Galata Tower / İSTANBUL
Zoom in and zoom out views of Galata Tower with its own complexity and unique city architecture.


Simple, flat and geometric lines with no perspective, just the front view of the Galata Tower. I wanted to show the building with its simple architectural elements by using horizontal and vertical lines.

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Istanbul is a city where different cultures lives in. When we look its history, many different civilizations lived and left with precious culturel elements. Galata Tower is one of them and surrounded by many historical buildings. Also it has an important story about Hazerfen Çelebi, who flew from the very top of the Galata Tower and landed in the Üsküdar, with the help of the south-west wind. When you're having a seaside trip with a ferry, mostly your eyes look for the Galata Tower.

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Hi! I'm Müge. I live in Turkey/ İstanbul. I’ve been working here as a product designer for 3 years. I created this design for Victorinox because Galata Tower is a building where you can see all the İstanbul view when you get very top of it. I like to make things simple, more minimal and understandable. That's why I choose this kind of graphic style.

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