Lovrin, Romania - great architecture, outside signature cities.
Lovrin, Romania - great architecture, outside signature cities. Explore the world!


I am trying to promote the idea that you can discover great places even if you take a less traveled route. Great places await for you to find them. Lovrin, Romania, is one of these places. Great people, great architecture, great history. I have discovered that when I moved here, 4 years ago. Small places like these can surprise you!

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Lovrin, Romania, the local Catholic Church, “Sf. Anton de Padova”.

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Hi! My name is Aurelia and I am 34. I live in small place called Lovrin, in Romania, . I’ve been working here as a designer for over 5 years. I created this design for Victorinox because I think small, not yet famous places need to be promoted. Small places like Lovrin can be exciting touristic gems. Everybody knows Paris, London, Berlin, and Rome. But have you been to Lovrin?

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