Green Peacock
The beautiful animal which stand with elegant and dynamic move.


The Green Peacock which stand in serenity. It still showing the beauty although without spreading the tail.

Which animal(s) did you choose as a visual and why?

The green peacock is one of beautiful and endangered Indonesian animals, that symbolize the pride, luxury, and beauty, that's why I choose the peacock.

What culture or region does the animal stand for?

The Green Peacock is beautiful bird, that most related with pride, luxury, and wealth. Commonly, the most tribes in Indonesia use the peacock's feather for leader's crown, some of them use the peacock as the mascot, and some of them take care of it as a pet, because some of them believe the peacock could bring the wealth for their life. But now in Indonesia, the peacock almost extinct because their habitat getting decreased and illegal arrest.

What story does your design tell?

the illustration describe about the serenity, calm. People who could keep their mind, emotion, be kind, be calm, indirectly will known as good people even without doing a big thing.

What style did you choose for your design and why?

The style that I used is mixing of doodle and tribal pattern. I want to create something about tribal pattern of my region culture, but reduce the details, and make it to look modern a little.

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Yes, I have filled out my country of origin in my profile

Have you used any third-party material? Even if you’ve modified or combined it, please know that in this project no stock material is accepted. See “Guidelines, regulations & comments” (in the brief)

I don't used any third-party material in my designs.

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Hello! I am Sapto, I am 31 years old, & I live in Malang, Indonesia. I work here as a designer since 10 years ago. I created this design for Victorinox cause I think I have the right concept, I think the style will be match with Victorinox product, I make the color not too vivid, so it will be worked with the concept. I mixing of doodle & tribal pattern. I want to create something about tribal pattern of my region culture, but reduce the details, and make it little modern looking.

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