Your own Swiss Army Knife will join you and help you all year long while the seasons are changing...


A collection of 4 knives, each one for each season of the year: Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter. The icons developed create a user experience; through the favourite season, weather or landscape, the graphics create a direct attachment for the user and the product. Everyone can carry in the pocket their favourite season on their favourite product the Swiss Army Knife: The best companion.

What is the story behind your design?

Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter: A representation of the time running and the durability of a Swiss Army Knife that accompanies you in you favourite season. The time never stops and the collection of 'Victorinox Seasons' joins you through the years in every circumstance, in every weather and in every part of the world. The concept is shown with the representation of trees that you can find wherever you are, having a ludic design that makes the people fall in love with their favourite season.

Is there a connection between your design and the Victorinox brand?

Yes, Switzerland has seasons but the product and brand are internationally recognised and that's why international trees where selected. However, as we know in Switzerland there are Alps, pines and a lot of snow and thats why in WINTER there's the 'Official Victorinox snowboard', because the 'scene' of winter is in SWITZERLAND!, the brand's country.

Please make sure you have filled out your country of origin in your profile! It’s important that the regional Victorinox team understands the cultural background of your design.

I'm living in Italy for my studies but actually I'm Colombian... and that's why I used a palm tree for summer because in my country we have a lot of palm trees with coconuts and because there's always a nice weather on the beach so wonderful to have some vacations in COLOMBIA for SUMMER!!!

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