The Wonderful City
The colors, music and wonders from Rio, in your hands.


The main point of inspiration comes from the color: Rio de Janeiro is a city that breaths life and beauty from every single part, so I decided to go hard for a strong and vivid color selection, and using them for the construction of the next inspiration, the nature. The shapes of the 'Costelas de Adão' (Monstera deliciosa) as seen in the Rio's Botanical Garden are coming together and playing around the third and focus point of inspiration, the 'Christ the Redeemer', on the top of Corcovado (one of the new Seven Wonders of the World), in minimal line style. I did my best to represent the things that made me fall in love with Rio the most, and hope you guys enjoy it!

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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At a long flight, overnight, the first thing I saw during the descent was the incredible geography of the city, those mountains from above were traumatizing! (I knew that I had to translate that shocking horizon and shapes into my design). There was me, anxious at the airport, after waiting very much to finally meet this misterious place called 'Wonderful City', and the rest is history: its my favorite city in the world!

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¡Hola! I am Irvin, 29 from San Salvador, El Salvador. I’ve been working here as multimedia designer around 7 years. I created this design for Victorinox taking inspiration from my favorite place in the world, Rio de Janeiro! From the colors, the nature to the wonders, I did my best to translate in design language what made me fall in love with this city. Hope you like it!

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Done! El Salvador, Central America

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