The union of all beliefs for peace


Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world and the spiritual basis of all the monotheistic beliefs of the world, Jerusalem is the image that for thousands of years transmits to the world a very special energy, its streets and its history is almost the history of Humanity from its beginnings.

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Jerusalem- Israel

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A golden city, bathed by the sun, where the hope of peace shines by the sun, the flight of a dove on its ancient walls, the center of the ancient world and a hope of peace for humanity, beliefs are what move the world.

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Hello World! My name is Adrian Lozdan, I was born in Argentina, in Buenos Aires, I studied design at the art academy of Betzalel in Jerusalem, currently living in Israel, I am 41 years old and my life is graphic design, advertising and graphic arts Are a big part of my life, and I thought that to make a design of Jerusalem for Victorinox would be a great cosmopolitan idea, Jerusalem the golden colors ,the energy , is certainly a place that Must be with Victorinox.

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