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Dear creatives of the world,
Welcome to the 7th(!) Victorinox Swiss Army Knife limited edition! It is with great pleasure that I will be your guide this year.
This year's theme is – Places of the World – meaning: a typical manmade landmark, a famous natural landmark, even a whole scenery of a city or a landscape, as long as your visualization can be recognized by everyone, everywhere in the world. Just to get your juices flowing, we’ve prepared a Pinterest inspiration board for you.
Make sure to carefully read the brief, download the Project Kit and use the template to make your design. In the brief there is a special section dedicated to “Original work only” and “Copyrighted landmarks”. It is a must read – so that your designs can be considered for global voting. It’s also great knowledge that any designer should hold.
A quick heads-up on the process for the new ones among us: Submission phase (now) > voting only > monitoring of votes > announcement of the community prizes, Best Feedback and Best Collaboration > announcement of the Client Shortlist (30x) > global voting (30x) > announcement of the 10x winning designs which will be produced as the Victorinox limited edition 2018.
Any questions? Any love or design to share? :)
Let’s get started!

Thank you very much for the information, Diana, and for your future huge work!;)

Thank you, Tia. I am honoured! :)

Hi, does it have to be a real place on earth? Or it can be a make up scenery or city? Thank you :)

Dear yanc, it must be a real place. ;)

I am a newbie for this type of competition. I would like to know if the submission period is for submitting written ideas for design or for the actual designs? Also, are designs to placed on the PDF provided in the kit, then submitted?

Dear Tessa, welcome to your first participation of this type. We are happy to have you here, and I hope you'll have fun participating.

The submission period is the only period where you can upload stuff and update your stuff. After that comes voting, choosing winners etc. So all your actual design work is in this phase.

It's about actual designs. And yes, first you need to place the design (front and back) on the "Template_White.PDF" and then submit it.

Anything else I can help you with?

Hey Diana! So excited to see another Victorinox contest :D this definitely has a good start, thanks for the info.

Welcome to this crowdstorm and good luck!

Hi Diana, one of the coolest jovoto project is back, yeah! Got some questions though: 1. Is it allowed to show several citys on one Victorinix design. For exmaple: Rio, New York & Shanghai all together in one like my "favouriite cities of the world"? Or should there be only ONE city visualized? 2. Do you have to recongnize right away which city or place is shown? For example a mountain view could be the swiss alps but also the bavarian nature with mountains? 3. And should it always be a whole city visualized, like Berlin? Or can it be like a small district like Kreuzberg of Berlin for example? 4. If it´s allowed to enter up to 10 designs, each design can show a different city right? Like Paris, London, Berlin etc? But also all 10 designs for the same city, right? Thank you Diana! cheerio

Hey Tigersan, I like your excitement! I will need to get back to you on the first question. (not until Tuesday due to the national holiday ;))

Regarding the other questions: It cannot be a generic landscape, it must be immediately recognizable – if you go for the Swiss Alps, people must immediately recognize that these are indeed the Swiss Alps. It can be just a district, a landmark (i.e. one famous building), it mustn't be a whole city ;). And yes, you can do all 10 designs for the same city / landmark etc., no problem with that.

Cheers, Diana,

Hey Tigersan, regarding your first question – yes, you can represent one or more cities on the knife - as long as the concept is good / exciting / makes sense, and as long as you consider that the knife is quite small – so don't go into too much graphic detail.

Hope this helps, Diana

2014 • €1,500 1st place • €1,250 2nd place • €1,000 3rd place • €750 4th place • €500 5th - 7th place • €250 8th - 15th place 2015 • €1,500 1st place • €1,250 2nd place • €1,000 3rd place • €750 4th place • €500 5th - 6th place • €250 7th - 12th place 2016 • €1,000 1st place • €750 2nd - 3rd place • €500 4th - 6th place • €250 7th - 12th place • €100 13th - 22th place 2017 • €750 1st place • €500 2nd place • €300 3rd place • €200 4th place • €150 5th - 9th place

what is the reason for this price?

I beleive it is because there in 30 x 150 € for shortlist = 4 500€

Hey unlime, thank you for checking in on that. Kakel is correct, it's because of the extra shortlist (client) prizes. Does that answer your question?

Great that the shortlist picks will get an award, however, this should have been added to the "usual" prize money. Victorinox is making LOTS of profit from these Classic Limited Editions, so they could easily invest a little more into this project.

kakel & diana, you are right! I should have polished my eyes, lol. thank you for your point!

Thank you Diana that was helpful! OK starting with the brainstorm right now!

Hello Dear, Could you please explain the role and regulation for copyright, so far it's not clear how we are protected after we are sharing our ideas here. Based on the previous experience with another project JOVOTO, I believe it is very easy to just copy someone idea and add some extra features and claim it. Please clarify it for everyone how are you protecting our ideas regarding this matter.

Dear Amirhossein,

Great question. There are actually two parts to your question. First, when you submit an idea on jovoto, you own the copyrights. So let's say if someone external to jovoto uses / copies it, you have all rights to legally follow up on them. Second, if you feel that someone has made use of your idea or parts of your idea - you can immediately report it to us (either by using the Report button under the idea which you feel is too similar to yours, or by sending me - the Guide- a personal message). It is best to report it before the end of the project. There's more in our FAQs on this topic.

Please let me know if you have further questions, Diana.

It's great to be back, Diana! Just a question ... religions building, praying temple & worshiping house, or royal palace, The Pentagon, ... These sensitive & highly guarded landmark. Can we use them as inspiration?

Dear Kah Khiong Lee,

Welcome to this challenge! As long as it is a recognizable landmark, and as long as it is allowed to be commercially used (section "Copyrighted landmarks" in the brief)– which needs to be researched/checked by you, then - yes - you can do that.

Hugs, Diana.

Diana, I have questions about the places we choose. I wanted to choose something different from Romania, but not "House of the People", "Bucharest" etc, so I choose the "The Merry Cemetery" from Sapanta- very famous place in Romania and abroad, (on the UNESCO world heritage list). Still, I feel like am having some perception problems. I already took some rating and my idea is work in progress. Do you think is to still niche? But, a lot of places from Romania will be niche, is not France or London. I am a bit disappointed because I feel like the place is more important that the work, the more clichés the better. What do you think? Thank you!

Dear Oana,

It is always easier to go for some landmarks which are known. However, if you want to challenge yourself and bring up a place such as Sapanta, you should make it feel positive and it should be clear what it is. I have seen your submission and I think you've managed to do it nicely.

Good luck! Diana

Hi Diana, nice to have you as the PM for this project! I have a question too: Can different designers work on the same idea? Not as a team, but each for himself. I see, for example, that oanamm started working on Dracula's Castle idea, and then, another designer posted the same idea. Is it OK? How does that work?

Hey Aurelia :) Usually a same theme can be explored by different people, the results are usually very different from each designer :)

Dear Aurelia, cool to have you on board! Kakel is right – the same landmark etc. can be approach by different creatives. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


Thank you both for answering my question! All is clear now!

I am an ideator looking to collaborate with others skilled in graphics design. Please feel free to check out the preliminary ideas I have posted and send me a direct message if you like the concepts. Thanks.

Dear creatives,
Thank you for the many (wonderful) submissions coming in! Since many of you are at your desk, designing hopefully the future Limited Edition Victorinox knife ;), I am just making sure that you have read these lines from the brief:
Original work only
To ensure Victorinox can consider your design for global voting and potential production, only submit designs that are your original work. This means that no Third party materials should be incorporated into your design (i.e. stock material, Creative Commons material etc.)
Inspiration material is legitimate as long as it is just that – for inspiration. This means that slight changes to the original, or retracing stock material with your own vectors – does not count as original work. If you are unsure, ask yourself "if the originator of the source saw it - would he or she immediately recognize their work, and would he or she be able to take legal steps?” If the answer is ‘yes’, then you shouldn’t use it.
Read all about original work and how to use inspiration material in order to create original work here (“Third Party Material 101”) and in this blogpost with community member CrossTheLime.
Copyrighted landmarks
Please note that some landmarks are copyrighted and cannot be used commercially. Some of these include: the Eiffel Tower at night, the Sydney Opera House or the Hollywood Sign. To ensure Victorinox can consider your design for global voting and potential production, we suggest you verify that the landmark you'd like to illustrate is free for commercial use.

Hey guys, here is a link to all the copyrighted landmarks, buildings & more :

Thank you, Kakel, for sharing that with us all. is a great starting point in your research. I would advise you to also double check your landmark(s) with info from additional sources. (just as the Intellectual Property Wiki recommends as well). ;)

Hi Diana, I'm not sure I understand well, only The Eiffel Tower must not be illustrate at night or neither a rooftop landscape that includes the Eiffel Tower at night ? Thank you

According to the gettyimages Intellectual Property source, regarding the Eiffel Tower at night: " Imagery taken at night when the lights are aglow, and where the Eiffel tower is the main focus, is not suitable within editorial content. ", "Furthermore, images taken at night-time where the tower is part of a city scene, and not the main focus of the images, may also be acceptable." So, there might be a possibility if you go for the later (i.e a skyline)

Dear Victorinox Creatives,
Here's two other important things to help your presentation:
1: use white background (just like in the template that you are using). The client (and the other creatives who will be voting) will be able to much clearer see your design.
2: add the landmark to your title / use it as your title. Here again, this makes browsing for the client and other creatives much easier & enjoyable.
All the best from Berlin! Diana

Dear Creatives,
With each and every day, it is exciting to see your beautiful creations. Some of them are unfortunately off-theme.
This year's theme is not "Nature of the World", "Patterns of the World", "People of the World", "Food of the World", "Animals of the World" etc., but it is "Places of the World", meaning: a typical manmade landmark, a famous natural landmark, even a whole scenery of a city or a landscape, as long as your visualization can be recognized by everyone, everywhere in the world. (still not sure? check our Pinterest board).
Here's a quick, but essential tip: If you have more elements in your design than just landmarks (i.e. animals, nature, people, patterns), make sure that the landmark(s) are in the focus (first thing that the people look at) and covers most of your design surface. All the rest should be secondary and just support to your design!
Now you should be set! ;) Diana

When we refer to a landmark we refer to two possibilities, one is the natural form of the place without which man has intervened, like a lake, or a mountain, or a construction that has made the man, a pyramid, a construction of a Building or monument, a village or a neighborhood, but the problem is that not all places in the world are world-wide, then the number of possibilities is greatly reduced and it becomes similar concepts.

Good question, Adrian. And the answer is actually very simple. The landmark (be it natural, or manmade) mustn't be as recognizable to everyone as, for instance, the Eiffel Tower, but it should be a landmark for the locals of that place and every visitor who has passed by, or would pass by in the future.
For instance let's say you go to visit the second biggest city in Georgia (Europe). You don't know anything about it, but if you go there as a tourist, every local or tourist agency will recommend you one or two or more landmarks which are recognizable for that place (maybe a castle, maybe a church, maybe a special rock etc.) Although the world doesn't know them unless they travel there, these landmarks are representative of this city and you can present it/them on the Victorinox knife. That's the beauty of this crowdstorm - the world gets to know also about least worldwide famous landmarks.
And this is why it is great to have in your submission's title the name of the landmark, city and country. Does this answer your questions? Diana

As Victorinox will sell the knifes worldwide they will surely chose designs with places that are famous and recognizable. Especially for travel retail it will be important to hit a broad target group.

Dear beautyfulstrong, thank you for your comment. Victorinox wants variety – that's why the brief encourages variety as well. Of course, at the end it also all depends on what the Victorinox fans will like best in the global social voting.

Cheers, Diana

Hello, Diana :) I was wondering if you can clarify the whole workflow and time frame actions of the project. Since there is still a lot of time until the upload phase ends I was wondering, do the current ratings matter when choosing the finalists after the uploading phase? I am asking this question because there might be a lot of voting difference between someone who posted their idea on the first submission day and someone who posted theirs on the last day. Thanks in advance.

Hey Ivelina, the ratings won't change for the rating only period, the votings just keep going. So yes there can be a difference between the first and last submission in the quantity of votes, that's why it is important to try and vote for ALL the ideas to make the voting more fair :)

But the more you wait, the less feedback you can have!

Hello Ivelina,
Jess here! The jovoto ranking system considers the rating that was given to the idea, plus the average rating in the project and the time that it was submitted. You're right that an idea submitted at the last minute wouldn't have the same chance however, with our algorithm it's considered!
If you have any other questions, just let us know!
Best, Jess from jovoto

Good morning all! We should consider when the ideas/pages are 20-30 or more people vote more easily the new ideas and not the last ones. This happening for sure. Maybe the developers/jovoto should think for a random view or the last first and the opposite from time to time! ;)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Pavlina. We agree. And randomising is something we will be considering once our developer power allows it.

Hugs, Diana

me encantaria pode diseñar pero no se como,tengo varias ideas ,además sueño con una avaja de Victorinox solo que no se como obtener una con mi propio diseño , lu cual seria hermoso..

yo podia colaborar en un diseño contigo, mandame un msn en privado y nos ponemos de acuerdo. saludos

Hi Diana, I have some doubts about the correct use of the Victorinox logo. The guidelines and regulations say that we can not change some of the basic elements of the logo (size, position, shape), however, I'm not sure if we can modify others as the color in benefit of the illustration, because sometimes the Victorinox's Red doesn't get along with the design.

I know usually we can't change any aspect of a brand identity when we have to design an aplication for it, but I have found some exceptions on the Victorinox Bestseller Catalog that you have provided us, were there is a color and position modifications, therefore I had to ask so I could be sure.

I hope you can clarify this for me, thanks in advance !!

Hi Zara, You can change only the color of the logo so it will fit your design but the size or the position of it should stay as it is. I hope you have no doubts now?!

Hi, just a quick question, on the site when you can view all the submitted ideas, they are all displayed on knives. Is this something that I have to do myself or is that done by victorinox once I submit my idea? Also do you draw your idea take a photo and then is it made into an electronic looking picture, or is it kept how I submit it? Thanks! Millie

Dear Millie, Thank you for your question! Under the brief, you can see Download Material and download the Project Kit for you to use. There you will find the template of the knife to use in your submission. If you have further questions, you can write me a PM (private message > Send Message). Good Luck!

Tomorrow is the Halftime Feedback! Make sure not to miss it.

I've been wondering something since this project started. As stated in the brief and as you also stated above very clearly (twice) " long as your visualization can be recognized by everyone, everywhere in the world". So how close is Victorinox going to hold us to that statement during their evaluation and final choices of the designs? And this also applies to the community ratings. A landmark or place may be well known in it's part of the world or region, but not known to a lot of people the world over. That's why I like the idea of working into the designs a title or the name of the place. Of course with some designs, they'll be a lot of people that will instantly know what or where, like the Eiffel Tower, or the Statue of Liberty- they don't really need naming. I figured, but I don't know for sure, that the knifes probably don't come with a brochure, or an information tag that explains what the design represents. So how will the average buyer know what the design is, except for that region of the world . There are a LOT of beautiful designs, that I wouldn't know where it is or what it represents. How do I vote on those objectively, while upholding the direction of the brief, as stated above. I think adding a title or name of the place is a way to honor or memorialize that place. You may learn something you didn't know before, and I think it gives the knife a wider audience. It could be the one important detail to the potential buyer, that will decide the purchase. Are all the final knife designs available to ALL the world, or will some of them only be available regionally? One last thing. Will the final designs be representative from all different places? For example, will there be only one New York design, or one Eiffel Tower design chosen to represent those parts of the world? As in 10 final knifes with 10 different places the world over.
Thanks, I appreciate your time.

I would also love to know :) Nice, detailed comment. I've been bothered by the same thing. Even though I had the chance to choose a landmark as famous as the Eiffel Tower I wanted to represent my own country Bulgaria which has such iconic places, seen from many people all over the world yet obviously not as famous. And it does bother me and I wonder how many people will not vote just because they are not aware that these places exist and what they are. Personally I would love to buy any of the possible winning designs even if I haven't heard of those places at all as long as they are beautifully done and even encourage me and many others to research the place they represent, learn what it is and who knows ... maybe even visit some day :)

Dear tcurtisart and Ivelina, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We've picked up on them with the client in the Halftime Feedback today and in the Halftime Feedback you will get the exact answers to your questions. Talk to you soon when the Feedback is up. ;)

The Halftime Feedback is up (please find it directly under the brief). If you still have questions on this topic, I am happy to answer them. Have an awesome weekend! Diana

Dear Creatives of the World,
Thank you so much for your creative effort in these three weeks! The Halftime Feedback will be up ASAP tomorrow. ;)
Until then have a great, creative time! Diana

Voctorinox Creatives, the Halftime Feedback is here!
I urge you all to read it.
But before that - a huge THANK YOU to everyone, from the client, us and me, for the incredible spring of creativity and talent that has happened in the past three weeks. Three weeks to go! Go go go!
All the best from Berlin, Diana

Greeting! It is great to see some many variety of cool design submitted! It's been many days now i working hard on my idea from the first day of the project started. It still required a bit more time till finish. But i eager and excited want to show it to everyone here! Can i show the unfinished & still in progress design? Even without the logo?

Looking forward to seeing your design Leonard :)

Dear, Kah Khiong Lee, I share your excitment. You can show your "work in progress" design. The only requirement is to mention, in your submission, that that is a "work in progress", and not a final design.

Have a great Saturday! Diana

Go for it Leonard :) Nice having you here again :)

I just upload the first slide. More slides will be added till the end of the project. Thanks for the encouragement & support!

Hey everyone,
If you are making updates to an existing submission, or if you want to show alternative design routes for this design (i.e. with other colors), please upload the new images in the same submission, do not create a new one. That's how jovoto works, and it makes voting much more easier as well.
Thank you ;) Diana

Hello Diana, I have a question, can we make a whole country design? I am asking because the brief only says the design can be of a whole city or landscape :)

Dear Aniela,

You can go for a whole country design. That in the brief is more of a listing. The three listed elements can be combined with each other - so much so, to create an entire country.

And if anyone else has doubts or questions, please contact me, I will do my best to clear them out.

Hugs, Diana

There is no mockup in the materials. Only image of the white khife?!?!

That is correct, miroivanov. The white knife (back and front) is enough for you to place your own design on. You don't actually need to create a background image for it. Simply use the white background as it is.

Good luck, Diana

Two weeks left to submit in this year's Victorinox challenge!

Please see below, my answer to josecharls.

Diana, where i upload the work? any email? or i just upload it on jovoto? im new at this

Dear josecharls, welcome to jovoto! You upload it here, on the platform. There is a button (if you scroll fully up, called "Submit idea"). Here is a direct link if you find that easier. Have fun on jovoto!

Oh i see, thanks a lot Diana! So blind ajajajaja

Im not a designer but i have a lot of great ideas , can i participate ? how?

You can work with a designer and develope a team project using your ideas and the designer's avilities.

Dear Javier,

You do need to submit a design in this project. So, if you have a great idea, but cannot illustrate it yourself, either ask a fellow designer friend (and make sure that you both submit as a team on jovoto), or write to a few people whose work you've seen on jovoto, tell them about your idea and that you'd like to collaborate, and maybe they are up for it.

Does that answer your question? Diana

Hello Diana. What about the faster vectorizations? They are permitted on the competition? I consider this vectorization as a way of apropiate 3rd part material, like edit a photo propiety of other person and make "yours". I ask this because i have seen a lot of projects that use this tool for make their proyects. How victorinox ensure that the material is 100% from the autor or have the rights for using the material?

Hi Alejandra, I think what you're referring to is the image trace function in illustrator, which will convert a photo to vectors. But often the results aren't very good, and have a look to them that makes them easy to notice. It's a usable technique, as long as it's from YOUR OWN photo. It's often used as a shortcut to actually doing real design work that takes critical thinking- It doesn't take a lot thought or effort, and it certainly isn't very creative. I have also noticed this "technique" being used, but I think and hope, the real (creative) work will stand out and rise above it. And the image-traced designs of questionable photos will not have a good outcome.

Dear Alejandra,

Thank you for asking. Tracing (be it in illustrator or with your hand over a picture) is not OK in this project. It means that your work is not 100% original. Why? and What can you do about it? This is extremely well explained in the brief in the Guidelines, regulations & comments > Original work only. Make sure to click on the two links and check out the info behind it.

Anything else I can help you with? Cheers, Diana

I have missed to answer the last part. Victorinox will do a third party & landmark check of the 30x Shortlist designs, before they go into voting.

Just going through some of the ideas these few days. There are quite a lot of ideas had the same landmarks or similar inspiration. Quite curious on how the client will select. Are they going to choose different 30 landmarks? Or among the 30 designs, may be two or three landmarks which is the coming from the same inspirations?

Dear Lee, the client will do their best to manifest location variety on their Shortlist. ;)

Ps: Also check the Halftime Feedback. We've addressed this point as well, maybe even better than in my reply to you.

I have seen several submissions that feature copyrighted landmarks. Maybe we can share in the comments below some links that we have found during own research, to help each other out and not waste time on ideas that won't work out in the end. As an example, the Empire State Building needs licensing for commercial use. Link to website:

That's a good idea, BoissinDesign. If others have similar links to share, please share them as a reply to this comment. And I welcome all submitters to keep an eye on this post.
Since we are at 477 submissions (and exponentially growing), it is impossible for me to do this check for you. Hence, it is your task & responsibility to do your best to check that your idea (your design) has landmark(s) that are free (incl. no royalty based) for commercial use.
If you have submissions to report, please do not post it here, send me a Personal Message.
Have a gorgeous day! Diana

Principally all famous Landmarks in the US and Japan require license. For some you need a license account, and they charge according to what you like to produce. In Europe it's like 50/50. The rest of the world is mostly free. In some Asian Countries it is even against the law.

I think license have only for Photographs or Technical blueprint drawings. manipulated illustrations not problem. right?

I am sorry, Rajeev, but I am really not understanding your question. Can you please try again? You can show me an example, if that's easier. Thanks.

Dear Rajeev, yes, it is a problem if the manipulated illustration still looks like the copyrighted item. For example I did a watercolor painting of the Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, it´s not a photograph and doesn´t look exactly like the original. But I wrote the copyright holders and they told me that this painting would require licensing if I want to use it for commercial purposes.

eg: I create one landmark just icon style (minimalistic drawing only. not use technical details in artworks. in this case licensing need ?

I am still not sure if I understood your question, but tracing third party material is not ok in this project, not matter how minimal or not. ;)

As regards licenses. it does not matter what kind of material you are using . 100% your own, or not is not an issue. For example "Empire States Building" is like a trademark . You can design with it whatever. The point is the commercial usage. Like UfA paid to them many millions for using it in the King Kong Movie. etc.

I have uploaded a design of mine and I just received a mail that it is open and online for rating. I checked and I saw it was rated by 5 viewers. Where can I see those ratings? Thanks.

Dear Devavrat, it just means that you can now see your average rating on your idea. That's what happens when you get your first 5 votes. ;)

tiempo limite y donde mandarlo?

Hola Ydnic, puedes ver el timing más abajo. Para enviar tu propuesta en la parte superior tienes un botón Sumit Idea. Suerte!

Can i use another country place? I mean a place not im from..??

Yes, you can do that, Wahyu.

Hi Diana, i just noticed that some ideas i voted disappeared. I noticed it in "buy it with a plus " projects and while i checked the idea for example this in victorinox as you will notice i wrote a comment and vote! now i see that its like i didn't vote for the idea! Does this mean i have to check all the ideas again?????

Best Sofia

One moment, let me check please.

We have 156 votes from you (wow! bravo!) in the system. The last vote was received at 05-Jul-2017 14:57. That idea doesn't have a vote from you unfortunately. I will PM you which was the last idea for which we've received a vote by you, so that you know.

Wow I just read this and it happens that I also had problems with some designs that I voted for and then it seems to me that the vote was not registered and gives me the option to vote again, that has happened to me with at least thirty designs :(

This happened to me on Sunday, Monday and today, I thought I was a failure of my connection but reading this I think that the same thing what happened to you, I voted for several designs that do not register me the votes, when entering to "not qualified" there are those designs again, why does this happen? Is it a bug on the page?

Hi Diana i need the last vote from Monday please ..i did almost the voting once early in the morning and once late at night....thank you:) Some i did from my mobile as i was on vacations. Do you think that could be a problem?


The last vote on Monday was at 22:34. Does that match your activity?

thank you Diana i will check:)

I have checked with our developer team, and there shouldn't be any lost votes. If you do think you've lost any, please PM more specific information, please.

Cheers, Diana

Dear Creatives,
The Victorinox Limited Edition Crowdstorm is a digital design event that Victorinox wants everyone in the world to be able to participate in. This year was the first year that Victorinox encouraged the Chinese designer fans as well to participate. However, due to the Chinese Internet restrictions, the designers in China have not been able to access the jovoto platform.
To still give the Chinese designers a chance to participate in this Crowdstorm we’ve decided to do the following: - Set up a parallel Crowdstorm on a Chinese platform - Add to the Client Shortlist a maximum of 10 winning designs from the Chinese Crowdstorm, depending on the number and quality of the entries. Of course, Victorinox will also provide additional Client’s Shortlist prizes for the Chinese Client Shortlist winners. This will be done after the submission ends here on jovoto. So stay tuned for that! ;)
In this way, the Chinese designs will also have the chance to: - become a Client Shortlist Winner - on top of the announced 30 Client Shortlist Winners - become a Final Winner
We think good design should not defeated from start because of physical or digital barriers. Thank you for accepting and supporting this process in favour of your Chinese colleagues.

Let the best designs win! Diana

I didn't know Chinese people can't access this amazing platform, but I'm happy to read this news. You're great! :) Looking forward to see their designs. I really appreciate their way of thinking and creating things :)

I am just as curious and excited as you to see the designs.

Hi everyone,

One last news for today. I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be out of the office for the next ten days, and while I’m gone my talented colleague Shir will take over from here.

She’s been briefed and onboarded, so she’s ready to go!

Looking forward to be back and see what you all have been up to,


Thank you! I'm happy to be here :)

Hello Diana !!! It's sad about the internet restrictions but it's awesome that you guys can create another platform to let everyone participate :) Do you think it will be possible to visit the Chinese platform? I would love to see their creative designs :)

Cool to see your support, Kakel. At the moment we don't think it is a good idea to share the platform. We want to avoid for instance double submissions here on jovoto and there. ;)

Hugs, Diana

Welcome, Shir!:)

Good morning and thanks! I'm happy to be here :)

Hi! I have some questions: the voting in this stage of the contest it´s an important factor to win??? it´s not clear to me if the voting is now or when Victorinox picks finalists (I mean, this finalists are based on voting now??). And the voters have to be members of jovoto?? Thank you everyone

Hi Maria, the voting is for the 9 COMMUNITY PRIZES (for jovoto members), and Victorinox choose 40 that are the CLIENT AWARDS.

It looks every "pick of the day" works have been at the moment in top 100 in community voting this year so i guess community choose finalists this year.

Dear Maria GQI,

The 40 finalists (Shortlist designs) are picked by the client. From those, the 10 winners are voted by the world.

The voting here on jovoto is only related to the 9 Community Prizes.

Is it clearer now? :) Hugs, Diana

@ jovoto: could you please introduce a function that automatically notifies those who have already rated an idea once changes/updates to that particular idea are made. Double checking yourself is rather time-consuming. Thanks

Hi Tyler, thank you for the feedback! It's a planned feature in our pipeline...

In the brief says that we cannot include skulls. How strict is this rule? Because I was planning to submitt a design including skulls representing Day of the Death and stuff like that that is very representative of Mexico. Thanks.

I'd say just go for it! No time to wait. They're other day of the dead designs here. Although I do think there's been an overabundance of Mexico designs, it's probably getting up to like 100 or more at this point. Just sayin'.

Hi Oxelot, I would say, if it's in the brief, it's in the brief! And Mexico can be shown also via other symbols...

Hey everyone, These are the last 4 days when you can submit a new idea or update an old one. Although the time is ticking, make sure to read and double read the brief - and make sure that your idea fits this year’s theme. Very exciting! Shir

Hi Shir! The halftime feedback says "... Also, in terms of surface, the landmark(s) should cover more design surface (of the knife), than on the rest of the design elements..." I took a look at the victorinox facebook site to see the Pick of the Day and wondered that they have chosen recently "Love in Paris" - a nice design that depicts a painter and a couple in love, but the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe are almost invisible. Maybe you could remind the client to stick to their own briefing otherwise a lot of designers trying to realize the client´s statements will feel quite pranked. I think, that´s a matter of fairness. Thanks! BR, Jörn

Hi Jörn, thank you for your observation! I will forward it to our internal team as well - Best, Shir

Hey Jörn, Thank you for your observation and for keeping an eye. In the submission "The City of Love – Paris" the landmark(s)/recognizable landscape does cover more physical surface on the knife. The physical landmarks are in terms of size, definitely present (big) and far from "invisible". In addition to that, when you see a couple in love you think first of .. what city? Paris. So kissing or holding hands couples are a recognizable landscape there. You don't need to be measuring the surface of your knife. It's just a huge design tip how to be on theme just by thinking of measurements / visibility. Cheers, Diana

Good morning, I wanted to make a suggestion for the next competitions, I do not know if that idea is an option for the programming as such of the page, but it occurred to me and I do not lose anything with raising it.

The idea that occurs to me is that in projects like this there are many proposals and that is great, but at the moment of voting we must open proposal by proposal, either by opening it in a new tab or opening one by one and that maybe slows down a bit The process of seeing all the ideas. It has occurred to me that there could be a way to go from one proposal to the next and the previous one, I do not know if I explain myself well, a kind of button to go from one to the next without needing to close that proposal and open another.

It is a little more interactive, you open the proposal, the reviews, opinions and votes and by just clicking on that arrow you can go to the next one, that way I find it more enjoyable to go through all seeing and commenting one after another, With the images in a social network for example.

Actually I have no idea if that is feasible, but I think it could be a little bit cooler than just opening thumbnail by thumbnail. I hope I contribute something positive with this idea, and thanks for your time to those who read this :)

It already does that. Even if you scroll down the forward and back arrows appear at the top so you don't even have to scroll back up to the top of the page. I hope that's what you meant.

Maybe I did not explain myself well, excuse me for that, I'm still in English classes and some words do not end up being simple to express correctly :$! Effectively below each proposal there is a bar with arrows that shows us other proposals, but so far at least I do not appear in order, random proposals come out and some I have already voted for them and continue to appear random. I refer as such to the next and previous option, which specifically leads you to the next idea and so you can follow an order to see them all as if it were the pages of a book, that way it is safer for you to go through each one Of ideas. Or maybe I only have the random proposals below each proposal? :O If so, excuse me for this, I can not see them in order and unless I open them one by one from the initial thumbnail page, there are many that are left unseen under the "Other entries in this project" option :)

I think I know what you mean, but I agree that there should be a quicker way to navigate the entries for voting. Let's see what Shir has to say.

Hi Maria, thank you for your feedback! As tcurtisart mentioned, you can see submission by submission by clicking the back and forward arrows at the top of the page or follow the 'other entries in this project', both appear in a chronological order. (you see it differently?) I agree with you that we should have a better voting experience on the platform, with an easy way of doing it. I will forward your feedback to our Product team -- so thank you!

hello, i've got a few ideas for improving/changing the way the army knife looks/works, how about adding a gaming themed swiss army knife with all new tools from video games, say sword instead of knife, pickaxe for opening boxes and beer bottles and a small hammer for hammering nails to the wall, something like that, maybe a small jigsaw? How would you like that? :D

Sounds like a great idea or a new direction for Victorinox to follow... We'll make sure they will hear your thoughts :) Thank you!

Hello Diana!How is going all this thing to be voted?Are some jurryes ore people from all around the world are voting?I men people who enter in the project and see an Idea can vote?

Hi there, I'm happy to answer your question. We have our community voting for the Comunity Awards - where, you, the creatives rate each other's ideas. At the end of the project, Victorinox will pick 30 ideas as their Shortlist, to go into the public voting on their website. From these ideas, 10 will be picked up to be Victorinox's next limited edition for 2018! You'll receive more information in the following weeks...

Hello Shir, Im pleased to meet you. Im sorry but this is no clear enough for me though, english is not my first language so Im not quite sure if I understood.... (What you are saying about the voting) means that some jury is going to actually review EVERY proposal ?? And a Victorinox specialized jury is going to decide ??? Because there are lots of great designs competing, but not all of them have even one comment by the comunity users here... For example, mine has only 3 comments - does that mean that mine is not even going to be consider to win? Because I think a lot of designers are going to feel related to this. And well, if the jury are not a Victorinox team but ourselfs, then I thinks its unfair because there are so many proposals that is almost impossible for one to check and rate all of them.. So I would like to get clear on this because is very confusing, Thank you so much for keeping near to our thoughts and questions! Kind regards, - Alexandra

Hi Alexandra, Your Swiss Army Knife is a challenging project for all of us, as well as for Victorinox. The feedback you get from others should help you understand if you should develop your idea further or focus on a different one. The Rating period is the time for you, the creatives to rate each other's ideas. After we'll monitor your ratings, we will be able to announce the Community Awards for this project. Please read about it here.
The client will review ALL ideas and will pick the shortlist creatives. It won't be easy as you mentioned because there are lots of beautiful submissions... some that make you wish you were there - but only 30 ideas will be chosen for the Client's Shotlist.
We'll clarify the next steps when the time comes so please be patient...

Thank you Shir for your reply! - This really clarifies my doubts, I thought it was going to be like a Facebook fan voting or something... But knowing Victorinox is going to review every single proposal is great; there is great talent in this contests so I know is going to be a hard work! - Thank you again!

Hola Alexandra supongo que hablas español. Mi diseño fue uno de los ganadores en la edición limitada de 2016. Dentro de la plataforma quedo en el lugar 400 algo no me acuerdo bien, sin embargo los diseñadores de Victorinox lo seleccionaron para la votación global y entonces fue ahi cuando quedo dentro de los diez ganadores que se hicieron en 2016. Así que no importa la cantidad de comentarios que tengas o el lugar en el que quedes dentro de la plataforma por que ellos revisan de uno por uno los diseños y eligen los que tienen potencial para la votación global :)

¿De verdad ganaste? ¡que emoción! ¡Muchas felicidades por eso !!!! - y sí, muchas gracias por la explicación, me fue confuso entenderlo pero ahora sé que cada uno de los diseños esá siendo valorado... Mi temor era que los 10 ganadores se basaran en el grado de popularidad que tuvieron aquí en el foro, ¡Gracias por tomarte tu tiempo de explicarme, Aniela!

Helo, Shir, I have a question because your message was a bit confusing and I didn't find an answer in the brief, at least I didn't see it. Are you disqualifying all ideas displaying photos or photos modified with filters that belong and have been taken by who created the project? Are you also disqualifying projects that display a photo in the background of the presentation image of the project, taken by who created the project?

Hi Cin Gandini, I only emphasize that the use of third party material is not allowed in this project. So if you didn't take the photo yourself, and it looks clear that you based your design upon a photo, you should adjust your design and follow the guidelines. And using a photo to present the knife is legit, as long as it's not used 'on' the knife. Did I answer your question?

Hi, I have a question, if I include someone using Victorinox's knife is considered as a weapon?

Hi Denisse, you're welcome to send me a PM (Private message) with an example, it can help me understand your question. Thanks.

Dear Creatives, It's amazing how many great submissions we have here! I'm really excited! 24 hours left for submission!

Hi! I'm loving this contest so far. However it is unclear to me, how are the 10 best submissions are gonna be selected? Because I have seen some nice and popular designs but it seems to me that not all of them follow the brief because, as I understand, we are supposed to illustrate landmarks and not representative elements of the place. I hope you can help me with this.

Hello Paola, if I may answer your question. The client (Victorinox) will select 30 ideas from all the ideas presented on the platform (they will certainly chose ideas that respect the brief ) These 30 ideas will then go into Global voting (anyone can vote and not just jovoto members) and the 10 winners will be the ideas who get the most votes !!! I hope it is clear now :)

Hi Paola, I hope Kakel answered your question? We can clarify it more when it's relevant, ok? I want to use the next 2 hours to review the last submissions...

Hi everyone ,this project started great, there are a lot of beautiful designs; but in the last few days there has been a large amount of ideas that doesn't even fulfill the instructions or rules of the breaf, for example there are many designs with patterns and even food, not landmarks, i know its difficult to represent a city or place with only some inches of the knife, but we are designers and that's our job. I think before they start evaluating the ideas there has to be a purge of every idea that doesn't have all the parameters... Wish you all luck

Hello Fernando, I know the guide (Shir) is already filtering ideas that don't follow the brief. She is warning the designers to make some changes before end of contest or else the designs will be deleted! All the best :)

I agree as well. We, the designers, have a goal that is to solve these kind of matters.

I agree, and I would like to add that the reason why we chose the place we illustrated has to be a good reason - not just because is a cool place or because is popular, but because it means something to us. I hope the jury reads the explanation of our proposals, so they know what it stands for.

2.5 hours left for submission! Take the challenge and submit your Swiss Army Knife Edition for 2018!

Dear creatives, I'm happy to see your engagement, it's exciting time :) We are reviewing all submissions! the creative receives a comment to update his/her idea in case it doesn't fit the brief and this should happen till 12:00 today. Some ideas have been removed due to infringement of the Project Terms and guidelines and some I will remove after.
You are doing an amazing work! my vacation plan & wishful thinking is getting longer and longer with each submission - thank you :)

Hi Shir! Does this mean, you will delete all submissions, which have too much pattern or the landmark is not the main focus of the design? And is it not clearly recognizable? And you will also delete designs where "all the rest (animals, people etc.)" is not secondary and the landmark(s)/recognizable landscape is a Copyrighted landmark? Than you have a loooooot to do to check that ;) Oh you poor Shir! Good luck for that ;)

Hi DENKdifferent, no that's not what I'm saying. You probably know it's not black & white. We review each idea and see if it serves the place and the design! For these, who I feel the place is getting lost in their design, I gave my feedback and suggestions for improvement. The design should be desirable and send you directly to book your flight there :) that's why the atmosphere of the place is important as well!

Hi Shir, you told me to make a modification in my design but I do not see where I can edit, you can not anymore?

Well, 10 minutes left. I want to say thanks to all the creatives, was great share this time with all of you and enjoy all that amazing designs. Thanks for your comments, feedbacks and nice words for my design. Good luck for everybody and keep in touch. Titus. :)

I hope sincere judging

What an incredible ride. 877 submissions from all around the world! So much to see and so much to learn from your designs! Now we have one week for rating only! Please be fair when rating an idea. What does fair rating mean at jovoto? Here are some guidelines on what you should consider: *Rating is anonymous. It is not allowed to trade ratings on jovoto. Even if you love an idea and you gave it a 9 or a 10, please don't mention that to the idea owner. *Always be fair and objective! Rate the ideas, rather than the people who submit them. *If you have friends on the platform and you find it hard to be objective, it’s better not to rate their ideas. 
 *Be sure to read and consider the creative brief. It is your decision how much that affects your rating. *Rate using the full scale from 1-10. By giving a diverse range of ratings you broaden the range of ratings and use the full spectrum and power of the rating system. 
 *The more you rate, the fairer the result – more people more opinions. Broader spectrum. *Remember to change your rate if the idea owner has improved his or her idea. *Any unfair ratings will be disqualified, and won't be considered in the final ranking.
To read more on rating, click here or go to our Support Center here
All the best,

An incredible journey through beautiful designs, I really enjoyed this edition of Victorinox , It has been an honor to take part of this contest between a lot of great talented designers, Good luck to everyone, God bless you all ;)

oh! I'm late :(

My be can i add my work? I drew it so long ... aaa :-((( The timer did not update and I thought that I still have time : (((

my laptop is broken and it's so hard for me to be online :(

I know your pain. My Windows fell last night and had to reinstall it again :( Fortunately I kept a copy of my designg :)

ooffffffffffff , I hate this moment . I'm wondering how we were living before , without pc and smart phones !!!??? haha

Hello @ Victorinox and Jovoto! The submission deadline is set for today 18:00 UTC + 8, now is like UTC 11:00, but I don't find the submit button? Did submission close already, even before the official time? There are still some designs on the way…

Hi Matthias, the submission closed on Jul 13, 2017 at 12:00 UTC+0200, where did you see it's +8?

I'm not sure where this came from. Well, bad luck… :(

I had mine all ready as well, but seems i'm too late...

I was in the voting process when i found something so sad, i see a lot of mexican projects that are explained just in spanish, as a mexican designer this make me so sad because this projects give a poor imagen of the mexican comunity, it looks like if they have "hueva" as we said in mexico (hueva=idleness). It's sad see that these happen with frecuency and give a bad imagen. plese we are participaited in an international platform and as we know english is a universal lenguage. For respect to all the non english speaker designers of the world that make the eford of translate MAKE YOUR DESCRIPTION IN THE CORRECT LENGUAGE!

i'm not so good in english but for respect as i said, i make my best efort in the project descriptions.

ESPAÑOL: Hola compañeros mexicanos es muy triste ver que en muchos proyectos sus descripciones se encuentran en español, es bueno mostrar nuestra cultura con sus buenas ideas y perspectivas pero es una falta de respeto que al participar en una plataforma internacional no se tomen el tiempo de llenar correctamente los campos solicitados, las guías de los proyectos hacen su mayor esfuerzo por brindarnos comentarios sobre nuestros proyectos... pero como pueden si no entienden la descripción que ustedes ponen? Por favor no den la imagen de que les da hueva y traten de incluir sus descripciones en el lenguaje solicitado, ninguno de nosotros es experto en ingles (al menos no yo), pero por respeto a la comunidad mundial que hace su esfuerzo, rellenen la descripción en el idioma correcto.

I´m mexican and I can understand your point, it´s kind of sad that there's not enough effort from our compatriots, eventhough I have seen great designs from mexicans, even if the description language is in spanish. I laughted so hard when you mention "hueva" because it's true. Mucha suerte en tu proyecto, hay que apoñarnos entre mexicanos! Viva Mexico! Saludos :)

Agree with you/ de acuerdo con lo que dices

Dear Alejandro, Thank you for your post. We are happy to see so many designs from that side of the world. And be it from Mexico, or from any other non-English speaking country - we strongly advise the creatives to make their submission in English, because the rest of the community (so, those who will be voting their idea), the client and the guides here at jovoto speak English, and usually not their home language. If your English skills are not so good yet, ask a friend or use Google translate. Cheers, Diana

Dear Creatives, To those who are not familiar with the process, please read here how to rate an idea. Enjoy the wonderful submissions :)

Unfortunately, the submission period is over :(

What an amazing experience! I'm thrilled and utmost excited... I'm enjoying every bit of it! The world is literally at the touch of a button. There's so much to see and learn, I feel like a little boy in a candy-shop! :) Thanks for the opportunity of being part of this and good luck to everyone!

For me this is a new experience, glad to be here and I am glad to see so much talented people around the globe.

Hey everyone!!! Only 3 days left for voting, please try to rate every single idea so the rating stays fair !!! Best of luck to all the designers who put a lot of work to create all the lovely designs :)

I'm a bit confused about voting in this project. There are so many awesome designs, but they use landmarks that are copyright protected (for example Sydney Opera House, Las Vegas Statue of Liberty, I (heart) NY logo, etc.). So how am I supposed to vote? 1 star for start fresh, idea can't be used by the client, or 5 stars for an amazing design???

Dear BoissinDesign, Cool to hear that you will be rating as many ideas as possible. If it is a great design, but it is somewhat or very much off brief (or off-theme), then ideally that design would receive less than the grade you would normally give it. How much less? It is for you to decide. I hope this helps, Diana

Hi everyone,
Two days left to vote! Let's remember Shir's comment on fair voting on jovoto: *Rating is anonymous. It is not allowed to trade ratings on jovoto. Even if you love an idea and you gave it a 9 or a 10, please don't mention that to the idea owner. *Always be fair and objective! Rate the ideas, rather than the people who submit them. *If you have friends on the platform and you find it hard to be objective, it’s better not to rate their ideas. 
 *Be sure to read and consider the creative brief. It is your decision how much that affects your rating. *Rate using the full scale from 1-10. By giving a diverse range of ratings you broaden the range of ratings and use the full spectrum and power of the rating system. 
 *The more you rate, the fairer the result – more people more opinions. Broader spectrum. *Remember to change your rate if the idea owner has improved his or her idea. *Any unfair ratings will be disqualified, and won't be considered in the final ranking.
To read more on rating, click here or go to our Support Center here Ps: Thank you, Shir, for keeping my place! Great work! Cheers, Diana

Hi! I see a lot of projects with less than 100 views, who is this fair if not even a half people see the ideas. There are many good works but no views and no rating :(

Dear Deedee, This is a good point and we want at jovoto that everyone stands an equal chance. That's why, when going through submissions, some views are randomized. However, this is an issue that we want to tackle more in the future at jovoto, through our developer team, and new features which will come up in the future. Cheers, Diana

Hi deedee mena You are 100% right. My entries also same situation.

I think we have not all been able to vote for all the ideas, in addition to at least in my case I had problems with some designs for which I voted and then it appears to me that the vote was not registered and gives me the option to vote again, that has happened to me with at least thirty designs :( It's probably a failure in my connection, unless someone else is doing the same thing and it could already be a bug, but I see that not many people have voted or commented , In fact if you see several proposals you will see the same faces commenting and there are many people who do not seem to have voted. It is still a day, we are going to continue voting for all that we can and thus try to not leave anyone without qualification :)

Dear Maria Aurora, the voting works perfectly. We have been checking it and usually we have no bug regarding registering votes. It must be your connection then. However, I am happy to check your votes and see what got registered when. Just write me a PM (Personal Message). Thank you for your dedication! ;)

Jovoto, Maybe you can try to randomize frecuently all the ideas while the voting time so we all can see the most submissions, this will help you to make a little bit more fair. I am exited to see the finalist. Good luck everyone

Just wake me up for Client's Shortlist...

Hi to all! It's been an amazing experience my first Jovoto's contest and I really hope to get the chance to keep working on future contests. But there is something wrong in the meantime, that I just can't get from the "community rating"... well, perhaps because this is all new for me and at the same time confusing, but the rating I received from my entries was similar to the great feedback, that I do believe are the real jovoto's community, people with high standards of graphic design and team work. In fact, when the submission period stopped, my entries started to fall down from a grateful top 10, to the unexpected place under top 50...60...70...80...90. Well, it's not really a question if my work deserves to be on top10 or not (fortunately, will be a job for the client) but it seems the majority of the designers are rating unfairly just to place out of the community prizes, all the amazing ideas I've been rating lately. During this process, shouldn't Jovoto's team, reject all the ideas that not even respect the briefing demands (like for example the halftime feedback)? Also, how will the unfair votes be evaluated anyway? I'm curious to see the final community top 10. Best of luck to all the (real) designers... it's been a great pleasure being part of your amazing team =D

Hi Nelson, It's funny you should say that since on your profile it indicates that " This community member´s ratings are under review and are currently not factored into the overall rating score". That's how the unfair votes are evaluated by the Jovoto system.

Hey Nelson, please check my last comment under the brief. If you still have questions, please let me know. Cheers, Diana

I already did, Diana. Thank you =)

Hi Kakel, that sentence is pretty recent, probably because I started to rating all outside the top100, which are mostly poor quality designs and I gave in large majority no more than 3 stars. I just did this because everybody is asking to vote on every entry and not only on those who we liked. Well, it seems that I should stay out of trouble and learn firstly how all this works.

Oh ok I see, yes I understand :) I also understand your disappointment, I've been through the same rollercoaster. But the ratings are usually very close so a 0.05 in the ratings might make the difference between 10 places! At least we have the client's choice to console ourselves :)

Thank you for your concern :) Yes you are right, the ratings are pretty strange and it gives us a mix of anxiety and sadness. But, as you said, we still have the client's choice :) The best of luck!

Thanks! Best of luck to you too Nelson!!!

100% disagree. Hundreds of great designs also outside the top100.

community prize is very difficult to any normal person. that is reserved for groups. They are support only "beautiful comments"- marvelous, excellent,.... etc.

I agree, Rajeev. Perhaps Jovoto needs to find a different way to compensate good designers instead of giving away those prizes. Let's find out who is going to win =)

You did notice the Feedback and Collaboration Awards as well, right? :)

Thank you Mr. Nelson Costa.

Hi! I´m also new here. I think that is a bit unfair that the voting COUNTS since day one of the submission period, because obviously the people who submitted first have more views, and therefore more chance of receiving votes. Maybe it will be good if we can all comment on the proposals all the time, but the voting is reserved exclusively for the "voting period only". Nelson I think if there are more than 800 designs, it´s a bit shitty to consider more than 700 -the ones outside the top 100- "poor quality designs ".... Do not agree at all. Good luck everyone!

So true, with the time and entering the contest and the number of votes.

Dear Maria, We are considering and planning in the future to have the Voting Only period - only for voting. However, at the moment I can only encourage you to submit as soon as possible in a project - you definitely get more views and more feedback. Hugs, Diana

Hi. I have a question: do people who misuse voting, are notified that their votes are being reviewed? I speak of those in which you enter your profile and have in the back a yellow stripe with the message.

That message to whom he appears: to those who give high marks or those who give low marks? How long does that review or state in which your votes do not count?

All the best for all :D

I call it the "yellow banner of shame"

Dear Martin, Thank you for your question. You are not being notified for the yellow banner, but I agree that you should receive that and we are working on that. Regarding your other questions, everything is greatly explained here. But if you have more questions, I am happy to clarify them all. Hugs, Diana

Haha That name should be adapted, Tcurtisart :D

Thank you so much Diana! it's a relief to hear :)

Dear everyone,
I see some good points raised by some of you. I will clarify them. It is normal that ranks are jumping a lot in this period. That is because during the Voting Only period many more votes are given (so the quantity of the votes increases). Old votes are updated. So, even if your idea might have much of the same average, it might win or lose places, if the other ideas are increasingly getting more great or low votes.
Also during the Monitoring period (which starts in about a day), there will be some movement in the ranks again. That's because in this period we (I myself manually with the help of our algorithm and my personal knowledge of the submitted ideas) are checking the fairness of the votes and the unfair votes will be canceled. Our algorithm takes into consideration support groups relationships, old votes vs. votes given in the Voting Period only, and many other factors.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more please go here and scroll down to "Rating System Facts", "Rating Monitoring" and "Rating Monitoring Facts". If you still have questions, I will be happy to answer them. Hugs, Diana

Hello everyone I am new too, I enjoyed this contest so much and I hope there will be another one like this open to evryone! I also appreciated so much the feedback and hints given to me, it was a fantastic experience. As far as the voting system I think the comments attached to the number of stars given are not quite fair, if I give one star for example it doesn't mean try again or that the design is not up to high standards, or that I feel my projects are superior! I think someone has to win so you are trying your best to express your choice. What do you think? I read the brief and I still don't understand how the system can determine an unfair voting. Anyway I really loved it all.

Hello! I really love this contest! It's my first time and it was fun and enjoyable. I can see the heat is rising and I was nervous as well as the ratings go up and down. What I like about this site is that it mixes ideas so that they can be all seen, and not just put them into order of votes. I think that if for the future contests participants are not allowed to vote, voting will stay much more clearer as this might prevent unfair voting, be it intentional or not.

Hello everyone

Could you please clarify how can I submit my project and in which format? Thanks a lot

Dear Stefano, The submission has closed for this year. But come back next year for the next year's challenge, ok? ;) Cheers, Diana

Hi Diana, so tomorrow we will have the final winners on all the categories ? ( client choice, community prizes..) Thanks! Cheers, Veronika

Hello Veronika :) I think Diana is very busy with the vote monitoring so I will try to answer your question. It usually takes about 1 week to know the community prize winners (after all the votes are monitored and filtered) I don't think we will know about Client's shortlist before September since the voting for finalists will start in October as they mentionned on their facebook page recently! Cheers!

Hi Kakel, can you please tell us how the voting for finalists looks like? Is Victorinox choosing the final winners or do other people vote and choose the winners, for example on social media or here on jovoto again?

Hey Nikola, I believe the ratings will be done throughout social media again this year ( not on Jovoto for sure)!!!! Victorinox chooses the shortlist (30 ideas from the platform) but the people then choose the winners :)

A Victorinox jury will pick a shortlist of ideas (30-40 designs) to go into a global voting that will be announced on the Victorinox website, their social media channels and also on jovoto. You and all other Victorinox fans will be given the chance to decide which 10 designs will be produced in 2018 and made available to purchase around the globe.

So the community winners list is going to be shown here around this days? And the victorinox 30 finalist are going to be shown (around sept - october) on the Facebook page?

What a great support here from DENKdifferent and Kakel. I will share again tomorrow the process. The Community Winners will be announced in about 2 weeks (it's a rough estimate, so please don't hold us by day). We will try to make it sooner.

The Finalists - we will announce the timelines for that once we know more. Don't worry, I will keep you all posted.

Cheers, Diana

Thank you both for the reply. I'm new here so everything is still new to me :) Wow, this is going to be very exciting! Wishing you all good luck! May the best designs win!

Dear Creatives of the World,
The Voting-Only phase has ended as well, with 46610 votes! Wow, thank you all.
Now we are in the Monitoring phase - where jovoto checks the submitted votes for fairness. This is why your current rank and the final rank might not be the same Here you can read all about the monitoring process & what we are actually doing.
As a result, the 9x Community, Best Feedback and Collaboration Prizes will be announced in the first days of August.
After that we will announce the Client Shortlist (30x from jovoto and max. 10 from China) picked by the client, which will go in the Global Voting. Here, the Victorinox fans will vote their favourites, from which the top 10 winning designs which will be produced for the Victorinox limited edition 2018.
All the best from Berlin, Diana

Loud and clear Diana :D - thank you so much and good luck to everyone !!! This is so exciting I can't wait to see the shortlist.

There are many works representing China, Mexico, Italy, Paris, New York, India... It seems I'm the only person here represented Iran and the only one didn't received any opinion or likes! hahaha :D

Were you? Now you have one. :)

over 3 years ago

hundreds of beautiful artworks. very very good all. victorinox has almost impossible mission ahead.

It is a hard mission indeed. ;)

I think so too :) It was a pleasure to take part but looking at the designs - I like all of them, I would buy any of them. No idea how only 30 and then 10 will be chosen but i'm sure they will be amazing.

Dear creative, I wish to express to you that I am very happy to participate in this competition. I am satisfied with the organization and particularly for the level of quality of the proposals. I agree that it is going to be a great job of selection by the organizers to find the winners. I have tried to qualify and leave a small comment to the projects that somehow attracted my attention. Actually it is much apprehended in the way in which the design elements such as color, composition, geometry, etc. are used in other latitudes. Beforehand, I send a congratulations to everyone for their work. Greetings and good luck!

The simplicity of some works, and the detail ones, those that use a monochrome, and those that give a sense of colors, the styles and the forms of drawings presented create a wide range difficult to identify among the hundreds of designs who really deserve to receive The first prize, I do not think that the votes objectively represent this decision, and ultimately those who choose the winning jobs will do so because within each one there is a design that calls it more than another, the client does not always think the same way Than a designer, that is why we often see works that have been chosen but we consider that there are others better than the one chosen, this happens very often, not always what our mind truly considers coo winner in the view of others it is. Luck to all the participants and like everyone impatient to know what the results will be. A greeting .

Dear Creatives of The World,

I am here to announce the Community winners - so, those voted by you (45225 votes in total!). But first, let me thank everyone who has submitted, and for the "places of the world" masterclass you’ve given all of us. Thank you for helping recreate the world from your perspective!

.. drumroll….

Congratulations to the 9x Community Prize winners (click here to see the winners)! And a big bravo to the #1 winning idea: “Saint Petersburg Guardians” by Anna Sokolova!

Congratulations to the Best Collaboration winning idea: “Paris - Je t'aime” by Janina Bourosu & Corina Rosca!

Congratulations to the Best Feedback winner: Kakel! Thank you for your help!

And last but not least, thank you to everyone who has voted, upvoted and given feedback!

The next step is the announcement of the Client Shortlist winners, which will be in the beginning of October.

All the best from Berlin. Diana

Congratulations to winners and all participants:)) Wonderful work!!

about 3 years ago

any news?

As Diana wrote two posts above "The next step is the announcement of the Client Shortlist winners, which will be in the beginning of October."

about 3 years ago

i see. we need to wait one more mont. perhaps they already know ;)

Hi there,

The client is still busy going through the designs and making lists of their favorites. There are many great designs, as you know. ;)

Dear Creatives,

We are getting very close to the big news. Next week we will announce the shortlist for the global vote. Thank you for your deep involvement and patience so far. We are only a few days away!

Our guide Jess is going to take it away from here, so keep a look out and she’ll keep you posted. You’ll be able to get in touch with her for any questions you may have. It was fun and I’m excited to see you on the next projects to come.

I wish you a great day & stay tuned for next week!


Thanks, Diana! This is really super exciting! Had the Shortlisted nominees already being informed by your side? Or all of us need to wait until the moment when the curtain is being rise?

Good luck to all who participated, all the best to you all!

We are keeping the mystery and surprise levels high, Lee. ;)

@Kah Khiong of course they know already ;)

Hello everyone,

Jess here, and I’m happy to announce Victorinox’s shortlist for the Classic Limited Edition 2018 Swiss Army Knives. From hundreds of amazing designs Victorinox was able to select their top 32 designs by conducting an international, company wide vote which narrowed it down to this very shortlist. The shortlist also includes two designs that were selected from the Chinese platform that Diana told you about earlier in the project.

You can see the Victorinox shortlist and vote on your favorite design HERE!

Make sure you get your vote in by October 20th, 2017 :) The top 10 will be selected from the global vote will be announced at the end of the month and go into production next year.

Great job and all the best, Jess

Great announcement! However it's really unfortunate that the designs are presented to the world with such a small image, and unable to click on it to view the image bigger to see the details. Those outside of the Jovoto community won't be given the opportunity to really see all the great places represented and the detailed work that went into these designs. Also there is no mention about what the theme was, which I think is an important point in understanding what Victornix's aim was and what the designs represents. This presentation is a disservice to all the designs.

about 3 years ago

@Diana or Jess Could you remove all of my Victorinox projects. Thank you!

Hi irradianailon,

Our support team will be in touch with you about your request.

Thanks and all the best, Jess

Hello Jess and everyone,

I voted for my favorite, but I don't know if the vote was counted, because no message appears to prove the vote. Only a faint white, Is that so?

You should get a confirmation message and not just a faint white overlay.

Im having the same problem, but in my case I press the Vote button, and it doesnt do anything, is like the button keeps pressing and it doesnt move forward... Not a new page, not a confirmation message, nothing....

Good morning,

I just wrote below but in case you haven't seen it: The client contacted us this morning letting us know that they are working on the Victorinox voting website and will have it up and running as soon as possible.

We'll let you know as soon as we have any other updates. Thanks for your patience and all the best, Jess

THE PAGE IS NOT LOADING! As Tiago said, a faint white appears after clicking on the vote button. Is there anybody else with this problem?

I'm just getting the image/page white-out when I click to vote also. No Conformation. So I don't know if the vote is counted. BTW, you can refresh the page and do it all over again! Also, I don't know why they didn't allow the image to be clicked on for a bigger view. It's like trying to judge a small postage stamp!

Good morning ! I agree with tcurtisart. same problem i sent a message to guide. Also i don't understand why first page of contest has a design that participates in contest. Firt page should have something that is not related with the contest.

Good morning all,

The client contacted us this morning letting us know that they are working on the Victorinox voting website and will have it up and running as soon as possible.

We'll let you know as soon as we have any other updates. Thanks for your patience and all the best, Jess

The site is up and running, without a hitch. Happy voting!

Hi everyone! If you change the language at the top of the site to "German" it works! ;) All the best and good luck!

Hello, I want to agree with demonietto, when I shared the link many people thought the title image would be mine design. So it is very possible that this image gets more votings than the other.

Hi there, We'll pass along your feedback to Victorinox, regarding sharing the link ! Thank you :) Best Jess

about 3 years ago

@jovoto All my project can be removed! Thank you.

Big congratulations to the chosen ones and good luck in the voting! Cheers!

Congratulations and good luck!!

I had try and will keep trying again. Congratulations all client’s choices! And all the best in the global voting phase! Let’s meet again next year with new interesting theme to work on!

Congratulations to the chosen ones and good luck!

Victorinox jury and community members,

The following artwork IS NOT ORIGINAL. It was STOLEN and MODIFIED;

It belongs to, I wonder why it was chosen into the shortlist if it obviously has a copyright infringement.

Congratulations and good luck to all the designs in the final round.


Hm, I checked the idea and the link. I need to say I disagree with your opinion that it is stolen. I can see that it was used as an inspiration but the artwork is not identical. The (123rf) is a photo and the submitted idea is graphic. Colors, style, and additional surroundings are completely different. The only thing is that is the same is the women's pose.

This is not a copyright issue in my eyes.

The brief says;

Original work only.

"Inspiration material is legitimate as long as it is just that – for inspiration. This means that slight changes to the original, or retracing stock material with your own vectors – does not count as original work."

That design was retraced to turn it into a vector of the original artwork, in my eyes that IS NOT ORIGINAL!


Thank you very much for your curiosity, but I think you don't understand what the difference between a copy and a source of inspiration.

Um, you know what's even more ironic? The fact that all of your submissions contain stock and/or stolen images. Funny how you're the one pointing fingers.

Just upholding the rules Ioana, no need to be rude. Regarding your accusations nobody said that we cannot recycle some of our own works, I already had this conversation several times with the guides, all the stock images that are out there have authors, and some of those authors are on this platform. Again, that kind of attitude is really not needed here, have a nice day.

How am I being rude when I call out something that I feel is hypocritical to say the least? My attitude? For trying to be fair? No Tony, using unoriginal work ( which so many did in this contest) is a bad attitude and as designers we should always try and promote original work. But if you feel that using other authors work, like you just said, is ok then I have nothing to add.

Trying to be fair by insulting me for being fair is not the way 'Yoana'. What was implied in my previous comment was that I am the original author of all my works but I think I should have rather said that and not imply it, seeing how you are way to busy in coming up with another reply in the form of an insult. I honestly hope that you have nothing more to add.

Oh, the Y was for me using the Y in your name. Sorry for that. I still back up everything else I said.

A simple Google search of the items you used in your designs shows all the authors. My name is Ioana, no Y. I am not here to insult anybody just trying to be fair!

Dear All,

Thank you very much for taking us on an exciting and beautiful journey around the world!

Today marks the vote for the Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2018 Swiss Army Knife, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know the top 10 designs which will be produced.

Stay tuned! All the best, Jess

Dear all,

After an exciting ride, we’re happy to announce the 10 Victorinox Classic Limited Edition Swiss Army Knives you chose to be produced next year!

Thanks to everyone who participated to make it happen. Hundreds of amazing designs and votes, which lead to these ten designs!

Congratulations and I’m looking forward to see a new collection coming soon!

Best, Jess


Congrats to all the winners!!!

Huge congratulations to all the winners!:)

Big Congratulations guys!!:)))

Congrats to all the winners!!! Good job!

Huge congrats!!! Awesome works you did =)

To all winners, congratulations!

congratulationss everyone ,_))))))

Big congrats, all!!

Congratulations to everyone! See ya next year! :)

Congratulations everyone ! Kudos to the winners for making it so far :)

Everyone did such a great job, and I learned about some cool places I didn't know about before. Big congrats to all the winners!

BIG congrats to all the winners! well done! :)

Indeed an wonderful experience! But not only that, I also learned a lot and had the pleasure of discovering an amazing community! Great Designers and not to forget, great Guides all the way! I would like to thank each one of you, Creatives and Guides, for sharing your talent, allowing us to learn, discover and improve, as well as for the immaculate support and guidance throughout the project. In this sense and with that in mind, I guess this makes us all winners! Cheers and huge congratulations to all, well done!

There is a really nice initiative from Victorinox "A Day in...." based on this limited edition. You can check it out here.

Thanks for sharing! It's great for easy-planning, especially a short-one day trip!