Red panda
The fire colored cat


The Red pandas only live in temperate forests in the foothills of the Himalayas. A bamboo understory grows in these forests and provides the bulk of the red panda’s diet. However, these swaths of bamboo are only found in narrow bands throughout the red panda’s range. Thus, although red pandas are distributed across thousands of miles of territory, they are restricted to these small, fragile areas because of their dependence on the bamboo plants. I choose to represent the red panda in his environment. Red pandas are very skillful and acrobatic animals that predominantly stay in trees. They use their long, bushy tails for balance and to cover themselves in winter, presumably for warmth.

Which animal(s) did you choose as a visual and why?

I choose to represent the red panda, because I think they are one of the most beautiful animals in the world. The red panda is slightly larger than a domestic cat with a bear-like body and thick russet fur. The belly and limbs are black, and there are white markings on the side of the head and above its small eyes.

What culture or region does the animal stand for?

Red pandas have a large range that extends from western Nepal to northern Myanmar. The species also lives throughout mountainous areas of southwestern China. Red pandas only live in temperate forests in the foothills of the Himalayas.

What story does your design tell?

It represents the red panda living in his natural environment.

What style did you choose for your design and why?

Hand drawing (pencil) and watercolor.

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No, I didn't.

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Hi, I am Andra, I am 26 years old, I'm from Romania and I'm now I am working as an architect in Iasi, Romania. I am very excited about this years theme because I'm an animal lover and it was a pleasure to design it.

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