Flamenco and Don Quixote
Two cultural points representing Spain


The broad Spanish culture leaves us imprinted in our lives examples we can not forget, Flamenco, a musical expression that has nothing to compare it, nothing resembles it, it is a cry from the inside, it is a dance like no other , And Don Quixote, from a place in La Mancha, writes us his fight against the windmills and his eternal love for Dulcinea, accompanied by his faithful servant, Sancho.

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La Mancha, Spain

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Spain is a melting pot of culture, its music, its dances, the incredible range of writers and artists make Spain a privileged place, leader in search of the new lands, where its culture, its language and many of its customs surround us to South America Until today, and which has given the world a contribution in the richness of its culture.

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If Spain had not discovered the new world, we would follow a different path in this world, this light illuminated an extensive part of humanity, gave a new future, I speak Spanish because of our motherland Spain, I love its roots and its Earth, it's like a part of ourselves, Ole.

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