorinox' stands for quality pocket knives, which accompany its owners no matter where they are. They are always close to its owner’s body and therefore share body temperature constantly.

Secondly, the Swiss Army knife is often used in nature. The experience of being outside, sleeping under a bright night sky, connects the owner to his or her knife.

We chose to combine this special moment and the physical closeness and created these personal and magic night sky graphics.

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Country of origin: germany

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