San Miguel de Allende, GTO. México
San Miguel de Allende Gto, Mexico cultural Heritage of Humanity


San Miguel de Allende Gto México, cultural Heritage of Humanity was recently awarded the first place in the world ranking of "Top 25 cities of the world" realized by Conde Nast Traveler the most important travel publisher in the world. It is visited each year by thousands of tourists around the world.

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San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato, México

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I think it´s a really beautiful place visited by thousands of tourists every year. So I believe it would be nice to have this amazing place in your swiss army knife.

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Hello my name is Aniela González Rojo and I am 24 years old, I am proudly Mexican and I live in Querétaro Mexico. I chose to represent in this design "San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato" as it is one of the most important cities in my country and it is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

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