BANGKOK Thai Style UPDATE below
To give an Iconic Impression of traditional Thai Style Bangkok


BANGKOK is the capitol of Thailand and somehow the center of the earth. With annually about 25 million foreign hotel guest it’s the No. 1 visited City of this globe. The City is rich of its with Buddhist culture enriched monuments and as well as futuristic lifestyle buildings.

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  1. traditional Floating Market 2. Bangkok Thai Style inspired by the Kings Pallas and several temples .BANGKOK Thai Style

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The motives are also usable in coordination with other items from my Bangkok Series. I do live here and so I have direct access to create photo material . I do work with Thai designers and Thai art since 25 years, resulting in tons of material. Thailand has a very beautiful traditional culture and as it is the most visited city of the world there is huge potential for such an item.

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Hi my name is Ulli. I spend most of my life in Thailand and have my family in Bangkok. I am very familiar with Thai arts and crafts and have been active as a conception -, jewelry -, packaging - , web -and product designer, working with various Thai companies for many years.

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German / Thai

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All own recreated traditional symbols and own artwork inspired by typical Thai ornament motives . ( no copy of anything )

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