I wish to be in....Santorini
Need inspiration? Let your mind wander in the place you'd love to be the most: "I wish to be in..."


On a busy day when work doesn't give you any break and stress keeps piling up, you need a very motivational thought to keep you going. As many people see traveling as their utmost passion and way of relaxation, disconnecting from stress and rediscovering their balance, when things get to be just too much, almost anyone's getaway thought starts like this: "Oh, how much i wish i was in [insert one's favourite travel place] right now". This is so common that almost everyone finds themselves saying this at least once in their lifetime. So, my idea of putting this thought in righting on an object that one keeps with them all the time and sees all the time, i think would make the customer identify easily with the product and therefore create an immediate customer-product bond that can materialize in the purchase of the product. Everytime the person will look at their army knife they will feel inspired to imagine and daydream to beautiful places around the world. My idea is to make a series of a few cities or places represented in the same colorful and attention drawing manner and use the same text on the other side: "I wish to be in...". More to come soon!!

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Santorini, Greece

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

The picturesque view of Santorini concentrates in it the idea of holiday, relaxation and long evening walks to discover historical mysteries. It is well known for its architecture, representing houses and building structures that are predominantly white, some with blue dome roofs accented by beautiful blue skies and overlooking the blue sea.

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Hi I'm Ioana, 21 and currently studying BS in Biochemistry. I've been manifesting my interest in design, arts and photography and this is one of my first attempts to set free the ideas that i gathered in my head for a long time. This project resonated with my idea of a product design, a clean slate that i can work on and express my ideas almost limitless, it is a small object, like a token that reminds you of something lovely everyday and this years theme, about Places on Earth is amazing!

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