Happy Amsterdam!
I wanted to show Amsterdam as a bright, active city with the Dutch colors (red, white, blue, orange)


It's Amsterdam as it is: bright, alive, sunny, activity on water and bikes everywhere! Just Dutch! And that means: no clogs! :-) Dutch people don't walk on clogs. maybe some farmers. But clogs and are traditional clothing is so 1900! :-)

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Ring of cannels in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Amsterdam has a lot to offer, to see, to do. It shows Amsterdam as it is.

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I am a 'Fishualizer' from The Netherlands. I love to design illustrations and patterns. It's a way of live. After twenty years working as a graphic designer, my heart goes out for drawing and making surface designs. Creating makes me happy! I have made a lot of visuals of fish. That made me a Fishualizer! My next step in designing is seeing my designs at products all over the world! I'll follow my creative flow...

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The Netherlands

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I did.