Victorinox's EaglE
the strongest eagle on the earth



Which animal(s) did you choose as a visual and why?

EagLe it has a good sight , it's strong ,big Body and has a Sharp beak and claws

What culture or region does the animal stand for?

Victorinox's EagLe stands for wise view

What story does your design tell?

Victorinox's Eagle always protects humans

What style did you choose for your design and why?

Eagle always walking tall in the sky , and dies his head to the sky

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Have you used any third-party material? Even if you’ve modified or combined it, please know that in this project no stock material is accepted. See “Guidelines, regulations & comments” (in the brief)

no i didnt

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Hello all ,My name is Khalid , I have 25 years old , I am from Egypt , I live in Cairo very close from Pyramids , i am artist , and one of Victorinox's fans , i happy that i share in this Competition this year , I hope I have given my best :)