I simplistic rendering of the porcupine using its black and white colours


Black and white porcupines on the opposite background, representative of it's quills

Which animal(s) did you choose as a visual and why?

Porcupines are nocturnal animals and I have only seen them twice, driving home at night. Their quills, however can be found on the mountain slopes of Table Mountain and sometimes in the suburbs as they visit whilst we are all asleep, digging up gardens and knocking over rubbish bins.

What culture or region does the animal stand for?

The porcupine occurs in many areas of the world.

What story does your design tell?

I find porcupines fascinating animals, they are very shy, but will put up a great defence if cornered.

What style did you choose for your design and why?

I chose a simple style for the porcupine, using black and white to represent it's quills

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South Africa

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My name is Sandy Mitchell and I am an illustrator and surface designer living in Cape Town, South Africa. This is a very rich country with regards flora and fauna, so there is a lot to choose from. Here I chose the porcupine for it's elusiveness and we have always collected porcupine quills on our mountain walks. These are beautiful and unusual objects.

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