Norwegian Fjord Horse
I think it is an awesome feature you would like to pull out when you need a knife as a horse rider.


may you need it when cutting ropes or cutting carottes. You can you a knife in such many things.

Which animal(s) did you choose as a visual and why?

Norwegian Fjord Horse

What culture or region does the animal stand for?

Norway and its wild lands with rough weather.

What story does your design tell?

the tough story about this region and this type of horse.

What style did you choose for your design and why?

I used normal pencils with handmade painted pictures cause I like the simple and plain images. like a touch of vintage.

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Have you used any third-party material? Even if you’ve modified or combined it, please know that in this project no stock material is accepted. See “Guidelines, regulations & comments” (in the brief)

No. I made this by my own.

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I am a simple german girl with a touch of freedom feeling. I try to transfer the awareness of the freedom for the wild animals in all countries. Knifes are often used in the wild outside. So may the people who use this knife and practice some research about this are geting the awareness to leave some wild lands for the wild animals and stand still for a minute listening to the wilderness.

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