The magic eyes of Sibiu
It illustrates the magic eyes of Sibiu


Sibiu, known as Hermannstadt in German, is located in Transylvania in the heart of Romania and it was the European Cultural Capital in 2007. It was rated by Forbes as the 8th Europe's most idyllic place to live. It is known as "the city with eyes" because the roofs have eyes and are great tourist attractions being always open and always looking.. In real-life the eyes are attic windows to keep the houses ventilated. But some say that they were created by the German occupiers so that any local who didn’t obey their rules would feel that there were spies everywhere. I chose those eyes because they are very catchy, unique and it is an interesting designing approach.

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Sibiu, Romania

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I moved in Sibiu to study and I fell in love with this city because there are warm and nice people. Also it has an amazing architecture including the eyes which are part of this city and people who live here. This design represents the story of Sibiu. Why? Well, those eyes are not here for 3-4 years, they are from the Middle Ages and now there are not many carpenters who know their craft, so these eyes are irreplaceable. It is amazing how many stories these eyes have seen. :)

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Hello! I am Stefanuta and I live in Sibiu,Romania. I am a 19 years old student at the Faculty of Economic Sciences ULBS and I am here because I love designing, even if I am not a professional, but I love to express my ideas and hope there is someone who likes what I do. If not I will keep doing it! :)

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