Big City Lights
My idea is inspired by the big citys of the world.


I think everybody knows the wanderlust when seeing a plane in the sky. I want to transport this feeling to travel around the world & sitting in the plane, flying through the night sky & watching the big city lights of this world.

Which place, city and country is featured in your design? (place/city/country)

I featured the big beautiful citys in this world like Berlin; London; New York; Paris; Honk Kong etc.

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

I choose a universal big city because the wanderlust take you everywhere in this world & Victorinox is a global brand.

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Hi my name is Stefanie & i'm from Germany. I always have a little bit of wanderlust in my heart & want to fly through the night to see all of the great places in the world.

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Have you read the" Guidelines, regulations & comments" section in the brief and is this your original work?

Yes. The font is only for presentation Avenir Next Condensed.

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