Jungla Urbana (Medellin, Colombia)
A bold and delicate combination of nature and human creation.


Medellin is a city that has sprung back to life after a very turbulent and violent past. It is nestled in a valley full of lush vegetation and extremely diverse fauna. The Coltejer Building is the tallest in the city (second tallest in the country) and belongs to the largest textile company in Colombia. It's a symbol of progress, hard work, and families all across the city, state, and country. I made the day and night theme to show that beautiful contrast we have in the city.

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Coltejer Building / Medellin / Colombia

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This building is the most distinguishable part of Medellin's skyline and it represents the hard working families of this region. This concrete giant is nestled in the Aburra Valley, where many types of plants, flowers, and animals live and thrive.

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Catalina Villegas is a Colombian-American artist and illustrator who creates magical worlds filled with fauna, flora and lots of colors. She loves chai lattes, chihuahuas, reading and playing electric bass. Catalina currently lives with her husband and dog Maggie in La Ceja, a small town on the outskirts of Medellin, Colombia.

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Yes, of course! Everything in this illustration was made with my heart and hands.