The colors of Caracas.
The sunsets of a big city, Caracas has magic, history and beauty.


Iconic buildings of a city: Parque Central, La Previsora, Plaza Venezuela and Altamira. The Hotel Humboldt, located on the top of El Ávila in Caracas, is an icon in Venezuelan architecture for its avant-garde design. Its construction was carried out November of 1956. The hill Avila separates caracas from the caribbean sea.

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Caracas - Venezuela

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Caracas is the city where I was born. Nowadays it is considered a beautiful city that has been covered with a bad moment for social-political reasons, however it is a really magical city. In this concrete jungle there are magnificent works of art and historic buildings that deserve recognition. I am sure that someday it will shine again with its own light, for that reason and because it is part of my world I wanted to do my design on it.

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I'm a Venezuelan visual artist with love for the design.

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Yes, all is mine.

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