Iceland, the land of ice and fire
I used the imposing church in Reykjavik on the front & rock and puffin in the back


I went to Iceland and fell in love with the country. It's absolutely beautiful. It is the land of ice and fire. The landscapes are breathtaking. I went to Vik to see the puffins. They have very tiny wings and so they need wind to help them fly and Vik is extremely windy so you can find them there. They have this sad look on their faces but they are very cute and it's funny to see them fly. I also used the black rocks that are also very representative of Iceland. It is a very volcanic island and they have the must beautiful black beaches. The church in Reykjavik is very imposing and a landmark there. Of course there is so much more to this amazing country but I had to select what I believe is the most representative of Iceland in general. I included the flag as well to bring some popping colors to the knife and because I also think it is a great flag.

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I have chosen Iceland because of its beauty. I went there and fell in love with it and wanted to honor this beautiful place with a design. My design represents Iceland as a whole by using the flag, the puffin and the imposing and charismatic church in Reykjavik.

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Heya! I am Caroline Sarrette, I am 34 and have lived in NYC for the past 6 years. I am from France originally. I have designed for the past 8 years and love illustration, pattern design and branding design.

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Yes I have and yes this is my original work.