The view towards the mountains of Himalaya with typical colorful prayer flags in front.


I searched for a place, that is connected to what Victorinox stands for and could work as a symbol, one might want to buy without necessarily having visited this place.

Victorinox Army Knifes are strongly connected to nature and outdoor adventure which again Himalaya stands for. Himalaya, especially Tibet is sort of a place of desire for me and I like the tradition and the appearance of the cheery colorful prayer flags fluttering in front of these impressive mountains, getting more and more translucent with the time.

The amazing nature on the one hand and the meaning of the flags – to let the wind carry prayers and good wishes not only for oneselves but for every being on earth – seemed to be a suiting motiv for me. So I wanted to put focus on these two elements and arrange them in a way, that fits with the shape of the knife and stages the Victorinox Logo.

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