My design is inspired in the Japanese spring, the architecture and the geisha.


My design is inspired in the Japanese spring, the architecture and the most symbolic feminine figure, the Geisha. Hanami means "to see flowers", and it is the Japanese tradition of observing the beauty of the flowers of the cherry tree (sakura: symbol more known about the culture Japanese). In the architecture choose for the use of the temple like emblematic figure, since thousands of years ago exist and its main roots are artistic and philosophical declarations of the Buddhism and Shintoism.

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I chose to japan , because it seems to me that it has a very interesting culture, which I try to represent in the illustration.

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Hi!, My name is Paula Bedogni, I’m a Industrial Designer and I love making illustrations. I´m 27 years old and live in Córdoba, Argentina. I created this design because I think it's a great opportunity for me to show my work and what I love to do.

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